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Functional wall décor ideas for behind your TV

  • Wall Décor Ideas
Dec 29, 2022
Wooden accented wall behind the TV  - Beautiful Homes

Get set to create your signature marker wall with these ideas in no time with Beautiful Homes

How to Decorate the Wall Behind your TV Stand

It’s well evident of the progression of the Architecture and design industry, and it is with much pride, we would like to put out that, no stone is untouched without a creative element. In today's world, if you look at a home, it is highly visible that every other nook and corner has got its own charm and purpose and designers envision it with much precision. One such element or part of the home that became popular in the last 10 years is the wall behind the TV stand. It's pretty hard to imagine a home without a TV these days and it has pretty much become the same case with the wall behind the TV stand. Beautifying a home is not just about adding décor elements, but rather understanding the tone and theme of each element and seamlessly arranging the same. A wide range of materials is available these days to decorate the wall behind the TV stand, from 3D wallpaper to wood-accented walls and more. Let's have a closer look at each of these.


Tips to Decorate the Wall Behind your TV Stand


1. Go for Photo Wall

Well, photo walls have a separate fan base for their happy and emotional memories. Adorning your wall behind the TV stand with your personal favourite photographs are always fun and lovely and indeed a great way to design the wall. The ultimate hack here is in understanding how many photographs are too many photographs and deciding the dimensions and colour tones. It need not always be photographs of your friends and family, but also sceneries and places that make you happy. Incorporating a photo wall into your living room design not only adds a personal touch, but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the space, making it feel warm and inviting for both you and your guests.

2. Add Wallpaper    

Adding wallpaper might feel like an age-old practice, but still, they are so fresh and lovely when executed the right way with an eye for detail. These days, even 3d wallpaper for the wall behind the TV stand is available. It is all about understanding the interior design of the living room and picking up the right choice. Apart from wallpapers, wall stickers and also wall paintings for the wall behind the TV stand are available.


3. Try an Entertainment Center

This wall behind the TV stand is yet another brilliant way to add up storage space. Be it for a bookshelf, adding some greens, or even for showcasing articles, this wall behind the TV stand can be designed with a purpose to perfection. An entertainment centre type of stand set will provide you with extra space that helps in active storage in a more aesthetic and organised way.

Light toned wallpaper behind the TV - Beautiful Homes

4. Install a Brick Wall

Walls made of bricks and exposed with their rustic colours are always beautiful and charming. For its old touch and cottage style, a brick wall is an added beauty to your interior space giving an overall earthy touch to the interior space. This simple wall décor behind the TV stand can be done easily without draining your pocket with perfection.

Classy wall decor behind the TV - Beautiful Homes

5. Go for 3D Wall Art

3D Wall arts are an amazing way to bring magic to your living room area. This three-dimensional art displayed brings in a whole different perception and adds depth to your living space in an artistic meaning and mood.


6. Add Wall Molding

Wall moldings are yet another much-loved way to transform your walls and decorate them differently from the usual practices. While doing wall moldings, it requires a lot of precision and brilliant ideas to get it right with an amazing outlook, so it is highly recommended to get professional help if you wish to create wall moldings for your wall behind the TV stands or any other walls of your home.

7. Try Wall Panels

In today's world, there are different types of wall panels with each of them having its own specialty. However, wooden panels are always a plus with their charming and classic look giving a statement of elegance to your living room space. Incorporating wooden wall panels can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your TV stand design, adding warmth and texture to the focal point of your living room.


Sleek wall design behind the TV - Beautiful Homes
Chic & simple wall design behind the TV - Beautiful Homes

8. Hang Accent Mirrors

Hanging accent mirrors are one of the easiest yet most promising ways of decorating your wall behind the TV stand. It not only covers up the extra space behind the TV stand but also displays itself and creates an intricate pattern if multiple kinds of mirrors can be incorporated with efficiency.


The recent advancement in Architecture and Design Industry has left no stone untouched with their plethora of creativity and efficiency. Walls do play a major role in interior designing and we assure you that incorporating the above ideas with precision will leave you in awe for sure. If you wish to have professional guidance in setting up your interior with a unique touch of elegance, get in touch with us. Interior design is a crucial aspect of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living or working space, and with our team of expert designers, we can help you achieve your desired look and feel for your interiors. We work towards making your dream a physical reality. For more information, services, and suggestions, head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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