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Ultimate guide to bathroom wallpaper

  • Wall Décor
Feb 18, 2022
Ultimate guide to use wallpapers for your bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Wallpaper, when chosen wisely, is a stylish and unique way to decorate rooms, including bathrooms. Let’s take a look at the different types of wallpaper that is available and how you can use them in your bathroom décor

Introduction on Bathroom Interior Designs & Wallpapers for Bathroom

Bathrooms have evolved over the years and they are no longer just functional spaces. These days, bathroom décor is an integral part of interior design and there is a wide choice of materials available to make your bathroom look amazing. Whether it is wall paint, flooring, wall tiles, wallpaper or fixtures, every element that makes up the bathroom can be used creatively and in unique ways to create a space that looks stylish and sophisticated.


Indian bathrooms have traditionally been small spaces and earlier, not much attention was paid to the design. But as homes become more stylish and lifestyles get trendier, people expect every room in their house to look aesthetically pleasing, including the bathroom. Even small bathrooms are designed to be not only comfortable and functional but stylish, and pleasing in appearance as well. With the clever use of the different elements that go into the design of the bathroom, small spaces can be made to look larger, large spaces can be made cosier and your bathrooms can be designed to effectively enhance your home interior design.


One of the biggest decisions when designing a bathroom is selecting what goes on the walls. There are a variety of choices like textured walls, tiles, pebbling, stonework etc, but one of the most overlooked but gorgeous options is wallpaper. Often people are intimidated by wallpaper as it is not an oft used material but the right waterproof wallpaper for bathroom can take your bathroom from just great looking to extraordinary.


Types of Wallpaper

Wallpaper on walls in residential homes is not something you see often and the decision to use wallpaper should not be taken lightly. If you are considering using wallpaper in your home for the first time and are a little apprehensive, the best place to try it out is in your Bathroom Design. The truth is, once you’ve wallpapered your bathroom and seen how gorgeous it looks, you will want to wallpaper other parts of your home too.


Let’s take a look at the different types of waterproof wallpaper for bathroom that is available.

1. Fiberglass Wallpaper for Bathroom Decorating

Fiberglass wallpaper is an environmentally friendly wallpaper that is easy to apply and remove. This type of wallpaper can effectively hide any surface defects like cracks and scratches on the wall, making it look as good as new. A floral fibreglass wallpaper in a sunny yellow paired with white cabinets and a blue and white tiled floor can create a stunning, contemporary bathroom décor.


2.  Vinyl Wallpaper for Bathroom

Vinyl wallpaper is composed of printed paper coated with layered vinyl and is easy to maintain, durable and water-resistant. Vinyl prints are lovely and a lush foliage printed vinyl wallpaper can evoke the magic of a midnight garden. Ambient lighting that emits a soft glow, wood finishes that radiate warmth, and gleaming brass fixtures will add a sophisticated touch.


3. Foil Waterproof Wallpaper

Metal foil wallpapers, polished or matte, can add a chic and gleaming look to a bathroom and the reflective surface can make a small bathroom look larger. A royal purple striped metallic wallpaper can be used to add a dramatic, contemporary look to a bathroom. It can be complemented with a large chrome mirror and chrome fittings to create a very modern bathroom with neat lines.

Floral fiberglass wallpaper for your bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

 4. Flock Wallpaper for Modern Bathroom Designs

Flock wallpaper was originally created as a cheaper option to velvet and adorned the homes of the elite. It is distinctive for its fuzzy three-dimensional patterns that are created using fibre on paper. It is an expensive option that can look unbelievably luxurious. An opulent lady’s bathroom with a dark crimson flock on a deep pink background, paired with marble flooring, rich furnishings and a large ornate mirror can give a luxurious look.

Waterproof wallpapers for the ease in your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

5. Mylar Waterproof Wallpaper

Mylar wallpaper is made by applying polyester film over printed paper and has a wet or shiny appearance. It is quite similar to foil wallpaper with its reflective sheen and is a great choice for small spaces. A contemporary wallpaper design in cream with beige curves can make a room light and airy. Add a modern mirror over the sink, sleek shower cabinet and steel fittings for a bathroom that is the perfect blend of elegant and on-trend.

6. Non Woven Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is a fairly recent addition and is made of a mix of synthetic and natural fibres reinforced with acrylates and pigments. It is environmentally friendly though the hue may vary from one roll to another owing to its natural base. Whimsical woodland non-woven wallpaper can be used to highlight a bird motif theme that can be echoed throughout the bathroom from the mirror to the lamp sconces to the edging on the floor.


7. Modern Textured Wallpaper

Modern textured wallpaper is very popular these days as they add another depth to the walls. They are of two types, sisal wallpaper that is made of natural fibres and creates a subtle panelled effect and vinyl wallpaper which is more durable, economical, and easier to clean. A rustic bathroom décor can be enhanced by a single coloured, textured wallpaper in a deep greenish blue and paired with tiles in a lighter green with a dark blue edging for a distinctive look. Add hand-picked bathroom accessories like a standing clawfoot tub, a brass towel rack and a brass framed mirror to create a charming space.


8. Embossed Wallpaper For Bathroom Decorating

Embossing is a process by which a pattern or design is etched onto a surface with pressure. Embossed wallpaper uses this technique to provide a decorative and rich finish. A bold, black and white bathroom can be decorated with a herringbone embossed wallpaper, a grey slate sink and a startling white vanity for a dramatic look. Sleek chrome and glass bathroom fixtures can give the space a modern, minimalistic look.

Creative Ways of Using Bathroom Wallpaper Design

If you have decided to go for a wallpapered bathroom, experiment with bold colour, splashy finishes, and large prints till you find the right fit for your bathroom. Here are some tips:


Theme it

You can make the wallpaper the main décor element of the bathroom and build the theme of the bathroom based on the wallpaper colour or design. Choose the rest of the bathroom elements to enhance the beauty of the wallpaper.


Mix and Match

You don't have to confine yourself to just wallpaper. You can mix wallpaper with tiles and paints that blend together to create the perfect space. The tiles can be selected to complement the colour of the wallpaper or vice versa.


Accent it

A rich bold wallpaper can be used as a statement wall and can be the perfect background for an ornate mirror and vanity.

Creative ways of using wallpaper for your bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
Spruce up your bathroom by mix & matching your wallpapers - Beautiful Homes

Spruce it Up

Another great combination is to mix wallpaper and wood panelling. White wood panels halfway up the wall and pretty flowered wallpapers the rest of the way will give a bathroom a charming look.


Dress Up the Ceiling

A completely novel way to use wallpaper is on the ceiling. Leave the walls painted or tiled and make the ceiling your statement wall.

Beautiful Homes Service Advantage for Modern Functional Home Interiors

Living in a professionally-designed and customized space is very gratifying and with the help of Beautiful Homes, you can get your curated and crafted space with very little fuss.  Our expert design team redefines luxury with high design, a unique aesthetic, exclusive home décor and impeccable quality. With access to India’s top design firms and the hands-on guidance of a brand you trust, you will enjoy the benefits of this customer-centric service that brings tired spaces to life. Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage is that we are experts at listening, planning, executing, and working with your choices while creating a gorgeous, functional home for you.


Whether you are building a completely new home or going in for an extensive remodel or are just doing a bathroom makeover, it is always best to have our design professional at your side. Our bathroom guide can also assist in transforming your bathroom into a luxurious and functional space. When renovating, the number of decisions one must make can be overwhelming. We can help you from selecting the perfect wallpaper, cabinetry and countertop right through to flooring, lighting and accessories, thus making the process much less stressful and create a space that is exactly what you desired.

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