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Pooja room colour ideas as per vastu

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 07, 2022
Pooja room design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Choosing the right colours for your prayer room as per Vastu can help channel positive energy. Here are tips on colours and combinations that are most auspicious for your puja room, your home and your life

Vastu Shastra is an important part of your interior design[1]  in India, and nowhere is it more crucial than in the puja room. By following the right Vastu guidelines when choosing your puja room design, and choosing Vastu compliant pooja room colors, you can ensure that your home channels positive energy, resonates with good vibes and is filled with joy, good health and prosperity.


Best Colour for Pooja Room as per Vastu

The impact of colours on us is emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive. Combine an element of Vastu Shastra to colour psychology to get pooja room painting ideas that will enhance the flow of energy in your house.


Let us look at auspicious pooja room colors and how to incorporate them into your holy space in a Vastu compliant, aesthetically appealing way.

1. Powerful Puja Room Colour as per Vastu - Yellow

Yellow represents sunlight and is considered a sacred colour. It is the colour of haldi which is a significant part of our temple rituals. Therefore, yellow as Vastu color for mandir room has a special spiritual significance and provides a very meditative vibe to the prayer room.


2. Sacred Pooja Room Colour as per Vastu - Orange

Another holy colour that is oft chosen for festivals and spiritual occasions is the colour orange. Avoid bright and distracting oranges; instead opt for soothing, toned-down deep oranges. A deep rust orange puja room pooja room wall colour backdrop will highlight the warmth and glory of a wooden mandir with its gleaming idols and lamps.

Yellow pooja room ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes
White pooja room ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

3. Pristine Puja Room Colour - White

White is the colour of peace, of calmness, of positivity and of love and is the best colour for pooja room design that is small. Its neutral ambiance will highlight the gorgeous puja room décor. A traditional wooden mandir on a pink marble counter with rustic wooden cabinets, gleaming brass bells and golden lamps, and shiny idols decked in all their finery will look resplendent against a pristine white background.

4. Divine Puja Mandir Wall Colour - Gold

Could anything be finer or more divine than a puja room painted in a golden colour, reminiscent of the sun and all its power? Use a toned-down gold in a matte finish as Vastu color for mandir room for a reverent aura. Warm woods, brass accessories, marble floors and recessed lighting will come together to give your prayer room a splendorous aura that evokes spirituality.

Gold pooja room ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Serene blue pooja room colour ideas - Beautiful Homes

5. Serene Pooja Room Wall Colour - Blue

A soothing shade of blue is a great pooja room paint choice as it is most associated with calmness, serenity and positivity. A deep or royal blue on the back wall of the puja room will provide a regal backdrop to a marble mandir, marble countertop and light wood shutters. Add marble flooring, shiny brass lamps and bells to make this Vastu compliant puja room stunning.

6. Peaceful Vastu Colours for Pooja Room - Blue and White

Why stick to one Vastu colour for pooja room painting ideas when you can use a combination and channel more positive energy? A white and blue combination can make your puja room stand out. Use a deep blue background with white panelling and white cabinetry to give your puja room a clean and serene feel.


7. Stunning Vastu Colours for Pooja Room - Green and Gold

A stunning puja mandir wall colour combination, a backdrop of green with gold flecks is sure to take God’s breath away. Use a combination of brass and wooden elements to bring a rustic and earthy feel to this eye-catching prayer room.

Blue white colour combination for pooja room design - Beautiful Homes

8. Vibrant Pooja Room Paint Colors - Yellow and Red

While red is the colour of Kumkum and symbolizes strength, it may be too loud a colour to be used on its own in a puja room. But, as an accent to a yellow mandir colour design, a deep, matte red can provide a spiritual aura. Combine with white marble flooring and counter for a more subtle vibe.


9. Traditional Pooja Room Color - Orange and Gold

Deep orange and dull gold combination of pooja room colors can give an earthy and rustic feel to the puja room. With wooden ceiling, flooring, mandir and doors, accented with gold bells and lamps, this traditional choice can give your puja room a temple-like effect.



Which Colours Should be Avoided for Pooja Room Paint Colors as per Vastu?

  • Dark colours as pooja room mandir colour paint encourage negativity and should be avoided.
  • Black instils a sense of hopelessness and is not auspicious puja room colour as per Vastu.
  • Grey colour represents misfortune and ill luck and is best avoided.
  • Light, subtle colours are best for pooja room colour combinations as they channel positivity and motivate reverence.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Perfect Pooja Room Painting Ideas?

The puja room is an important space in Indian homes and, at Beautiful Homes, we give it the respect it deserves. Our puja room designs follow Vastu guidelines to fill your home with health, happiness and prosperity. Our carefully curated online collection offers beautifully designed mandirs, auspicious pooja room colour combinations and gorgeous puja room décor to make your prayer room a divine and peaceful space. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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