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TV stand vs wall mounted TV unit: which one will you choose?

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Dec 02, 2021
Tv unit design for your home - Beautiful Homes

We realise what a daunting choice is between TV Stand and a Wall mount, so we thought we’d sum up the pros and cons of each solution to make your decision little bit easier

If you are a fan of TV show marathons, movie nights, or keeping up with your favourite sports team, then the placement of your TV unit will be a primary decision to make. As a focal point and gathering spot in your home, a TV begs to be showcased. Whether you have just purchased a TV, recently moved, or are looking to redesign a space, deciding between a TV wall mount or TV stand can be a challenge. While TV stands used to be the primary way to display a TV, wall-mounted TV’s are gaining in popularity because of their space-saving qualities and attractive formation.  We’re here to help you select the best method of displaying your TV as per your lifestyle and the space your TV will be positioned in.


What are the Types of TV Units?

1. TV Stand/Rack

The TV stand has evolved with time as the TV units have changed, making TV stands more attractive and practical. It offers an easy installation process, and it usually provides far more than just a place for your TV to sit as it also acts as a TV unit with storage. ​​They are primarily meant for designing rooms where you can afford to devote a complete space for placing your TV unit. Nearly all the TVs come with a TV stand mount ensuring a better viewing angle, to enhance the home décor, a good TV stand offers many benefits unlike, TV wall mounts. TV stands come with a wide array of features and designs, that can be made of different materials and offer storage space.

Tv stand with storage ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Wall-mounted tv unit design for your home - Beautiful Homes

2. Wall Mounted TV Unit/TV Stand

Wall mounting a TV implies setting it to a wall to the most convenient spot in your home, taking absolute no floor space. It’s a go to option for rooms with limited space giving it a clean look for your entertainment center. This mechanism normally consists of a mounting bracket with screws, which makes it effortless to install a TV in no time. The TV wall mount is fixed and one has to determine the position carefully before finally installing it. TV wall unit mounts have various designs and qualities. You can choose from the several options which suits your own TV uinit.

Pros & Cons of TV Stand

The Pros

  • Additional Storage Space: One of the major blessings of a TV stand is that it offers added storage space for DVD players, cable boxes, gaming consoles, and more. If you have any additional items that require to be tucked away, a TV cabinet stand gives you a safe place to arrange them.

  • Comfortable Access to Cables and Sockets: Unlike a wall-mounted TV unit where cables and wires are usually run through the wall for an uncluttered look, a TV stand offers more effortless access to cables and sockets.


The Cons

  • Takes Up More Space: While TV stands have more additional storage room, they also consume quite more space in the room, which can make the room appear smaller and more cramped, specifically if you have bigger furniture articles.

  • Less Customizing Options: While a TV wall mount offers you the ability to select the height that functions best for you and the space, many TV stands are around the same height and present much fewer customization options to optimize your viewing experience.


Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted TV Stand

The Pros

  • Space Saving Qualities: One of the most noteworthy advantages of a wall-mounted TV is that since the TV is mounted to the wall, there is no requirement for a bulky TV table to take up the floor area and the TV is completely out of reach of children Not only does mounting your TV on the wall with a bracket helps keep the screen safe, but it also makes the room appear more spacious and extends the designing possibilities.

  • Easily Customizable to Create the Ideal Viewing Experience: Unlike a TV stand, a wall mount TV stand allows you to personalize where your TV is fixed for a perfect viewing experience in accordance to the orientation of the room and furniture. You can also pick a precise height for your wall mounted TV stand and authorise for extra tilting or positioning for the best viewing experience.

  • Elegant and a Sleek Look: If you want your space to feel contemporary and sleek, a TV wall unit mount is the right choice for you. Not only is it a perfect choice for smaller spaces, but it is also a modern option that is both practical and aesthetically appealing.


The Cons

  • Additional Time and Effort for Installation: Apart from the major benefits of wall mounted tv console, the potential pitfalls of mounting a TV on the wall is that it needs additional time and effort to install, and it must be installed with precision to have sufficient strength to bear the weight of the TV console and wall mount.  The mounting unit can cause some wall damage with nails so you need to be sure before drilling.


Wall-mount vs TV stand: Aspects to Determine the Right Choice for you


While we consider the space that each type utilises, it is obvious that TV wall mounts are the most efficient option. You won’t have to consume any floor area with a wall mount. And the TV usually goes into the wall. The disadvantage is that you won’t have space available for video game consoles, media players, and/or sound equipment. With TV cabinet stands, the space functions differently. They often take a lot of floor area and require a lot of space to be conveniently used. However, they present an option to store other equipment/devices without difficulties – particularly the bigger ones. Here, wall mounts are the most space-efficient. However, they don’t deliver as much practicality for storage.

Tv stand design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Budget and Maintenance

Without a doubt, a TV stand price is much more than a TV wall mount price. There exists no bar on the budget of TV stands. They are available in numerous designs, styles and price ranges making it convenient to find options to suit your home décor style. TV wall mounts on the other hand have only one utilisation and come in simple builds, so they are far more affordable than TV stands. If budget is your only concern, a floating TV unit/ wall mount will be an ideal option.


Talking about maintenance, fewer efforts are needed with the wall mounts. TV stands demand little more than that.

Tv stand design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Comfort and Convenience
When it comes to the comfort a wall mount tv stand offers, one needs to consider its build & design. Most wall mounts present the opportunity to achieve the ideal viewing distance and height. And if you pick a functional type, you may even have the chance to switch angles and height even after installation. However, you can’t move them after installing them. TV tables are usually stunningly comfortable, but they don’t offer as much versatility when installing. Most stands are generally between 2 to 4 feet. So you won’t have as much comfort in case you want something higher. 

Adjusting angles and movements is not easy either. In terms of convenience and comfort, a wall mount can be your best bet – but only if you install the right model in the right position.


Before reaching a conclusion there is a major consideration you have to make. If you have kids and pets around, TV stands won’t be a safe option for your TVs. Wall mounts are at a height, fixed firmly and a dependable option in such situations. The chances of mishaps are minimal and your TV will be protected for a longer time.


While both a wall-mount and a stand for your television offer their own advantages, what it comes down to is your personal preference. Which one do you think will be a perfect fit for your household? Factoring in the pros and cons of each, will eventually help you make your final choice. No matter what you pick, we are at your service.


At Beautiful Homes, our interior designers offer an end to end solution, completely personalized service to help you design a stunning house for you. Our designers will make sure that every detail is integrated seamlessly to make your television unit as functional and appealing. They will offer guidance with each feature, from the best tv stand price, tv wall mount price to the perfect corner tv unit placement. Our Customer Experience Specialist and an interior designer will:

  1. Assess your room space.
  2. Understand your specific needs.
  3. Propose TV unit options.
  4. Build a custom 3D rendition.
  5. Guide you in your choice of options.
  6. Source the necessary equipment.
  7. Integrate the different elements into a seamless whole.

Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.


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