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8 wall and trim colour combinations for a home interior

  • Colour Combinations
Jan 10, 2023
White wall & trim colour for the home - Beautiful Homes

Whether you enjoy neutral paces or are looking for out of the box ideas, we've got you covered with the best Wall and Trim Color Combinations for your space

When it comes to selecting a paint colour for any room in your house, the focus is naturally on the colour of the wall. This only makes sense, because that's what somebody will notice the most when they enter your space. However, picking the wall and trim colour combinations is just as significant. Whether you have got crown molding, wainscotting, baseboards, or window frames, these accents truly help to craft the space and ensure that your interior design actually stands out.


There are many different possibilities when it comes to selecting the right two colour combination for bedroom walls or two colour combination for living room. Different types of colour combinations can build different effects and operate to highlight certain aspects of your space. You might want your walls and trim same colour, to highlight interesting features in your room, or you like painting doors and trim different colours to create a fierce contrasting look to add some more visual appeal. If you're ready to transform your space with a new trim colour, new wall colour, or both, here are different wall and trim colour combinations.


1. Paint Wall and Trim Same Colour: White Walls, White Trim

White colour is a statement paint for all sorts of interior décor If you want your walls and trim same colo to achieve a refreshed, classic look, white on white is an obvious and gorgeous choice. This paint wall and trim same colour allows for assured cohesion and uninterrupted colour flow. Having neutral furniture can help this space to appear even more bright and spacious.

2. Greige Walls, White Trim

Greige has been a prevalent wall colour among many households, acting as a neutral that can lean either warm or cool. “A greige wall can effortlessly be paired with a white trim—for a new, cozy look. What's amazing about such wall and trim colour combinations is that it works both ways.

Greige wall & white trim colour combination for the home - Beautiful Homes
Light walls & black trim colour combination for the home - Beautiful Homes

3. Light Walls, Black Trim

Any light wall colour can be paired with the black trim without failing. If you’re looking to highlight architectural details like window frames and original baseboards, consider this two colour combination for living room. The principal advantage is that such wall and trim colour combinations can be used to form not only a statement in interior décor but also a chic contrast appeal.

4. Wall and Trim Colour Combinations: Blue Walls, Cool White Trim

If you have blue walls, look to white paint colours that have a blue undertone as prospects for the trim for a complete look. The white trim adds an airiness to the space, but the blue walls truly make this space feel pleasant and welcoming.

Blue walls & white trim colour combination for the home - Beautiful Homes
Neutral wall colours with oak wood trim for the home - Beautiful Homes

5. Paint colours that go with oak wood trim

If you wish to create a warm interior look, then you can opt for paint colours that go with pine wood trim or paint colours that go with oak wood trim. There is something special about keeping it nice and natural. A rich wood trim brings warmth and a rustic appeal while standing out against neutral furniture and any neutral colour wall. White, beige or any pastel wall colour can give a simple, rustic touch to your space.

6. Painting Doors and Trim Different Colours: Patterned Walls and Light Blue Trim

All the kids and old alike will invariably enjoy a cheerful-hued trim paired with a chic patterned wallpaper. A light blue trim could complement a number of patterns and styles of wall covers. After deciding on the wall and trim colour, if you still want to be bold and make a statement, contrasting colours for doors and trims are a way to do it. Pair a black door with light blue trim or a bold red with a creamy tone. Contrasting colours are an excellent way to make a statement with your door and trim colours. Painting doors and trim different colours that are complementary is the nice middle point between playing it safe with matching colours and going all the way with contrasting colours. Complimentary colours allow you to pick just different shades or pair nice wooden tones with calm tints.


7. White Wall and Trim Colour Combinations: White Walls and Seafoam Trim

Green is not an obvious choice when it comes to trim colours, but we believe that green can be gorgeous without being too loud. A light sea foam or mint green is a perfect option for any house but would look particularly enchanting in a coastal inspired décor. Keeping your windows and doors in its natural wooden state provides contrast and a true to life touch.

8. Paint Wall and Trim Same Colour: Deep Blue Walls and Deep Blue Trim

Feeling to play around? Deep blue walls and trim same colour combo is the way to go if you are looking to think outside the box for your interior design. It is absolutely lovely to watch the bold blue paired with the contrasting furniture and rugs.

Deep blue walls & trim colour combination for the home - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Choosing the Perfect Colour Combination for your Wall & Trim?

Do interior walls and trim have to match? Absolutely not! They can if you want them to, but ultimately, it’s all about crafting the aesthetic you want! If you aren’t sure what wall and trim colour you should choose for your room, head to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse our expertly curated Magazine to know more about the white wall and trim colour combinations, painting doors and trim different colours and paint colours that go with pine wood trim etc. You can also check out the projects we have executed so far and learn more about our design and décor services and products. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process or walk into any of our home décor stores across India. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can help you turn your décor dreams into a living reality.


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