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UPVC windows and doors: Design trends to watch out for

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Apr 05, 2023
UPVC main door design idea for your house - Beautiful Homes

Choosing the right style, frame, and material is essential when buying doors and windows. Due to its strength, affordability, low maintenance requirements, and versatility, UPVC is a widely used material – here’s some ideas to make it look great in your home, too! 

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, also known as UPVC, is a weather-proof, rigid, and durable type of plastic, offering a strong base frame for door and window design. Additionally, it is BPA-free, so UPVC door design solutions are non-toxic and recyclable. UPVC main door design ideas are popular choices in terms of safety because over and above being tough and UV resistant, they will not dent or warp and are fire resistant! So, from UPVC sliding window design solutions, to a decorative UPVC grill design for your French doors, or the best in UPVC bathroom doors design trends, let's look at some of the top uses of UPVC in your home. 


#1. Immediately Impressive: UPVC Main Door Design

Your front door is the first impression that a visitor gets of your home, so it’s easy to understand why UPVC door design solutions, with the wide variety of powder coated colours of wood-like finishes, are so popular with interior designers these days. Aesthetically, a UPVC main door design offers you a range of options in terms of form as well, essentially, it’s completely based on your preference, due to its easy customizability. Additionally, from classic styles to add-on elements using UPVC, elevation design options – such as louvred sidelight windows – can add panache and practicality.

#2. Practical Privacy: UPVC Door Design for Bathrooms

For UPVC bathroom doors, design ideas can take advantage of the material’s easy to clean and water-resistant nature. Be it simple sliding shower doors or using it for the main bathroom UPVC door design, being able to simply wipe them down with a damp sponge makes this so beautifully low maintenance, it’s hard not to want them in your bathroom design plan! Furthermore, a UPVC sliding window design might be the perfect way to provide both privacy and ventilation in your space.

UPVC door design for the bathroom - Beautiful Homes
UPVC door design panel for the living room - Beautiful Homes

#3. French-Style Flair: UPVC Door Design Panels

French windows are a form of window that is most suitable for showing off your UPVC window design. Using different finishes, adding in elaborate frames, or even installing decorative panels are all possibilities with a UPVC design. What’s more, unlike regular plastics, UPVC is made of vinyl polymer, which is bonded to chlorine atoms so it is stable and works well with metal, making a UPVC window grill design a very sturdy addition that’s sure to up the safety factor of your UPVC French window design.

#4. Glass Glamour: Sliding UPVC Door Design

As we all know, natural light is always a must in any home, but large glass panels can be fairly unsafe – it’s vital that the heavy glass is properly supported by a strong frame, and that you have a sturdy grill, as well. With a UPVC window design or UPVC sliding door design, you’re assured of the strength of the structure. With the security of durable UPVC, you can happily and confidently install a UPVC French window design or large glass sliding doors, even for external doors that lead onto your deck, garden or even balcony. This helps you maximise the light within your home and will be easy to maintain regardless of weather conditions. 

Sliding UPVC door design in the bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Wooden UPVC sliding window design for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

#5. Faux-wood Fancy: UPVC Sliding Door Design

With a wood finish for your UPVC sliding door design, you get the convenience and low maintenance qualities of this strong plastic material, with the more traditional and classic look of natural wood. Not only can you use a wood finish on your doors, but your UPVC window design or even UPVC grill design as well – this adds a versatility to the design schemes you can use UPVC in, which is one of the reasons this material is one of the most popular today. So whether you’re aiming for a country-rustic feel, or want a more classic vintage look, adding these faux-wood doors is sure to match your style without the hassles of warping, polishing and maintenance that natural wood can often have. 

We hope these ideas have inspired you to use UPVC in your home interior design. Whether you install practical UPVC doors or a durable UPVC window grill design, or if you would prefer a UPVC elevation design (that looks great and is very suitable for a balcony facade), you can be assured that this material is a great addition to any home and any design style, too!


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