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Everything you need to know about wall murals

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Sep 08, 2022
Wall mural design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Are you at a loss trying to figure out how to spruce up your walls? Murals may be exactly what you're looking for

Bare walls can make a space feel sterile and cold. The go-to option to incorporate walls into the design is to either paint or wallpaper them. But if you're someone who is more experimental, you may want to try murals to upgrade your interiors. With this compilation, you have a diversity of ideas and all the possible wall mural options at your fingertips. Read on to find out more.


Wall Mural Design Ideas

1. Landscape Wall Mural

Who doesn't love waking up to and relaxing with a stunning view? If you don't have the luxury, a landscape mural design might be the solution you are looking for. Rolling fields, serene beachside, a vibrant flower valley, majestic mountains, etc., are amazing wall mural ideas to try.


2. Tree Wall Mural

Add a touch of whimsy to your interiors with a tree mural. Trees such as mango and apple can be reminiscent of childhood days spent picking fruit. Kalpavriksha and banyan are sacred symbols. Or you can re-create the vibe of the place you want to be in, such as a tropical paradise.


3. 3D Wall Murals

3D wall murals are some of the more striking options out there. They're just what you need to make a statement in a room and introduce some depth. There are a couple of different ways to go about it. One, you can add embossed elements to your wall design; two, add a printed or a painted image with a 3D illusion. You may even add other 3D features such as decorative panels, wall hangings, etc.

4. Floral Wall Mural Art

Floral designs can instantly liven up a space. Here are a few options to consider:

  • A bouquet wall mural painting for an awkward corner

  • Stylised floral repeat pattern wallpaper mural

  • A geometric rosette hand-painted wall mural for modern interiors

  • Flower garden design with vintage colour palette for 70s-inspired interiors

  • Impressionist-style flower field painted murals
Floral wall mural painting - Beautiful Homes

5. Tile Mural

If you're over wall mural wallpaper and painted designs, it may be time to bring back tile murals. Opt for themed imagery based on the room, for example, food still life and illustrations for the kitchen, water and beach theme for the bathroom, floral designs for outdoor wall murals, and so on.

Abstract wall mural décor - Beautiful Homes

6. Abstract Wall Murals and Décors

While traditional wall murals for a home have a distinct charm, they may not fit the aesthetic you are aiming for. This is when free-flowing abstract designs come in handy. Focus on the shapes, colours and texture of the wall mural idea rather than making it realistic. Colour blocking, bold brush strokes, etc., should be the focus. You can either paint it or opt for a wall mural wallpaper.



7. Architectural Wall Mural

Some buildings are pieces of art. And with architecture-inspired murals, you can marvel at these beauties from the comfort of your home. From detailed paintings of magnificent buildings to line art that highlights its contours, there's much to gain from wall murals of buildings.

Wall mural design with geometric patterns - Beautiful Homes
Wall murals for living room - Beautiful Homes

8. Chalkboard Wall Murals and Décors

For anyone who likes to change things up on the regular and has a creative muscle to flex, a chalkboard wall is the way to go. It'll allow you to bring in a new look every occasion and season without breaking the bank. You can also turn it into a functional yet fun tool to track everyone's schedules, reminders, to-do lists, etc.


Different Types of Wall Mural

Now that you have an idea of the breadth of wall mural designs at your fingertips, it is time to learn about all the types and materials available to you.


1. Wallpaper Mural

If you're looking for an easy-to-maintain and quick wall mural option, then wallpaper is for you. From repeat patterns and complex illustrations to photographic designs, wallpapers offer a host of possibilities. You can hire professionals to install it or DIY with peel and stick-on wall murals.

2. Wall Mural Painting

Introduce a dramatic element to your interiors with mural painting designs. Painted murals are another DIY-friendly option. The world is your oyster when it comes to wall mural painting ideas. You can get as abstract or as realistic as you wish.


3. Wall Mural Art

Use art and wall décor to add another level of dimension to your mural. For example, on an illustrated wall, use emptied frames to highlight certain aspects of the painting. Alternatively, you can expand an artwork and let it bleed onto your walls.

Wall mural wallpaper with plant motif - Beautiful Homes

4. Wall Tile Mural

Tile murals have been around for millennia and can be pretty versatile. With painted tiles, you can have imagery that fits into a room's décor. Hand-painted Portuguese-style tiles, Moroccan zellige, etc., are great ways to incorporate the grandness of the bygone eras into your home. You can create vibrant and intricate scenes with mosaic wall mural designs for elevation and interiors.


5. Metal Wall Mural

Are you a fan of the rustic, rugged industrial aesthetic? Metal wall murals are the way to get it. Steel panels, galvanised tiles, carved plates, and oxidised and rust-like finishes are just a few options available. A low-key approach is to install metal wall décor to your wall murals, for example, metal frames, wall clocks, placards, etc.

Circular wall mural idea - Beautiful Homes

6. Terracotta Wall Mural

Ranging from rust-like orange and earthy reds to gold undertones, and soft browns, terracotta elements bring warmth and an old-world charm to your interiors. A terracotta mural will be a stunning addition to your home design. Use it as a plastering material or tile for a more minimalist look. If you're looking for a statement piece, a carved mural or a fresco-like design is the way to go. 

7. Stone Wall Mural

Stacked stone bricks, pebbles, and plastered rock-cut profile wall murals are excellent options for a rustic farmhouse or barn-style interiors. Opt for veined and variegated marble and granite in contemporary style designs. Sandstone, slate, limestone and terrazzo wall murals will make the interiors warm and cosy.


8. Cement Wall Mural

If you're tired of the boring cement walls, consider giving them a refresh with wall murals. Plaster, paint and stucco are a few ways to beautify your cement walls. You can even carve and shape the cement walls to create relief-like wall mural designs.

Black 3d wall murals for living room decor - Beautiful Homes


Wall Mural Design for Different Rooms

In case you're looking for specific wall mural ideas to incorporate into your home interior design, we've got you covered. Read on to find out which wall mural designs would work in which rooms.


1. Wall Mural for Living Room

You have a lot of room to play around when it comes to the living room. Pick a design based on the overall ambience you're trying to create. Photorealistic images of skylines, cityscapes, and robust abstract art give off high energy. Nature imagery, landscapes and seascapes would be excellent additions to more laid-back biophilic interiors.


Opt for wall murals for the living room that complement the design style in the room. For example, brocade patterns for vintage interiors, geometric art for mid-century modern, painted tiles for bohemian or Mediterranean-inspired décor, and so on.


2. Wall Murals for Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal space in the home. When choosing wall murals for the bedroom, you want something that suits your personality. You can select anything you want, simple panelling designs, intricate botanical illustrations, misty mountains, billowy clouds, quirky doodles, elegant calligraphy, and so on.


But bear in mind that this is also a space where you relax and unwind. So we suggest you opt for muted colour palettes and designs that aren't too busy. And if there is a particular scene you want to wake up to every morning, wall scenery for the bedroom might be the right option for you.


3. Kitchen Wall Murals

The kitchen is just the space where you can go all out with theme décor. A typography wall will lend a quirky cafe vibe, while patterned tiles or mosaics will give it an exotic look. A painting or illustration of vineyards is another way to make a statement. Gastronomic still life and wallpapers are yet more options to consider. A wall mural depicting a street scene for the dining room will give you the feel of sitting at a cosy restaurant.

Wall scenery for children's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

4. Wall Mural for Children's Room

Children need stimulating environments, and wall murals in their space can provide just that. Vibrant florals, watercolour animals, seabed or galaxy illustrations, and superhero or princess wallpapers are all popular choices for kids' rooms. Whimsical scenes from their favourite stories or books are yet another option. What you finally choose depends on your child's interests and taste.

5. Wall Mural for Bathroom

Murals are a great way to spruce up your bathroom design. With blue and turquoise tile work, you can create a rippling water-like effect. Add elements of interest with vintage-inspired patterns, doodles, line art, geometric designs, etc.


6. Mural Design for Outdoor Spaces

Use the exterior walls of your house to unleash your creativity. Give it an auspicious start with a Ganesh elevation wall mural. If you like graffiti, the pop art style is something you may want to try for exterior wall murals. Colour blocking and picture-perfect scenery would also work well.



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