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7 versatile sofa colours for your living room

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Oct 13, 2021
Solid blue shade sofa colour paired with living room interiors & decor - Beautiful Homes

The colour or print on your sofa says a lot about you. It can display your personal style in the living room, give away what your favourite shades are, or even dictate the mood you’d like to create in the space. While there are a rainbow of hues to choose from, how do you decide the right sofa colours for your home? We’ve rounded up seven living rooms that help us understand the way fabric colours work on sofas in different spaces.

1. Blend Your Sofa Colours With The Walls

If you prefer a uniform look for your living room interiors and don’t want the décor to be too distracting, you could opt for your sofa colours matching the exact shade on your walls. However, to avoid monotony, and to bring in a sense of visual play, upholster your sofa in a textured fabric that displays a unique weave. Adding in accessories (such as cushion covers) in different colours and prints will help layer the look.


STYLE TIP: If this is a look you’re going for, but want to add a little more depth or life to the room, consider painting the top half of your wall in a different colour. You could either use a wallpaper to divide the look or a contrasting shade to create colour blocking on the walls.

HyperFocal: 0Cherish coloured sofa blending with the wall colour in the living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Living room with multi-hued colour palette with burnt sienna sofa colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

2. Incorporate Colour Blocking With Your Sofa Colour

As the main piece of furniture in your living room, your sofa set can dictate the colour scheme or theme of the space. If you like bold shades or a multi-hued colour palette, you could try colour blocking opposing tones with the materials you choose for it. In this minimalist living room, we see a burst of solid jewelled tones being paired neatly—a burnt Sienna sofa lies adjacent to two cerulean blue ottomans. Although, conventionally, these wouldn’t be colours we’d think of pairing together, when placed under art in complementing shades (and bands of stripes on the wall close to the ceiling), we’re pleasantly surprised with the cleverly unique way in which this room has been styled.

3. A Sofa Design For The Living Room That Matches The Wallpaper

A stylish wallpaper not only adds the charm of an intricate pattern to your living room, but also brings in vibrance with a mix of colours. If you’d like to extend it’s aesthetic to the rest of the living room, you could always pair the furnishings on your sofa to match its print. If incorporating this across the entire sofa set seems like overkill in the room, pick one statement seat or armchair to display this style. You could also pair matching cushions on another sofa in this pattern. If you’re unsure about choosing a print, pick a dominating colour from the wallpaper and use it on a couch in the room.

Brown sofa colour matching with wallpaper with intricate patterns in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nilaya by Asian Paints

INSIDER’S GUIDE:: Looking for the perfect wallpaper for your living room? We love Asian Paint's range of chic and timeless wall coverings that span from a range by designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee to décor label Good Earth. There’s even a collection of decal stickers by Disney for the little ones!

Solid blue shade sofa colour paired with living room interiors & decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

4. Pick A Sofa Design For The Living Room In Your Favorite Colour

The wall colour combination for living room plays a big role in deciding the colour for your sofa. From your favourite metal displayed on an accessory to the colours you love on your furniture—the interiors of your home are the best place to weave in your personal style. So, when planning the sofa design for the living room, you could look to hues and prints you prefer in your every day outfits for the sofas’ colours. There are many ways to go about it—you could either pick one solid colour and let it dictate the style of the entire living room’s interior or additionally pair it with complementing or contrasting shades to build a design story across the space.

5. A Sofa Colour That Brightens Up The Entire Room

If you have a small living room that’s starting to look a bit cramped (or isn’t getting enough natural light making it look dingy), the sofa colour you choose can help open up and brighten the space. This tip also works for a living room interior with dark walls or floors that needs a lighter shade incorporated to bring in some design and colour balance. In this living room design, the deep steel grey walls create a sense of richness in the space. However, the velvet millennial pink couch adds whimsical charm while breathing in a little life in the room.

Small living room with steel grey walls & pink sofa colour & white area rug - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Living room sofa set with printed furnishing & earthy tone colour matching with living room décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nilaya by Asian Paints

6. Choose Sofa Colours That Will Age Well Over Time

In almost all cities across India, homes have to find a way to work around harsh extreme climates. Be it scorching hot summers, torrential monsoons, cold and dank winters or even the presence of dust through the year—the weather should play an important factor in how you design your spaces. It should also decide the type of furniture and materials you style your home with. For warmer climates, lighter diaphanous linens or sheer fabrics will make the house seem cooler and more open, while thicker velvets will seem cosier in colder months. If you’re splurging on your furnishings, you would also want each piece to last you for many years to come. Lighter shades like white, cream, ecru and pastel tones may start to dull or look dirty over time; while dustier earthen tones won’t.

7. How To Pick The Right Sofa Colour For Your Living Room Interior

With a range of fabrics available in an infinite spectrum of colours and prints these days, how do you pick the right sofa colour for your elegant living room? You may like a shade right now, but what if you tire of it soon after upholstering your furniture with it? While there’s no clear-cut solution for this, there are a few starting points you could consider before making your choice. Look at your own wardrobe and see the colours you gravitate towards. Notice whether you prefer clean muted hues or something more bold and maximalist. Additionally, you could also look at the space you’ll be fitting this in, and work around its requirements. Brighter pastel shades and white will always open up any room, while moodier dark shades will provide a more formal broody setting in any space.

Yellow shade sofa colour design with dark blue walls in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian

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