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Choosing the best wall-mounted study table designs for your needs

  • Study Room Design
Oct 22, 2022
Wall mounted study table design for your home - Beautiful Homes

In the last few years, most people have realised that we don't need to spend hours commuting to huge office spaces each day to be productive. The changing model of remote working and online studying makes a dedicated work space within your home more important than ever

Although working from home has many advantages, for many people, a predetermined work zone is not one of them. Occasionally the set-up is still just a makeshift home office – camped out on dining tables, coffee tables or living room centre tables. And while this seems a simple temporary fix, in the longer term there are immediate drawbacks with regard to posture, physical strain and the distractions of a normally running household. It’s clear that setting up a dedicated office space, with a smart study table design, can help prevent repetitive strain injuries and will increase your productivity. Let's explore some of the best study table design ideas to make your home office space both convenient and comfortable!


Wall Mounted Study Table Design Solutions for Every Need


#1 -  The Smart and Simple : A Study Table with Bookshelf Design Space

One of the more practical study table designs for students or anyone who requires a lot of reference books, a wall mounted study table that has an attached bookshelf is both efficient and attractive. If you have the luxury of a large wall, study table with bookshelf design add-ons can also serve as a way to display personal items and interesting art pieces. For more character, you could also combine your wall mounted study table with storage solutions such as hanging storage baskets or asymmetric shelving, for a functional and fun space that fits seamlessly into your home.

#2 - A True Classic : The Wall Mounted Study Table with Drawers

Overall, a wall mounted study table with storage space is among the best study table ideas when it comes to usability and practicality. In any home, organisation is key to maintaining a beautiful and comfortable space. Therefore a wall folding study table that can tuck away, or one that has ample space for stashing office supplies and workbooks when not in use, can help minimise the impact of your work area on your household. If your wall space is limited, look for a wall mounted study table with drawer space instead of one with large open shelves, as this will give you the option of placing the table under a window or using wall space for decorative art.

Wall mounted study table with storage for your home - Beautiful Homes
Small foldable wall mounted study table design for your home - Beautiful Homes

#3 - Multi-tasking Minimalist: Small Wall Study Table Design that Folds

A foldable study table, wall mounted for compactness and structural strength, is best utilised by being stashed away when not in use. That said, when open it can serve as more than just a place to work. As a study table design for bedroom spaces, a foldable table can double as a temporary reading spot or an easy to clear away place to enjoy your morning tea. Consider picking a wall mounted study table with chair options that work with the rest of your space so that the chair can be relocated when your desk is not in use. Ideally, choose a foldable wall mounted study table with storage for a more adaptable and effective solution for smaller rooms or high traffic areas.

#4 - Clever Corners: A Wall Mounted Study Table Design for Tight Spaces

If your wall attached study table does not fold, take care to install it in a space that will not impact the pathways through your room. A very effective choice of study table designs for small rooms is the corner mounted table. By utilising every available space in a compact floor plan, a bedroom wall mounted study table that sits in the corner makes for a smart and practical work-ready area. A corner wall mounted study table, with bookshelf space, can be a quiet nook within your larger room, what’s more the corner orientation will help keep distractions minimal.


Corner wall mounted study table design ideas for small study room - Beautiful Homes
Classic & Sleek wall mounted study table design for your home - Beautiful Homes

#5 - Transitional Tables: The Wall Mounted Study Table that Adapts

Your home's existing architecture may offer the ideal location in which to install your study table; attached to wall areas in transitional spaces like long corridor walls or an alcove under stairs, study table design ideas can maximise the usability and aesthetic impact of an underutilised space. A wall mounted study table with drawer storage that is hidden underneath can create a slim unobtrusive work zone. Or perhaps a straightforward, whole wall study table with bookshelf design specifications that fit your room, such as a space for potted plants and maybe even an interesting table lamp, can have both practical use and give your room a visual focus.

#6 - Sleek and Unique: Low-Profile Wall Mounted Folding Study Table Designs

For an attractive but modest work space, strongly consider the benefits of a fold away wall mounted study table. As an efficient and pleasing design, a wall mounted folding study table boasts simplicity and the practical advantage of low impact on your overall room. Granted, since it does not have a permanent surface, the use of a wall mounted foldable study table is limited to temporary work needs with moderate adaptability. That said, the practical advantage of a reading table design which is discreet and self-effacing is that you can choose to install it in a more public room with few concerns about privacy.


#7 - The Closed Cubby: A Wall Hanging Study Table that Provides Privacy

Speaking about privacy, one of the best solutions for home-office needs where this is a concern is the cubby style of wall mounted folding study table. Here the study table – with bookshelf design solutions occasionally – folds away into a box shape that can often be locked. These floating desk designs can have added utility with chalkboard front panels or open shelves on top. A wall mounted foldable study table in this style gives you a neat and unobtrusive way to keep work safe from curious eyes and fiddly fingers without a lot of fuss and bother. Little wonder that this is one of the most popular study table ideas for homes with small children.

#8 - Quick and Classy: The Floating Wall Mounted Study Table

For a study table design in your study room that is unique and attractive, why not explore a sleek floating desk with an ultra-thin silhouette? If your requirement is for a simple and temporary space, a wall mounted folding study table that sits a little higher than average can give you a slim and minimalist solution when paired with a counter stool or bar stool instead of a more traditional work chair. Modern floating desks and wall mounted folding study table designs that conceal ethernet ports or power points are ideal if your work pattern is primarily laptop dependent and you will not be sitting at the desk for many hours at a time. With this sort of a custom-built study table, wall design has to be considered at an architectural stage, as lighting, power and ethernet set-up needs have to be met.

Floating wall mounted study table design idea for your study room - Beautiful Homes

Whether your home office or study area boasts a solid standing desk or a functional, attached to the wall, folding study table, a dedicated workspace can help you focus and block out household distractions. Hopefully these study table ideas and office design suggestions have served as inspiration and perhaps motivated you to create a home office that you can be comfortable in, and proud of! And if you want a little more home interior design assistance, reach out to us at Beautiful Homes and we’ll help you choose a wall mounted study table design that will make your dream Work-From-Home space an enjoyable and productive reality.


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