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Vaulted ceiling design ideas for home

  • Ceiling Design
Nov 13, 2022
Arched vaulted ceiling beams with skylight - Beautiful Homes

Vaulted ceilings which are a common sight in religious spaces are increasingly being incorporated into building architecture and interior design. Here is an overview of vaulted ceilings and design inspirations

What is a Vaulted Ceiling?

A vaulted ceiling is a curved ceiling structure that is supported by walls, pillars or columns. In use for centuries as an architectural style in basilicas and cathedrals, they have now become a beautiful part of interior design for home that provides sophistication and richness to any interior.



What Kind of Spaces are Modern Vaulted Ceiling Ideas Best for?

Vaulted ceilings are great for large and small spaces. They are particularly suited for open concept living designs as they make the space feel bigger and airier. It lends itself to various styles and can match the look of your home, whether that’s modern, rustic, or industrial.



Pros and Cons of Vaulted Roof Design

Vaulted ceilings lend character to an interior space and apart from looking gorgeous, they offer many benefits.



  • Highlights architectural details adding character and charm to a space.
  • Gives the effect of open space.
  • Increases the natural light in rooms.
  • Provides extra ventilation.
  • An efficient use of dead space.



  • Increases utility bills.
  • Makes a room draughty.
  • Maintenance is higher.
  • Increases construction costs.
  • Less eco-friendly as energy consumption is more.



Styles of Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are true feats of architectural prowess. There are different types of vaulted ceilings and they lend themselves to different interior design styles.

1. Arched vault ceiling

These arch as they go up and feature curved, self-supporting structures rather than straight vaulted ceiling beams.

2. Barrel vault ceiling

This has a simple curved slope extending from wall to wall and looks like one half of a circular barrel.

3. Cathedral ceiling

Cathedral ceiling features narrow, sloping sides that are straight and run parallel to the roof mirroring it.

Cathedral vaulted ceiling with wooden beams - Beautiful Homes
Dome vaulted ceilings with lights - Beautiful Homes

4. Dome vaulted ceiling

These curving arches become narrow and end with a central point, creating the dome shape.

5. Groin vault ceiling

Groin vault ceiling is a more complicated design created by the intersection of two barrel vaults and forms a curved x-shape.

Groin vault ceiling design for luxury bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Triangle ceiling design for bedroom space - Beautiful Homes

6. Rib vaulted ceiling

These are created with exposed curved or straight beams set at regular intervals along the ceiling.


Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

Vaulted ceilings are great for showcasing the beautiful bones of traditional, old houses that have exposed woodwork and beams. More modern designs lean towards false ceiling design and panelling to create the same magnificence.


Here are inspiring ideas, from the classic to the contemporary, for your vaulted ceiling:

  • A Grand First Impression with a Dome Vaulted Ceiling Foyer

    A vaulted ceiling can make for a striking first impression as people step foot into your home. A spacious foyer design with a vaulted wood ceiling will welcome visitors with its warmth and texture in a rustic, cottage style home.


  • A Triangle Ceiling Design for a Posh Living Room

    living room design is usually considered to be the heart of your home. A large minimalist living room with a double height triangle ceiling design combined with wood beams, exposed brick walls and light wooden flooring, layered with soft, beige and cream rugs and a stunning settee will create a chic and sophisticated modern space.
  • Stunning Barrel Vault Ceiling for a Living/Dining Area

    A barrel-vaulted ceiling, with light wood cladding can create a unique arched effect for a dining room design or wide living cum dining space.  Pristine painted walls, floor to ceiling windows that look out at nature, complemented by a green sofa suite and plenty of indoor greenery will draw the eye when you enter this space.

  • A Domed Vaulted Ceiling Design for a Magnificent Open Kitchen/Dining Space

    An expansive dining cum kitchen space with a domed vaulted ceiling over the dining area inset with stained glass skylights will look truly spectacular. Kitchen cabinet designs with low hanging, stained glass lamps and granite floors will help create an ultra-luxurious space.
Vaulted ceiling for hall area with wooden seating - Beautiful Homes
Bedroom vaulted ceiling design - Beautiful Homes
  • Striking Half Vaulted Ceiling for a Spacious Bedroom

    Make your bedroom design more rustic by adding dark wooden vaulted ceiling beams to your half vaulted ceiling for some character. Or paint the ceiling in an accent colour to make it more dramatic and make it the focal point of the room.
  • Enhance a Cathedral Ceiling Design in a Bathroom

    A cathedral ceiling design lends itself as a beautiful design element in an industrial style bathroom. A bathroom design will reflect the beauty of the curved ceiling in large mirror glass walls, and add gable windows to celebrate the beautifully arched shape.
Vaulted ceiling design for bathroom - Beautiful Homes


FAQs on Vaulted Ceiling Design

  1. What is the Difference Between a Cathedral Ceiling and a Vaulted Ceiling?

    While the sloping sides of a cathedral ceiling design are all equal and parallel to the pitch of the roof, a vaulted ceiling does not follow the roof's pitch and lends itself to more styles.

  2. What is a Good Height for a Vaulted Roof?

    A vaulted ceiling is a ceiling higher than a typical 8-foot flat ceiling height. But, in large homes, they can go up to anywhere between 12 - 25 feet.

  3. Is a Vaulted Ceiling More Expensive?

    Yes, they are more expensive to incorporate in interior design, but they offer several benefits in terms of style, light and ventilation.

  4. Are Vaulted Roof Design Energy Efficient?

    On one hand, vaulted ceilings let in more light and offer better ventilation, because of the extra space, but they could be more expensive to heat or cool, thereby raising energy bills.


Beautiful Homes Service for your Home's Chic Vaulted Ceiling Design

The old-world charm and grand appeal of vaulted ceilings makes any room more striking. Whether you are refreshing a traditional vaulted design with fresh cladding or opening out space to add a vaulted ceiling, our design specialists at Beautiful Homes, from Asian Paints, can provide a range of creative design options. Go through our thoughtfully chosen interior décor and accessories online to find the perfect pieces for your home. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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