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Jan 05, 2023
Grey & blue balcony in south west vastu - Beautiful Homes

A balcony can provide a soothing space in which to relax and watch the world go by. Use these Vastu tips for your balcony to design a space that can bring positive energy into your home

In a time where space is constrained, having an area that provides a view and connects with the outside can uplift the soul. The joy of enjoying a serene sunrise or a vibrant sunset, is unparalleled. As in every other room in a house, Vastu tips for balcony can impact the fortune and luck of the household. Balconies let in two important Vastu elements, light and air, and Vastu tips for balcony can help channel their energy into the home.


What is the Ideal Balcony Direction as Per Vastu?

The balcony direction as per Vastu, should be North, East, or North-East as they receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Balcony in South West Vastu, should be avoided as it brings in negative energy. A North balcony direction as per Vastu is good for prosperity, the East attracts health and opportunity, while balcony in South West Vastu attracts misfortune and should be avoided. Sometimes, due to design constraints, if balconies have to be incorporated in non Vastu compliant directions, use these remedial Vastu tips for balcony. Consider incorporating elements of nature and greenery in your balcony design to promote positive Vastu energy.

South West Balcony Vastu Remedies

Some South West balcony Vastu remedies to reduce negative energy include:

  • Covering the South- West facing balcony Vastu with sliding windows.
  • Make South-West windows smaller in size than North or East windows.
  • Hang yellow or golden curtains on the balcony entrance.
  • Place some pebbles or crystals to counter the negative effects.
  • Windchimes can bring peace and harmony.


West Facing Balcony Vastu Remedies

Some West facing balcony Vastu remedies to reduce dosha include:

  • Place Vastu pyramids on the left and right of the balcony entrance.
  • Drawing a Swastika or Om on the balcony is one of the best West facing balcony Vastu remedies.
  • Installing a moon yantra is another effective West facing balcony Vastu remedies
Balcony colour vastu tips for your space - Beautiful Homes
Chic balcony direction as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

South East Balcony Vastu Remedies

Balcony in South East Vastu corner brings negative energy as it is the place of fire. Hanging a Vastu compliant item that symbolises fire is one of the best South East balcony Vastu remedies. Place a copper sun on the wall of the balcony in South East Vastu to overcome all hazards.


North West Balcony Vastu Remedies

North West balcony Vastu can attract a lot of negative attention and it is better to completely avoid it.


Vastu Tips for Balcony

Here are Vastu tips for balcony with regard to colour, placement of furniture, plants and décor.

Vastu Tips for Terrace Furniture

The balcony is the space for relaxing and should have comfortable seating choices, arranged in the South-West part of the balcony, as per Vastu. This way, you face East or North direction and invite positivity into your home and life.


Balcony Colour as Per Vastu

Light balcony colour as per Vastu is more auspicious as it reflects sunlight. Darker colours absorb the sun’s energy and create a negative vibe. Shades of white, cream and beige are all good balcony colour as per Vastu.


Vastu for Balcony Roof

It is more auspicious to have a roof that slopes towards the North or the East direction. Avoid sloping the roof towards the South or the West.


Vastu for Swing in Balcony

If you are adding a swing to your balcony, ensure that it faces the North or South facing balcony Vastu direction as that is good Vastu for swing in balcony.

Simple & best vastu tips for balcony - Beautiful Homes
Elegant vastu for swing in balcony- Beautiful Homes

Vastu for Balcony Décor

Even a small balcony can incorporate some of these Vastu compliant adornments that can bring auspicious energies into your house:

  • Religious symbols like Om, Swastika, and pictures of Gods, or rangoli designs.
  • Flower garlands or torans that keep negative energies at bay.
  • Decorative water bowls or urli in balcony in North West Vastu invites prosperity and wealth for the family.
  • The sound of wind chimes is auspicious and spreads positive energy. Metal or wooden chimes in balcony in North West Vastu, and wooden wind chimes in the East or North-East direction are beneficial.
  • Elephant and tortoise figurines and Buddha statues are auspicious décor for the balcony.

Vastu Tips for Terrace Garden

Plants as balcony décor, look gorgeous, have health benefits and attract positive energy. Here are some Vastu tips for terrace gardens.

  • Always place flower pots in the West, South or South-West part of your balcony.
  • Don’t keep plants in the centre of the balcony.
  • Avoid creepers, since they attract negative energy into your home and obstruct sunlight.
  • East and Northern sides of the terrace can be adorned with shrubs and short plants whereas tall and thick plants should be in South facing balcony Vastu and West facing balcony Vastu.
Best vastu tips for terrace garden - Beautiful Homes
Pleasant vastu for balcony for your space - Beautiful Homes

Vastu for Balcony Lights

The right lighting can transform a sad and drab balcony into a warm and welcoming retreat. According to Vastu for balcony, a well-lit balcony provides positive energy. Make your balcony appealing and Vastu compliant by layering lights, from pretty fixtures, to string lights and lanterns to create a soothing ambiance.


Vastu for Balcony Shape

It is better Vastu for balcony to be in a regular shape, like a square or rectangle. Polygonal or circular shapes for balconies should be avoided. The edges of the balconies should be at ninety-degree angles and should not be chamfered or curved.

How Will Beautiful Homes Service Incorporate Vastu for Balcony in their Home Design?

The expert designers in Beautiful Homes, by Asian Paints, will ensure that every part of your home design and décor is Vastu compliant, from your front entrance to your balcony. Our state-of-the-art stores spread across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Raipur, Coimbatore and many other cities offer a multitude of décor choices from furnishings and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of interior décor items. Book a 3D consultation with us to get started on your interior design journey.

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