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Door and window Vastu tips for your home by experts

  • Vastu Tips
Jul 18, 2022
Window design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Door vastu & window vastu for your home. Design your home interiors as per vastu shastra. Here are some expert tips on door direction as per vastu & windows as per vastu for a peaceful home design curated by Beautiful Homes

Every house tells a unique story and comprises different elements that make a home. Vastu shastra lays importance on the house's direction and emphasises the placement of doors and windows.


The quality of the material, the height and width of the windows, placement of glass and the ideal location play an integral part in binding the home together. There are several relative factors that you must consider for the position of doors and windows as per Vastu.


Enlisting different options for the placement of doors and windows that can make your house a happy one.




Doors provide a passage inside your home, a few tips for door Vastu.

1.    Main door

  • The main door must be the largest door of the house.

  • You can decorate your main door with pictures, with your nameplate and flowers to enhance its vibrations.

  • It is advisable to have a two-door main entrance rather than one main door.
Vastu tips for your door for your entrance at home - Beautiful Homes



Size of door as per vastu for your home entrance design - Beautiful Homes

2. Size of the door

  • The ideal size of the main entrance as per Vastu should be 6 feet to 7 feet in length and 3 feet to 3.5 feet in width.

  • The ideal proportion of the door is 2:1 concerning height and width as per Vastu.

  • The other entries of the house must be smaller than the main door and preferably in even numbers.



3. Door mechanism

  • It is advised to repair or replace your broken or cracked main door.

  • Use properly oiled, greased and new hinges on every door.

  • Avoid automatic doors at the main entrance. 



4.    Directions of the door

  • The preferred main door direction as per Vastu is northeast, north and east door Vastu. If it is not feasible to build it in these directions, you may opt for northwest or southeast door Vastu.

  • It is recommended to avoid southwest and south door Vastu.

  • The main door should open inwards in a clockwise direction.

  • The internal doors can be on the west and south walls. 
Direction of door as per vastu for our home entrance design - Beautiful Homes

5.    Materials for the door

  • Teak or Honne wood is the best option for the door as per vastu.

  • It is advised that the entries are made with high-quality wood doors.

  • Avoid using Peepal or coconut wood for your door.



As doors, the windows as per vastu also play an integral part. Therefore, you must be careful of the placement and size of the windows.

Size of windows for your home interiors as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

1.    Size of the window

  • You should opt to have an even number of windows per Vastu such as two, four, six and so on.

  • It is advisable to have all windows size as per Vastu in symmetry without any variations.

  • You should try to avoid having ten windows at home.

2.    Directions of the window

  • Southeast windows, as per vastu, are considered more suitable over other directions.

  • The dining room windows can be more significant in size than the rest of the house and can be placed in the room's north, east, and northeast direction.

  • It would be best to avoid the southwest direction of windows in the living room as per vastu.

Windows & door placement for your home interiors as per vastu - Beautiful Homes
Window material tips for your home as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

3.    Materials for window

  • It is ideal to use teak wood to make windows as per vastu.

  • You may use a combination of glass and metal to make windows if a wooden window is not possible.

  • It is better to avoid automatic functioning windows as per vastu. 


While we take utmost care to create our ideal house guided by Vastu Shastra principles, there are few do's and don'ts for your home. 


Do's for doors and windows as per vastu shastra

  • All internal doors of the rooms must be of the same size. If you want a bigger door inside, try placing it on the southwest side of the house.

  • Doors must be in the extreme corner or off-centre.
  • It is best to have rectangular windows and not square ones.

  • Place the larger windows in the east, northeast and north direction as per Vastu.

  • South window Vastu is better to allow the movement of natural light and ventilation all year round.


Don'ts for doors and windows as per Vastu shastra

  • It is best to avoid placing doors in the centre of the wall.

  • Avoid having any obstruction, such as shoes, garbage or a septic right outside your main door.

  • Don't make odd-numbered doors in the house or ones in multiples of eight.

  • Avoid any cracks on the wooden panel or glass of the windows as per Vastu shastra.

  • It is best to avoid placing windows in the southwest corners.

  • Replace any broken window panels as per Vastu to prevent any energy imbalance at home. 



1. Which direction is suitable for windows?

East, north and northeast direction windows are considered auspicious as per Vastu.


2. Which direction should the door face as per Vastu?

The ideal location for main doors is northeast, north, west and east. However, it would be best to avoid south and southwest facing main doors as per vastu. All internal doors can be in any direction but avoid placing them in the centre of the wall.


3. Where should doors and windows be placed?

Doors and windows should ideally be placed opposite each other in the house as per vastu. It enables proper airflow, light and cross-ventilation from all directions.


4. How many windows should be in a home as per vastu?

It is best to have an even number of windows as per vastu. Therefore, windows in the multiple of two, four, six, eight and so on are considered auspicious. However, you must not have ten windows.



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