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Stunning Wall Moulding Designs to Give Your Home an Exquisite Visual Appeal

Feb 04, 2023

Moulding Magic: Stunning Designs to Transform Your Walls

Often overlooked, wall mouldings are a secret weapon in the world of interior design. They have a transformative power that can turn a plain wall into a piece of art. While mouldings have been traditionally associated with classic and lavish interiors, they've evolved significantly over the years. Today, they come in a myriad of styles and designs, making them suitable for homes ranging from modern minimalist to rustic farmhouse. Whether you're looking to add depth, create an illusion of height, or simply bring in an element of elegance – wall mouldings can do it all. In this blog post, we will explore stunning wall moulding designs that can give your home an exquisite visual appeal.

Types of Wall Moulding Designs

Wall moulding designs can transform a plain wall into a statement piece, adding depth, character, and elegance to your home interiors. Here are some design ideas based on the types of wall moulding:

1. Crown Moulding:

This is applied at the intersection of walls and ceilings to add a touch of sophistication to the ceiling moulding design. It can be simple or intricately designed to match the decor style of the room. Crown moulding can make a room appear taller by drawing the eye upwards.

Crown moulding design to enhance your home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Chic moulding design to enhance your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Baseboards:

These are installed where the wall meets the floor, providing a finished look while protecting the wall from kicks and furniture scuffs. Baseboards can be wide, slim, plain, or ornate, depending on your preference.

3. Chair Rail:

This type of moulding is installed horizontally around the room. Originally designed to protect walls from chair damage, it's now used as a decorative feature to break up large walls or to create a two-tone wall effect.

4. Picture Frame Wooden Moulding Design:

This type of wooden moulding creates a frame-like look on your walls, adding architectural interest. It can be used to highlight artwork, mirrors, or even sconces. This type is often preferred for living room wall moulding designs.

Wooden moulding design to enhance your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

5. Wainscoting:

This involves covering the lower half of the wall with decorative panels, offering a classic look. Wainscoting can be made from beadboard, raised panels, or flat panels.

6. Picture Rail:

Similar to a chair rail but placed higher up, a picture rail allows you to hang artwork without damaging the wall. It adds a vintage charm to the room. This type is also often preferred for living room wall moulding designs.

8. Beadboard and Shiplap:

These are very popular wall treatments. Beadboard has a row of narrow wood planks lined up vertically while shiplap planks are horizontally arranged. They provide a cozy, cottage-like feel to the room, often used for bedroom wall moulding designs, adding character and warmth to your bedroom design.

Remember, the type of moulding you choose should complement the style of your home and serve a functional purpose if needed. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist look or a more traditional style, there's a wall moulding design that can enhance your home's visual appeal.


Frequently Asked Questions on Wall Molding Design

  1. What Is the Molding on Walls Called?
  2. Decorative wall moldings have various names based on their placement, design, and purpose. Some common types include built-up molding, which is a type of trim that can instantly dress up your house. Cove molding, also known as coving, is a plain, concave-shaped trim used on ceiling molding designs where walls and ceilings meet or on stairs. Cornice molding, also known as crown molding, can conceal imperfections and adds a decorative touch to ceiling molding designs where the wall meets the ceiling. Panel molding is a purely decorative molding used to trim raised-panel wall construction, also used in doorway molding design. Wainscoting is a form of panelling that resides between the baseboards and chair rail. Each type of molding gives a unique visual appeal and character to the walls, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.

  3. What Material Is Used for Modern Wall Molding?
  4. Modern wall moldings can be made from a variety of materials depending on the desired look and budget. Some common materials include wood, which is traditional and offers a classic, warm look. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a cost-effective alternative to wood, easy to work with and can be painted to fit any decor, or doorway molding design. PVC wall mouldings and polyurethane moldings are durable, moisture-resistant and ideal for bathrooms or exteriors. Plaster moldings are used in high-end projects for intricate designs. Each material has its advantages and can significantly impact the style and feel of a room.

  5. How Do You Attach the Moulding to a Wall?
  6. Attaching molding to a wall involves a few steps. First, measure the wall and cut the molding to the correct length. Then, apply a line of construction adhesive on the back of the moulding. Press the molding against the wall in the desired position and hold it firmly for a few seconds to allow the adhesive to bond. For added security, you can also use a nail gun to secure the molding to the wall. Make sure to nail at an angle into the studs for the best hold. Fill any nail holes with wood filler, let dry, then sand smooth. Finally, paint or finish the molding as desired. It's always recommended to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions for best results.

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