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Different types of flooring and how to choose them for your home

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Nov 21, 2021
Living room with wooden flooring - Beautiful Homes

Each type of flooring has its unique advantages, and determining which flooring is best depends on each room’s needs and location. Get to know the best choice for you

No home construction or remodel is complete without a new flooring design. However, even in cases where homeowners have settled on everything else, selecting a flooring design according to the aesthetic of the house can be a real challenge. After all, one has to weigh the aesthetics against the material’s longevity and cost. Are you inclined towards a floor tiles design for a house or a marble floor design, a cement floor design or the latest marble floor design? In this article, we’ll deliver a list of significant aspects to contemplate when deciding on flooring and how you can go about finding the right type of flooring for your home.


Types of Flooring: Best Flooring Ideas for Your Home

1. Marble Flooring for Homes

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock that has rich veining and is available in an assortment of colours. It is porous and has to be sealed before installation. A marble floor design imparts a luxurious and distinctive look and is most often used in bathroom flooring and walls, as well as tub decks, fireplace surrounds, furniture and sculptures. Modern marble floor border design is exquisite and is available in different patterns and finishes. They are created by laying tiles in different ways and create a subtle yet plush vibe with borders on the marble floor.

Know more about Marble vs Vitrified tiles which works best for your home.


2. Granite Flooring for House

Granite is a sort of igneous rock that is remarkably dense and tough. It has a grainy kind of appearance and minerals within it naturally appear as small flecks throughout the stone. Granite is admiringly impervious and once polished properly, resists scratching. Granite flooring design for home is an excellent option for kitchens and high-traffic areas. Granite tiles are inherently antibacterial and aren’t harmed by water exposure.

Marble floor tiles design for house with a monochrome check pattern - Beautiful Homes
Choose a durable flooring option for the floor design of your house - Beautiful Homes

3. Floor Tiles Design for Homes

Home floor tile designs are one of the types of flooring that have increased in demand mainly because of their strength and adaptability. They can be installed in a variety of environments with no worry of limitations such as water, stains, and allergic fragrances. Floor tiles design for small houses is very favoured among homeowners, as it offers eminent value for your budget with huge advantages.

You can find a wide range of home floor tiles design in varied colour and style. It comes in all varieties of shapes, sizes, and textures. 

The combination of patterns in tile flooring can create a variety of decorative effects for your home. Pick the best one for your home that looks new even after ages. A room floor tiles design is economically great and you can mix and match the different colour for flooring or tiles randomly for a unique look. Tile can be a fantastic flooring choice due to its versatility and durability among other flooring types.


4. Slate Flooring for Kitchens, Walkways and Roofing

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock that is dense and very durable. It is mostly available in darker earthy tones like blacks, greys, mustard and greens, and is pleasingly suited for floors, walkways and roofing, and for kitchen countertops and wet bars. A flooring guide can help you determine the best ways to incorporate slate into your home design, considering its unique properties and aesthetic appeal. The surface of the slate is naturally textured.

5. Wood Flooring

Who doesn’t adore the look and feel of wood floor designs? Classic and old-style, wood flooring draws from oak, maple, and bamboo among other types. Wooden floor tiles design is affordable compared to hardwood floors as the cost of producing tiles is much less. Unlike hardwood floors, wood-look tiles are much longer-lasting to scratches, spills, and dirt. So once you install these tiles, they will look fine for years to come. The challenge with wood is that they need good care and maintenance to continue looking impressive.

Classic wooden floor design in the kitchen & for the house - Beautiful Homes

The application of polish, scrubbing, and sweeping is the regular routine with wood flooring. Unless you’re ready for the commitment of taking care of your wooden floor design for home, you may as well choose another material because they truly do need ongoing maintenance.

Living room with laminate floor design & wall panels - Beautiful Homes

6. Laminate Flooring for Busy Areas

Laminate flooring is constructed with layers of high-density fiberboard with a photographic image (of timber, tile etc) laminated to the surface below a hard, wear-resistant coating. Its benefits are its price, anti-scratching properties and ease of installation. Laminate floor design for home is a wonderful option for busy areas that are not exposed to heavy moisture, thus it is suggested to avoid using it in a bathroom). However, laminate flooring styles can feel cold and hard underfoot. If laid poorly, it may also be noisy and bulky.

7. Carpet Flooring for Bedrooms and Barefoot Areas

Available in either synthetic fibres, pure wool, or a mix of both, floor carpet designs for bedroom come in an extensive array of shades and budgets to suit every room. 'Carpet (wall-to-wall) is a fantastic option for quiet and barefoot areas, like bedrooms, closets, and office areas. Wall-to-wall installation can make little spaces seem larger. The maintenance of carpet is well-known, and commonly carpet gets replaced every five to ten years. It is typically affordable if in nylon, soft underfoot, and warm. More recent commercial type carpet squares are more suited for playrooms and home gyms, due to their lower pile height and stain-resistant treatments.

Almost all carpet is recyclable, however, it's also a tricky one for those with pets because a loose weave can readily be destroyed by little claws.

8. Eco-friendly Cement Flooring for Homes

The floor design world is hot for concrete and cement right now. It’s equal parts sleekness and sturdiness. Moreover, this flooring is easy to maintian & is cheap. Cement floor design just might be your most eco-friendly flooring option. It lasts a long time — we’re talking centuries. That’s why so many homes use it as the base for their flooring. If you want durable, chic flooring that’s simple to keep up, look no further than cement floors.



What to Consider when Choosing the Type of Flooring for Your Home?

1. Durability

Changing floor designs for homes is a major investment, both in terms of time and expenditure. As a homeowner, you like floors that will stay and continue to look pleasing for many years to come. If it is going in one of the major traffic areas of your home, like your living room design or entryway, and you have children or pets, you’ll want to pick an option that stands up well to moisture, scratches, and lots of use. If you’re searching for your flooring options for the kitchen and are someone who likes to cook and entertain, it might be intelligent to look at options that are easy on your feet and provide some cushioning when standing for long periods of time.

Choose a durable marble flooring design for your house - Beautiful Homes

2. Cost

Flooring for the home can be enormously expensive. Most options have a considerable range in how much they could cost. Whether you’re looking at wood, carpet, stone materials or room floor tile design, you could pay a little, or a lot, based on the quality of what you choose. Decide your budget and use that number to help you narrow down your choices based on cost. There are many ways to achieve the overall look you’re going for without breaking the bank or going over budget.

3. Maintenance and Cleaning

Distinct flooring ideas have different cleaning and maintenance needs. Think about the types of traction the space gets and what surfaces will be the easiest to keep clean based on your lifestyle.

4. Style and Aesthetics

Most homeowners place this question at the top of their list. Obviously, above all this, you want something that looks pleasing and fits your own style preferences.


We understand that flooring is a very significant part of your dream home, after all, all the design & décor plans are meant to enrich the visual appeal of the home. So good flooring binds the entire space into one frame. The value of good flooring cannot be underrated in any way.



At Asain Paints Beautiful Homes, our flooring designers offer an end to end solution, completely personalized service to help you design a stunning floor design for your house. Our interior designers will make sure that every detail is integrated seamlessly to make your flooring design functional and appealing. Our Customer Experience Specialist will walk you through all available options for your dream house. From a modern marble floor border design to a floor paint design or a home floor tiles design, we will compare each alternative and give you the best choices as per the hot trends and your budget.


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