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TV unit with mandir design: Maximizing space with creativity

  • Pooja Room Design
May 31, 2023
Modern pooja unit designs - Beautiful Homes

Serenely beautiful and prompting reverence, these pooja unit designs can be easily incorporated into the TV unit design of your living room 

As a culture, faith is weaved into the very fabric of our lives in India. Either as a hasty salute or a protracted, deeply reverential worship, religion and the act of worshiping is an active aspect of life in most India homes. While having a designated pooja room would be ideal, the fact is that cities are too space-crunched to spare a separate room for prayers alone.


Even so, a small niche for a shrine at home can certainly be carved out to tend to homeowners’ spiritual needs. For compact urban flats, arranging for a pooja unit design in the living room seems the best way to go for most people. However, since modern apartment living rooms are designed around the TV unit, with the furniture and décor all forming a centripetal arrangement with it, it only makes sense to bunch the TV unit and pooja unit together.


A TV unit design with pooja unit comes with multiple benefits. Many contemporary living rooms tend to double up as a family’s common, communal area, and often is the only one there is. The hall is not only easily accessible to everyone in the family, but it is also a space in which family members usually gather almost by default. What better way to involve the whole family in shared devotion than by installing a TV unit with mandir?


Besides, there are TV unit with mandir ideas aplenty to help you in choosing the right kind of pooja unit design for your home. Whether you’re looking for modern pooja unit designs that integrate well with the TV unit or a pooja unit design that retains the element of sanctity, we might have something for you. Here are six wonderful, efficient TV unit with mandir design ideas to bring some light into your homes.


Glass-encased Pooja Unit

Sometimes, you don’t want your mandir design to be too ubiquitous in the living room. In that case, a TV unit design with pooja unit tucked into a discrete corner would work just fine. Take for instance this glass-encased pooja unit built into a cabinet adjacent to the TV console. The presence of the mandir unit in the hall is not overwhelming, but you get to have a special space for the fundamentals of faith in the same room. Stylistically as well, the design elements of the TV and mandir units are harmonious and give a uniform look.

Wooden Pooja Cabinet Designs

This TV unit with mandir has the best of both worlds. The TV cabinet works as a standalone unit, with plenty of storage for all the gadgets, wires, and other equipment. Rather than using the shelves that surround the TV for storage or functionality, they are used to keep idols and other items of faith. At the same time, a separate wooden pooja cabinet is used as the primary space for worship. This cabinet, moreover, is enclosed and features religious motifs such as the swastika to mark it as a sacred object. This ensures that the pooja unit is kept separate from the main TV unit, and also preserves its sanctity.

Living room TV unit with pooja unit - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

TV unit with mandir - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anai Design Studio

Stylish Wall Mounted Pooja Cabinet Designs

If you’re open to more of an offbeat idea, consider this interesting take on a living room TV unit with pooja unit design. The wall-mounted TV is paired with a similarly propped small console table. To go with this TV unit design, the mandir unit is made to be wall-mounted as well. Mounting the pooja unit on a different wall ensures its spatial distinctness, while anointing it with the bare objects of religious devotion gives it a minimalist, clutter-free look. Moreover, the wall-mounted pooja room design keeps everything off the floor and lends an airy, open feel to the space, and would work wonderfully for small rooms.

Quietly Private Pooja Cabinet Designs

Faith is generally deemed a private matter, and you should keep it that way in your homes too if that is what you want. In this barely visible pooja cabinet with TV unit, idols, bells, and other items of faith are kept concealed in a long, narrow cabinet with simple jaali work. Even as the TV unit and pooja cabinet design maintain stylistic integrity, the mandir unit is kept quietly private and accessible only when needed.

TV unit with pooja room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Pooja cabinet designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

A Grandiose TV Cabinet with Mandir

This rustic-themed TV unit design with pooja unit does not shy away from splendour. The chic, sleek décor of the living room along with the expansive TV unit covets and embraces spaciousness. That is why the mandir design is relegated its own roomy corner next to the wall-mounted TV unit design, separated by a glass divider that allows a distinct section for the mandir. A religious idol adorns the shelf, while an overhead cabinet provides ample storage space for assorted pooja apparatus.

A Pooja “Room” with TV Unit

If a TV unit with pooja room is still your heart’s desire but space constraints come in the way, an alternate option is to build a substantial pooja niche or pooja shelf on the wall. This minimalist take on a TV unit design with pooja unit consists of a floating TV unit offset with a mandir space carved into the wall. The cupboard beneath the shelf ensures there is enough space for pooja paraphernalia without overwhelming the calm, minimalist interior design of the rest of the room.

Modern pooja unit designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Noughts and Crossess

With faith playing such as crucial, active role in our everyday lives, a pooja or mandir unit becomes an integral part in our homes. But building pooja units in space-crunched urban homes can be quite a challenging task. That’s where we at Beautiful Homes with Asian Paints can help you, especially when it comes to pooja room designs for small spaces. Through our Beautiful Homes Services, we offer you services by experienced interior designers and executed by proficient project managers. Our brand also includes Shop, a one-stop shop for all things design at affordable prices. Our stores are located in all the major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Ernakulum, Raipur, Ooty, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and more.

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