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Jan 30, 2023
Classy DIY home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Embarking on a home décor journey can be both exciting and rewarding. Don't be daunted by home improvement projects; even beginners can achieve stunning results

There are a plethora of ways to get your home decorated. But, most of them involve heavy fees, logistical constraints, and unoriginal décor that is simply just the trend. However, we understand that a DIY home decorator like you craves originality, functionality, and a touch of personal flair. As we delve into a world of creativity and personalization, we'll provide you with a treasure trove of budget-friendly, straightforward DIY tips to enhance and breathe new life into your living spaces. We will explore creative solutions for space optimization, eco-friendly décor, upcycling ideas, and simple yet effective ways to add color and texture to your cherished living spaces. So, let's unlock your inner decorator and explore the possibilities that lie within the corners of your home, as we guide you toward achieving a beautifully curated haven that is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of your unique style and personality.

1. Themed Gallery Wall / Framed Artwork

If there is one thing that can make us all feel very nostalgic, it’s those old, cherished photos. So why would you hesitate to create a pretty wall of memories? Hanging multiple framed artworks in different sizes and colours is the one of the easiest DIY home décor ideas to decorate a wall in your house space. People are always attracted towards a well-composed gallery wall because each frame showcases something significant or interesting. A gallery wall like this can consist of pictures like framed family photos, or even some themed posters. There is no rule in DIY home décor ideas that says how big or small a gallery wall in your house should be. If you have a large wall, you can choose to fill it with framed artworks to make it more interesting. You can also create your own DIY wall décor by printing out your favourite photos onto canvas or using washi tape to create a unique geometric design on your wall. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a personalized and charming gallery wall for your home.

Stylish DIY home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Elegant DIY decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

2. Wall Mural / Sketches

Do you want to give some wings to your creative side? We would suggest that you don’t shy away from experimenting on the décor and making a wall mural using sharpie pens or the basic acrylic colours at your disposal. A mural would add copious amounts of personality to a space. Making a mural is a very calming activity, too. When it comes to handmade decoration ideas for home, nothing gets easier than a pretty mural adorning your walls.

3. Floating Shelves

Another easy DIY home décor crafts option for a blank wall is to add some shelves to the wall. Open shelving to display books, plants or even some colourful curios has been a timeless trend in DIY home décor ideas. Placing a desk just below the shelves makes the whole wall come together perfectly. We would also recommend that you ensure that you don’t hang these shelves too high. Using white shelves makes the colourful décor items pop out so candidly.


4. Half-and-half Painted Wall

Just like history repeats itself, décor trends always make a comeback! The two-tone wall painting concept is one of the many amazing trends that has gained immense popularity in the market. If you’re looking for brilliant craft ideas for home décor, you can always put on your painting gloves and paint that blank wall in your house. There is a neat trick - which is to choose two colours that have different levels of contrast. You could also simply choose a bright colour for the lower half and leave the rest of the wall white as that combination works well.


5. Quirky Gallery Wall

This is one of our personal favorites when it comes to DIY decoration ideas! When it comes to DIY home décor crafts, quirky gallery walls are the clear winner. You can bring out all the random objects from the hidden corners and crannies of your home that can be put on a wall. It could be anything - from coasters, flat baskets, and decorative frames, to postcards, or even fabrics. We are certain you can make a visually pleasing composition of all such forgotten or mismatched items and hang it on the wall that is chosen for this activity. Putting up a metal mesh grid and filling it with Polaroid pictures can also add a lot of character to your room. Also, a side benefit is that this DIY decoration idea of a Polaroid wall also makes for a perfect Instagram selfie spot.

6. Paint a Canvas

Whoever said that you need to be an artist to paint a canvas probably did not appreciate the beauty in abstractness. Painting a canvas and thereby exhibiting your sense of art in your living space is a very fulfilling activity when it comes to DIY room décor ideas, kind of like gardening. In fact, hanging your own abstract canvas in the living room can add a touch of sophistication and personality to the space, and can also serve as a great conversation starter when guests come over. You can also dedicate a small space in your living room or bedroom to hang what you create. As one of the most popular DIY decoration ideas, we recommend that one of the best ways to start your journey of making your own artwork is to find creative inspiration on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

Luxurious DIY home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Simple handmade home décor - Beautiful Homes

7. Add Plants

Would it not be a good idea to bring the great outdoors, inside your home? Plants, in our sincere opinion about DIY room décor, are one of the most affordable ways to drum up some interest in a space. Plants and herbs lend a natural vibe to any room while also purifying the air in and around the space. Moreover, plants are amongst the easiest DIY home décor crafts ideas ever thought of. According to most popular DIY room décor ideas, you can select several indoor plants of different heights and place them grouped in clusters in front of a blank wall. Colourful plants can further brighten up the space.   

Styling a blank wall should not be an expensive or painstakingly complicated venture. All the DIY home décor crafts ideas that we have shared above are so simple that even folks inexperienced at interior design could ace them!


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