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10 unique drawing room décor inspirations for every Indian home

  • Living Room Ideas
Jan 03, 2022
Drawing room decoration with floor-to-ceiling windows & doors - Beautiful Homes

The most inspiring yet simple ideas for a stylish living room

In several Indian homes, the drawing room is often the cleanest, most organised and well-styled space in the house used mostly when entertaining guests. While it is also termed as the living room, very rarely do we see a family actually ‘living’ in it. If your drawing room isn’t being used as a space to bring the family together, then it is a waste of a room or space in a home.

The habit of returning home to a cosy or modern living room where everything is just the way you like it with all your creature comforts is a true sign of luxury. Whether you’re hosting a large number of guests or curling up by yourself with a good book or movie, we’ve rounded up a handy guide for creating a unique drawing room that could work in every Indian home.

1. The Starting Point for a Unique Drawing Room Interior Design

If you’re renovating your home and looking for a unique drawing room interior design, you’ll need a reliable and seasoned designer and contractor. While we all dream of a beautiful home, taking time out of our daily schedules and finding the right people to work with is often easier said than done. With this thought in mind, India’s largest paint giant Asian Paints created the Beautiful Homes Service.

Enlisting expert interior designers, who’ve worked across the length and breadth of the industry, the Beautiful Homes Service takes care of executing every task in your home renovation from start to finish. 

Drawing room decoration with wooden interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

This ensures a hassle-free and time-saving experience for anyone with a vision to remodel their home (or redesign a particular room) but lacking the time or patience to coordinate and project manage between the army of people required to finish the job.

Maximalist drawing room with animal-skin upholstery, bright artwork, statement rug & grand chandelier - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

2. A Maximalist’s Drawing Room Decoration

The pieces you use for your drawing room decoration immediately echo your personal style preferences. If you’re a maximalist who loves to bring in a dose of luxury and opulence in every room in the house, the right drawing room decoration will be the focal point in the room reflecting that. Standing out against the animal-skin upholstery, bright artwork and statement rug in this stylish drawing room, the grand chandelier heralds thoughts of lavish castles and stately banquet halls. As a part of this drawing room’s decoration, it makes a maximalist statement in the most tasteful way.

3. How to Collect Drawing Room Decoration Items

The most charming homes always have the most thoughtful and unique drawing room decoration items. These pieces aren’t bought overnight—they are collected over a period of time as souvenirs from travels, heirlooms passed down for generations, intricate pieces of local craftsmanship or something special that caught your eye. The pieces that make up your drawing room decoration items should weave a story around the room and add a sense of character to create a space you can truly call your own.

Drawing room decoration items like lamps, flower vases & table decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The works Interiors, Photography by Noughts and Crosses

Drawing room decoration with verdant & floral prints on drapes & cushions - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Maishaa

4. The Simplest Drawing Room Interior Ideas

We’re always looking for inspiration for the most unique and stylish drawing room ideas, and sometimes it can be found in simplest of ways. An easy starting point for a chic drawing room idea is often the topography around your home. Taking cue from the lush greenery outdoors, this well-lit and airy drawing room pairs verdant and floral prints on its drapes and cushions. While it could easily border on overkill, choosing two décor elements for this print and pairing the same family of colours creates a sense of layering in the room. 

5. Modern Drawing Room Interior Decoration Ideas

If you’re looking to give your drawing room a contemporary update, there are several easy and fool-proof colour palette or décor ideas for a modern drawing room. Our go-to aesthetic is a monochrome or even single-toned colour scheme that makes any space look neat, elegant and well-put together. Another clever trick is picking one focal point in the room or a piece of furniture to make a statement. In this modern drawing room, the wall dividing the space from the open kitchen is made with a dramatic interplay of textured stone. While it visually dictates the theme in the room, it also doubles as a piece of art in the space.

Drawing room interior design textured stone wall dividing the space from the open kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Ethnic art works for drawing room decoration - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, RSDA, Photography by Niveditaa Gupta

6. Modern Drawing Room Ideas for an Indian Home

India is a country that is home to the most unique and intricate arts and crafts. When these are displayed around a modern living room in an Indian home, it creates a vibrant burst textures and colour. At the same time, it also tells a story of your ethnicity, your family’s history through the generations or boasts of the craftsmanship in the area local to you. To begin collecting ethnic décor pieces for your drawing room, visit your local artisans or handloom houses to support the indigenous crafts in your vicinity.

7. The Most Popular Drawing Room Decoration Ideas in India

Since most cities and towns in India have to battle the hottest summer months for a large part of the year, the weather often plays a big role when home owner’s plan their décor. The most popular drawing room decoration ideas in India comprise cooling tones and hues for the walls and furnishings that create a soothing respite from the heat. While an all-white drawing room is the safest way to go, you can break from monotony and choose other calming shades such as baby blue, pastel pink or mint green.

Drawing room interior with cool blue & grey tones colour palette - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

Modern drawing room decoration items for a small drawing room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Arrivae Solutions, Photography by Karna Tanna

8. The Art of Designing your Drawing Room Décor

The most stylish drawing rooms don’t always follow all the rules. Sometimes, breaking the conventional rules of design creates a space that’s eclectic and unique to your personal style. If you’re looking for interesting or well-designed pieces and furnishings for your drawing room’s décor, step into an AP Homes store in your city. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, AP Homes is your one-stop shop to create a home or space that tells your unique story. Whether you’re looking to quickly spruce up your home with a few décor updates or undertake an entire renovation, AP Homes houses everything from furniture and furnishings to fixtures and home automation solutions.

9. Simple Drawing Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

It’s always interesting to walk into a well-designed room and notice interesting pieces that aren’t stuffy or overpriced, but instead bought on a budget or a good bargain. While a single statement piece by a favourite prominent designer is always a good investment for your drawing room, you don’t have to splurge on every item in the space. It is, instead, far more stylish to collect pieces over time that echo your personal style. This drawing room’s elegant décor comprises one tasteful element—brass. Paired on the sofa and armchairs, coffee table, floor and table lamps, and ceiling lights, it creates a chic sense of uniformity in the room. We also love how the same metal has been used to create a statement around the mirror and picture frames on the wall behind.

Elegant drawing room interiors with brass décor coffee table, lamps & seatings - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The House of Things

Drawing room decoration with floor-to-ceiling windows & doors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio IAAD

10. Small Drawing Room Decoration Ideas that Work in Every Home

Most homeowners in urban India today struggle with limited floor space or a compact floor plan. For a small drawing room’s decoration, it’s a clever idea to maximise the amount of natural light and ventilation it receives. This immediately opens up the room, making it more airy and well-lit. While floor-to-ceiling windows and doors are the best way to maximise natural light, even a single window fitted with a narrow frame and clear glass will bathe the room in light through the day.

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