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10 wall-mounted tv cabinet ideas for your modern home

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Dec 03, 2022
Wall mounted TV cabinet design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Top Wall-Mounted TV Cabinet Design ideas to integrate a visible flat screen more seamlessly into your beautiful space

Do confusion and paralysis set in at the very idea of how to actually start designing your space? A living room design, bedroom interior design, let alone your entire home? It can be (nearly) enough to make you plunge back under the covers and just say “forget it - Let it stay just the way it is!”


We feel you and we are here to help with a systematic, step-by-step approach that will break down how to design your room into doable parts. With some creative ingenuity and a little extra legwork, you can save great amounts of money, and a beautiful abode and your end result will be a richer and more compelling reflection of your personal style. We really do believe this. Ready? Let’s get to it!


Television is a crucial fixture in many living rooms. When decorating with a TV, you can either display it prominently as the focal point or minimize its appearance with a few design tricks. Finding suitable wall mounted TV unit designs that will do the room plans in your home justice is an essential part of decorating. Be it for the living room or bedroom, there are a number of ways to have a wall mounted tv design. Quirky and characterful or modern and streamlined, they will enhance your interior design and make watching your favourite TV show – or dancing along to an exercise video – more satisfying and more comfortable on the eye.


Different Wall Mounted TV Unit Ideas


1. Rotating Wall Mounted TV Unit Idea

A rotating and movable TV wall mount unit is exactly what you need if you want to repurpose your TV in two rooms with just one unit. The rotating wall layout is effortless to install and offers your room a contemporary and classic look that is extraordinary compared to everyone else. In addition, the TV can be installed as a wall divider as well as a rotating TV setup, making the TV set up the most functional design to have in your own house. Not only does it make your house elegant, but it also gives a unique vibe to whoever pays you a visit.

2. Wardrobe-cum-TV Wall Mounted Unit

A wardrobe cum TV unit idea is intelligent for when you want a TV in your bedroom, but the wardrobe space conflicts with the angle for the TV setup. This wall mounted TV unit décor idea helps form a big wardrobe setup, but the TV can effortlessly settle into the wall hollow, thus completing a seamless and trendy look. This idea is advantageous for smaller houses and apartments with a small bedroom space.

Wardrobe cum TV cabinet design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
TV cabinet design with storage for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. A TV Wall Unit with Hidden Storage Space

A wall mounted TV unit comes with numerous storage possibilities and has added hidden storage behind to tuck away unpleasant wires, little gadgets like remotes and different things you do not want to show. Secure and closed wall mounted TV unit designs keep your books, documents and other essential items organised while the open shelves offer space to display décor or a little bit of knick-knacks. The assortment of wood and white brings warmth to the space and mixes well with the whole interior scheme of the house. This could be an incredible wall mounted TV unit for your living room if you want additional storage in your house without making it look cumbersome and messy.

4. Fireplace TV Wall Mounted Unit Idea

With the increasing range of electric and false fireplaces, the tv on the wall above your fireplace is more effortless to install into your house than you would assume it to be. In addition, this wall mount TV setup gives an excellent cottage core vibe, which is a modern aesthetic for numerous contemporary homes nowadays.


5. White Brick Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Idea

Go for a white brick wall mounted TV unit and pair it with tons of plants for a soft, natural, and easygoing look. You can also exhibit your favourite hardcover bookcases using wooden tones for the bookshelf to match it with the earthy, natural style of the space. Give the space a trendy twist by integrating smart, monochrome furnishing to complete the aesthetic.


6. A Waterproof TV on the Bathroom Wall Mount

A TV unit will not only serve you well in the living room or bedroom and your open-plan kitchen, but it can look exemplary and offer entertainment when regarded alongside other modern bathroom design ideas, too. It’s fantastic to include a screen at the end of a bathtub, but make sure the viewing distance and angle are spot-on.


7. A Unique Ceiling Mount

Having the TV mounted into the ceiling is becoming a favouringly popular option in remodelled homes. Not only will it free up wall space, but it makes for a gorgeous statement as well.

8. Using Pattern and Texture to Create a Balance

Team up both texture and pattern to draw the eye down and around instead of focusing on the TV.


The dark wood shelves on each side of the white-painted brick fireplace help to balance the look too, as does the monochromatic rug. Cushions with prints and weaves work well as do the two leather footstools in the foreground, their black metal legs balance the black elements in the room perfectly.

Textures & patterns for your TV cabinet design ideas - Beautiful Homes

9. TV Wall Mount with Decorative Screening

Now this one is a very original TV wall mount with its decorative framing surrounding the screen. The flat-screen television is set in an enchanting stone frame. Such tv unit designs wall mounted create an extremely elegant new style. Experience the European atmosphere in your own home with this TV cabinet design!

Contemporary wall mounted TV cabinet design for your home - Beautiful Homes

10. Contemporary Industrial Look for Modern Homes

If you adore industrial design looks, this wall-mounted unit design is just for you. The hanging wooden shelves give an illusion of naturality incorporated with a smart, industrial aesthetic. You can even adorn the shelf display by using your best artwork and showpieces, plants, books, and more. Pair it with a simple, elegant wall colour such as a calm grey to form a more industrial, offbeat décor.


1. How do you make a wall-mounted TV look good?

From picking a picture frame design that turns into a work of art when not in use, to selecting a mirror with an integrated TV, to all manner of cover-ups such as sliding cabinet doors or curtains, there are many ways to help make a wall-mounted TV look good.


2. Are wall-mounted TVs a good idea?

Wall mounting your TV saves valuable floor space by dismissing the need for a dedicated TV cabinet. It allows you to have your TV accessories tucked away out of sight and gives a smart interior décor scheme.


3. Does a mounted TV stay with a house?

If you’re selling your place, leaving the TV mount as is will be the most comfortable thing to do. You won’t have to take it down, pack it, or patch the wall. In some cases, a mount is seen as a fixture that is needed to stay when selling a house. Leaving it might also sweeten the pool for potential buyers because it’s an adorable “extra” — the new owners won’t have to figure out the best viewing spot or do the work to establish their own mount.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with the Perfect Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Design?

Are you looking for creative ways to decorate around the common TV wall mount design dilemma.? Head to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse our expertly curated Magazine to know more about tv mounted on wall ideas, tv wall mount bracket and wall mount tv stand ideas etc. You can also check out the projects we have executed so far and learn more about our design and décor services and products. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process or walk into any of our stores across India. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can help you turn your décor dreams into a living reality.

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