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10 unused pooja space for your home

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 16, 2022
Pooja room design beside entrance of your home - Beautiful Homes

A puja room is a must in Indian households, but with modern space constraints, it can become difficult to find a prayer area in your home. Here are some ideas on how to convert unused spots in your home as puja spaces

Pooja rooms offer a serene space for meditation and prayer. These days, with space being a constraint, having a whole room set aside for prayer has become difficult. Indian homeowners and designers have solved this problem with very innovative puja space design ideas.


10 Unused Places in your Home that could be a Pooja Space

Let’s take a look at some unused spaces in the house that can be converted into a small prayer nook.


1. Pooja Room Design Beside the Entrance

It is considered auspicious to have a puja space near the front of the house. Foyers or entryways are usually small, but a custom-made mandir that fits snugly would be a lovely addition to the décor of the foyer as well as the perfect space for prayer. Keep the rest of the foyer simple as the mandir will be the focal point of the space.

2. Puja Room Design within the Wall Unit

Wall cabinets are a popular feature of living rooms and provide the perfect spot as a puja area. One or two of the wall cabinets can be converted into a dedicated puja space. Arrange small individual mandirs to hold the Gods and decorate each mandir with a couple of silver lamps. Use a contrasting colour for the back of the showcase to give a lovely backdrop to the puja décor. Install cabinet lights to give the space a sense of grandeur.


3. Innovative Pooja Space on Wall

A great idea to make your prayer area a part of your home décor is by delegating one wall as puja space. Install splendid Tanjore paintings on the wall with shelves below for lamps. In a contemporary space, use glass shelves at different spots on the wall with alternating marble and wooden mandirs for the idols for a very edgy effect.

Puja unit within wall unit for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Pooja room divider cabinet design for your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Living Room Divider Cabinet as Pooja Room in Small Space

A divider cabinet is a useful piece of furniture that separates spaces, and is an ideal spot to create a puja area. Arrange small wooden or metal mandirs to hold the idols and lamps. Make the cabinet door more decorative by hanging bells on the front to enhance the spiritual ambiance.


5. Corner Cabinet as Puja Space in House

A tiered shelf or cabinet in the corner of the living room can be used as a puja space. Decorate the shelves of the cabinet with idols, diyas and pretty puja décor. Get an ornate or engraved box to place on the bottom shelf to hold the agarbathi and camphor.

6. Modern Mandir Design over a Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be accommodated quite easily in small spaces. The top area of the chest of drawers can be used as a puja space. Place a long, carved wooden mandir on the cabinet to hold the idols. One of the cabinet drawers can be used to store the puja essentials.


7. Shelves as Pooja Space in Living Room

One of the best ways to create a space for worship is by putting up shelves on the wall. Use different materials for the shelves, like pink marble, carved wood or glass to make them stand out. You can have three or four shelves of varying dimensions to create an unusual look to the wall.


8. Pooja Room Small Cabinet on Wheels

A novel idea but one that can be custom made to fit any space is a puja unit with wheels. It can be made with a glass fronted door or wooden shutters with cut-outs. Decorate it beautifully with the most elaborate puja décor or keep it simple and charming with only idols and lamps.


9. Kitchen Cupboard as Puja Room in Small Space

Most modern kitchens have cabinets installed and claiming a couple of the kitchen cabinets as puja space is a great idea. It is better to use shelves with doors than ones without, as a kitchen is high in cooking oil and grease. Over time, this may settle on the puja items making it difficult to clean.


10. Unused Space in Balcony for Worship

Whether your balcony is big or small, it can provide enough space for a sweet little puja area. You can hang shelves on the wall or design a little cabinet to hold your prayer items.

11. Puja Room Design inside Traditional Furniture

Gorgeous antique furniture, like a sideboard, a console or a credenza, with its warm wood and old-fashioned vibe, will give make your puja space visually stunning. Make sure that you protect the bottom of the shelf as you don’t want an antique piece to be damaged by oil and burn marks.


12. Window Ledge as Pooja Space

At a pinch, and if there is no other space to turn to, a deep window ledge can be converted into a prayer space. Frame the edges of the window with carved wooden beams and paint the glass on the window with spiritual symbols to provide a beautiful background for your puja setting.

Pooja self-design inside traditional furniture for your home design - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you in Designing Perfect Place for your Pooja Room in your Interior Design?

When designing a home, our interior design specialists at Beautiful Homes, by Asian Paints, take particular care to provide a beautiful pooja space. Whether it is a mandir on the wall or a traditional puja room, we will provide a serene space for worship and meditation. Go through our online collection of wall mandirs and puja décor for the perfect pieces. Contact us for interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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