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Impressive wall décor ideas for your home

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Apr 07, 2023
Amp up your living room wall décor with a gallery wall - Beautiful Homes

Your home interior design is a reflection of you and your tastes. One of the best ways to showcase your style is with wall décor that will elevate the look of your interiors. Here are 15 impressive wall décor ideas for your home

Your home is your haven and holds the things that make up who you are. One of the best ways to showcase your style is with home wall décor that is interesting and eye-catching. Those blank spaces offer endless opportunities, and the right home wall décor will elevate the look of each room to create a stylish environment that reflects your personality.


15 Best Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

There are plenty of creative ways to make your walls pop, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here is a room-by-room home wall décor guide with the latest home wall décor ideas and home interior design trends to make your rooms come alive.


1. Wall Décor for Foyer – Gorgeous Gallery Wall

This beautiful way of displaying prints and photos has become a home wall décor look that is clearly here to stay. A well-laid gallery wall allows you to display all of your favourite prints at once, and adds endless visual interest to any room. Whether it is a collection of black and white photos, botanical prints or family pictures, with the right frames and symmetry, it provides an alluring look to your foyer.

2. Add Glamour to Your Living Room Design with a Mural

Accent walls are back in a big way as wall décor ideas, and with the right colour, texture, and tone, you can create an epic wall décor for living room that becomes the centerpiece of the room. Whether you are painting an entire living room wall or simply adding a bit of whimsy to a corner nook, painted murals can warm up any portion of a space.

Wall décor idea for the living room with murals - Beautiful Homes
Wallpaper panels for the living room wall décor - Beautiful Homes

3. Unique Living Room Wall Décor Ideas – Wallpaper Panels

Wallpaper is another gorgeous wall décor for living room that will elevate the look of the space. If you don’t want to wallpaper the entire room, you can create an elegant living room design with wallpaper panels.


Use deep background paint colours to highlight light wallpaper panels, or keep the background neutral for bolder panel designs.

4. Luxurious Wall Décor for Living Room

One of the most splendid living room wall décor ideas is a statement art piece. It is a great way to dress up a wall and make it look luxurious. Choose one, eye-catching, single piece to carry the weight of the wall and the room. The very nature of the piece standing alone should add to the room’s luxurious appeal.


Alternatively, grouping artwork will also create a gorgeous curated look to any wall. Remember that the pieces will work well together if there is symmetry in theme, texture and dimension.

5. Beautiful Dining Area Wall Décor – Bespoke Woodwork

The dining area wall décor should look gorgeous, but should be functional as well. One of the best dining room wall décor ideas is commissioning a bespoke piece of joinery that will make the walls stand out as well as be functional. Make sure that your design offers ample space to display your bone china and crockery.

Dining room wall décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Bedroom wall decor with wallpaper & paneling - Beautiful Homes

6. Creative Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas – Wallpaper and Panelling

When colour, texture and pattern combine, it can make for eye-catching bedroom design. One of the loveliest bedroom wall décor ideas is a combination of wallpaper and wall panelling; this kind of wall décor is visually interesting but ensures the room is not overpowered by a loud print.


Use a botanical or floral wallpaper with wood panelling for a traditional room or more modern, contemporary patterns for a modern or industrial bedroom design.

7. Master Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas – Textured Paints

Creative paint effects are effective master bedroom wall décor ideas that can bring unique beauty to blank walls.  Choosing the perfect colours and the perfect texture as wall décor can accentuate the ambiance that you want for the room. Pastel colours and neutrals can be a calming choice, while deep, dark colours can be more mysterious and alluring.


8. Imaginative Modern Wall Décor Ideas for Kids’ Room

Creativity is important when designing a kids' room, and the right wall décor ideas can create a space that is imaginative and unique. There are a wide variety of wall décor ideas, like fun wall art, paints, wallpapers, and even wall storage to enhance the wall décor of a child’s room.

Floating shelves are a great option as wall décor, as they provide space for photographs, personal mementos and awards, and can be used to arrange books and other odds and ends.


9. Simple Wall Decoration Ideas for Corridor

One of the simple wall decoration ideas that can make a corridor stand out and look more spacious is to hang a large mirror that doubles as a piece of art. Oversized abstract art is also an excellent choice for a hallway.


10. Cool Exterior of Home Wall Décor Ideas

When talking about wall décor, why should the exterior walls be ignored? Whether it is a small patio, a large terrace or a garden nook, exterior home wall décor ideas are a cheap but cheerful way of giving an outdoor area a bit of a facelift. Chunky wooden shelves with pretty pots and green foliage with the right kind of wall lights can give your home exteriors a lift when daylight fades.


11. Functional Study Room Wall Décor Ideas

If you have a study, or home office, you need to make it a beautiful, organized and inspiring place to work in. Make the wall décor pleasant to look at but functional too. A corkboard for photographs and reminders, wall shelves to hold your child’s attempt at craft as well as office paraphernalia, and framed motivational quotes are all great ways to decorate your home office walls.


12. Quirky Kitchen Wall Décor Design Ideas

The kitchen is a busy space with a lot of clutter, and hence, it is better to keep the wall décor design ideas simple. Display vintage metal signs or chalkboard-style signs with kitchen-related quotes or illustrations. Or add functional wall décor by installing open shelves on which to arrange colourful plates, bowls, and glassware as decorative elements to create a cheerful and charming space.


13. Elegant Puja Room Wall Décor Ideas

Pooja room walls don’t only have to be decorated with images of Gods. Pooja wall accessories, like brass lamps, incense holders and bells that enhance the spiritual ambience of a puja space can be hung or placed in niches or shelves on the wall to give a unique touch to the space.

14. Natural Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

A vertical garden can be an element of design in any room, but looks super cool in a contemporary bathroom. It is a great way to invite nature into the interior and it doesn’t take up usable space.


Bathrooms also look great with nautical wall décor. Install glass wall shelves and arrange pretty planters, interspersed with colourful shells and stones, to bring a beachy vibe to the room.

Modern bathroom wall décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

15. Interesting Guest Room Wall Décor Ideas

Guest room wall décor should be compelling and eye catching as any overnight visitor will be spending time there. Modern wall décor ideas, like art prints and quirky quotes or traditional room wall décor ideas, like a woven tapestry or a colourful wall hanging are all great ways to add a pop of colour and a captivating feel to the room.



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