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Vastu tips for colour combination for home

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Jan 12, 2023
Cream colour for bedroom as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

Colours have a significant effect on our mood, health and happiness and the right choice of colour can channel positive energy into our homes. Here are some Vastu tips to help you pick the right colours for every room of your house

Vastu for colour in our living spaces can impact our lives in different ways, for instance, some Vastu colours for home stoke creativity, some home colour as per Vastu generate wealth and others promote peace. By combining different home colour as per Vastu, you can ensure that your home is filled with health, wealth, peace and prosperity.


Vastu Shastra Colour Tips for Home for Every Direction

The right wall colours according to Vastu for each room will depend on the direction and energy requirement of that particular space. Here are Vastu Shastra colour tips for home that relate to directions:

  • North wall colour as per Vastu

    Green colour as per Vastu helps us forge a connection with nature and brings harmony. Green wall colours according to Vastu improves intellectual ability and helps in getting good results. It is a good colour for a study or a home office.

  • South wall colour as per Vastu

    Pink and coral red are good South wall colour as per Vastu and represent joy and happiness. This soothing South wall colour as per Vastu is beneficial for the master bedroom, study and storage areas.

  • East wall colour as per Vastu

    White colour according to Vastu is a symbol of peace, simplicity and purity. Shades of white as East wall colour as per Vastu make a space feel serene. This is a great choice for puja rooms, living rooms and childrens’ rooms.

  • West wall colour as per Vastu

    Blue colour as per Vastu stands for growth, new beginnings, relaxation and spring. This serene West wall colour as per Vastu is perfect for meditation rooms and dining rooms.

  • Vastu for colour in North-East

    Cool colours like shades of green, yellow and blue are auspicious colour combinations for this direction. These wall colours according to Vastu are excellent for kids’ bedrooms or puja rooms.

  • Vastu for colour in North-West

    The North-West is an important point in Vastu Shastra and should be an airy and open space. White wall colours according to Vastu are suggested for this direction.

  • Vastu for colour in South-East

    South-East is an auspicious spot for the kitchen. Incorporating silver white as Vastu colours for home kitchens located in this direction can double the benefit to your home.

  • Vastu for colour in South-West

    This direction is best for the master bedroom. Incorporate tones of brown as South-West wall colour as per Vastu to bring harmony and lessen strife.


Vastu Shastra Colour Tips for Home Rooms

Home colour as per Vastu plays an important role in creating a well-balanced and harmonious space. When selecting Vastu colours for home, you need to consider the direction of the room and what it is used for.

Here are Vastu Shastra colour tips for home for each room.


1. Vastu Colours for Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom should be located on the South-West of the house. Earthy Vastu colours for bedroom are best in this direction and using tones of brown colour according to Vastu will be very beneficial to the health, prosperity and fortunes of the master and mistress of the house. If the room is located in the South-East, white is a better choice. Pick shades of green or blue for a North wall colour as per Vastu.

2. Positive Energy Hall Vastu Shastra Colours for Living Room

The best location for the living room is the North-West, and the most positive energy hall Vastu Shastra colours for living room in that direction are white shades. But the living room can also be located in the North, East, South, North-East, South-East and South-West. As such, there are a multitude of Vastu colour for home choices depending on the direction, like blue, green, yellow, brown and orange.

Brown colour for the hall as per vastu - Beautiful Homes
Neutral kitchen colours as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

3. Kitchen Colour As Per Vastu

Kitchen comes under the fire element in Vastu Shastra and is best located in the South-East whose auspicious kitchen colour as per Vastu are variations of red and orange. Modular kitchens in the North-West will benefit from shades of green while kitchens in the East should have shades of yellow or white. The primary North wall colour as per Vastu for a kitchen is green.

4. Vastu Colours For Home Staircase

Light Vastu colour for home are best for a staircase. Dark colours, like red and black, should be avoided. White is a good colour for staircases.

White colour for the staircase as per vastu - Beautiful Homes
Sky blue colour for the guest bedroom as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

5. Guest Bedroom Colour As Per Vastu

Pink, yellow, sky blue and orange are the best colours for a guest bedroom.


6. Vastu Colours For Home Balcony

The balcony can be a serene space for meditation, relaxation and alone time. According to Vastu, a calm colour as per Vastu, like white, beige, blue and lighter tones of pink are perfect for your balcony.

7. Childrens’ Bedroom Colour As Per Vastu

North-East is a good direction for kids’ bedrooms. Yellow and shades of blue and green are recommended bedroom colour as per Vastu for this direction. Yellow colour according to Vastu increases concentration, green per Vastu colour chart promotes ideas and creativity, and a blue wall colour combination calms the mind. Together, they are a beneficial combination in your child’s life.

Pastel colour palette for kids room colour as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

Beautiful Homes Service for Vastu Tips for Choosing Colour Combinations

When Beautiful Homes takes up any interior design project, they help their clients make aesthetic, functional and Vastu compliant choices, from room placement to colour combinations. Take a look at our projects on the website to see what you get in terms of quality and value. Book a 3D consultation call with us to get an idea of what your finished project looks like. Check out our décor and furnishing stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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