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7 elegant and practical wall hung consoles for media storage in the living room

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Sep 07, 2021
Individual floating pieces in the designer living room for extra media storage - Beautiful Homes

When searching for living room décor ideas, we are always on the hunt for items that are aesthetic, comfortable and practical. There is no point in filling this space with designer living room furniture if those pieces don’t prove useful for our everyday living. The tastes and needs of each home will differ, however, there are some staples that every living room needs. One of those staples is, of course, storage. From electronics like set-top boxes, gaming consoles, projectors and audio appliances to even extra furnishings like cushions and throws for movie nights, some form of storage near the television is an absolute necessity.

The aim is to find the right kind of media storage for your needs that will also look good in the living room setting and not eat into too much of the room. Here’s where floating, wall-hung media units could be the perfect storage solution for a modern living room. Because of their streamlined design and lack of heavy or bulky legs, floating consoles can actually make the room appear bigger. As they are wall-hung, they don’t completely block the flow of light as well. They keep all your media accessories and appliances organised as well as hide necessary wires and cables. 



Image courtesy, Ottimo

Here is a variety of floating console ideas for you to explore:

Minimal console design for media storage matching with your home décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Minimal and functional design

This minimal console provides sufficient storage for all your media needs without coming in the way. With this design, you can wall mount your television or use the console as a stand. The neutral, streamlined piece also pairs well with a multitude of living room design ideas. Even if you want to change the colours, furniture or décor style of the room in the future, this console will work with most settings.


Tip: Before buying or customising a media console, plan out what you want to store in it. This will help you choose the right kind of storage like cabinet, drawers or a combination as well as the dimensions of each.

Blend with the wall

The wall behind the television can be used to make a feature wall just like this wood panel clad one which creates a stunning backdrop to the designer living room furniture in this image. When choosing a floating console for a feature wall, one option is to match the piece with the background so it creates a seamless visual. In this image, the wood unit perfectly merges with the wood panelled wall and doesn’t disrupt the décor.


Tip: The ideal height for a wall mounted television is 42 inches above the floor for viewing when seated on a sofa. This allows you to assess where to place your floating console.

The console matches with the wood panelled wall in this living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Floating console design that creates a striking contrast with the home décor elements - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Azure Interiors

…Or stand out

 Another idea for a feature wall is to work the floating console into the design to create a striking contrast. This sleek, glossy black number adds a layer of geometry to the feature wall and works to complete the vignette. Its dimensions allow for adequate storage as well as a platform for decorative pieces which frame the television.


Tip: Remember to make provisions for concealing your wires within the wall beforehand.

Turn it into a multi-functional piece

In this image, the floating console is transformed into a multi-functional piece by working it in to a display cabinet and book shelf. This is also one way to create a focal point in the room. The idea with a multi-functional piece like this that takes up most of one wall is to make sure it isn’t too heavy a visual; you don’t want to block out one entire wall in your living room. Open shelves that allow the back wall to peak through make the whole system appear less bulky but are still functional.


Tip: Consider adding accent lighting in the open, display shelves like recessed lights or running LED strips.

Multi-functional console with a display cabinet & bookshelf in this living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Long console for media storage in the spacious room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Essentia Environments

…Or go long

If you don’t want to go vertical, another option is to get a floating console that runs the length of the wall. This sleek and practical elegant living room design in warm wood is elegant and practical and can work well with various living room décor ideas and styles.


Tip: Keep in mind how you move around the room and make sure the console doesn’t come in the way of circulation. Here, the console stops shy of the end of the wall, allowing for easy movement. 

Go high

If a big unit like the previous image is too much for your living room but you want or need a little more storage, try separate pieces placed aesthetically. Individual floating pieces like these allow the flow of light while still adding adequate storage and display surfaces. The streamlined, white box-like style imparts a designer living room furniture vibe that commands attention without overwhelming the room. Set against a pale grey wall, the minimal decorative pieces with a hint of deep blue completes the look.


Tip: Get creative with your placement of each floating piece; they can be mounted perfectly in line like in this image or offset to create the appearance of steps, leading the eye up.

Individual floating pieces in the designer living room for extra media storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Viacheslav Lopatin/

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Use open and closed shelves

Depending on your media requirements, you might need to consider a unit that has both open and closed storage. Items like gaming consoles and set-top boxes that are used on a regular basis need to be easily accessed. They also can’t be hidden behind a solid door for the remote sensor to work.


Tip: If you still want to conceal your media equipment and don’t like the idea of open partitions, consider a floating console with fluted glass doors.

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