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Make a statement with modern showcase design for your hall

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Oct 10, 2023

Here are some ways in which you can incorporate a modern showcase design in your living room for a classy look

Are you someone who gets excited about shopping for aesthetic souvenirs or collectibles every time you travel? Do your eyes instantly glance at anything that could possibly enhance the décor of your home? We think it’s a great habit!


However, it’s not just about collecting pieces but also putting them together in a certain way to elevate the visual appeal of your home. That’s where a modern showcase design for hall can come in handy to make everything look neat and clutter-free, and yet have all the elements in one place.


Your home interior design could focus on a modern showcase design for hall that includes everything from artwork to indoor plants, television to trophies, and more. It’s important to implement simple wall showcase design  for hall that are fuss-free and convenient. As always, we are here to help you! Make a note of these modern showcase designs for hall to make a lasting impression on anyone who visits your home.


Tips to Choose the Right Showcase Design for Hall

As mentioned above, it is critical to zero in on a showcase design for hall that’s both aesthetic and functional. Here are some tips to choose the right one for your living room design.

  • Make sure you research before zeroing in on any showcase design for hall, so that you have something that’s in tune with your living room design. Don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Based on the aesthetics of your home, pick the right material to create the showcase design for hall.

  • Assess the space in your living room and accordingly build a showcase design for hall. It should not be the case that a large wall unit occupies a small room.


Trending Showcase Design for Hall

1. Designer Showcase Design for Hall for a Pinterest-like Vibe

Doesn’t this showcase design for hall look absolutely stunning and social-media approved? Well, that’s because it’s sleek and sophisticated, and hardly requires any space to fit in. You could add anything and everything that you like to the unit – from books, artistic pieces, home décor pieces and more. The showcase is particularly popular in Indian homes, where a combination of looks and functionality play an important role.

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

2. Modular Showcase Design for Hall for a Touch of Sophistication

Go for this main hall wall showcase design if you are looking to be a little creative and not run-of-the-mill in your approach. It features a textural pattern as the backdrop that will elevate the interiors of your hall. What’s more, this unit can be used to mount a TV and showcase other décor including figurines, glassware or more. It’s a simple showcase design for hall but will garner you all the compliments in the world for its clean and sophisticated look.

Image courtesy, Studio Eterio

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

3. Showcase Design for Hall with a Floating Display for a Creative Aesthetic

What if you want to showcase your creativity but are unwilling to have a permanent structure on the wall? Worry not, your best bet is to have a floating showcase design for the hall. How can you create this? It simply requires using wall shelf boards of varying shapes and sizes. Since it isn’t a permanent fixture, you have the freedom to change its placement every now and then, leading to more experimentation. We think it’s a win-win.

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

4. Wooden Showcase Design for Hall for a Futuristic Look

As we already know, home décor trends keep evolving every and then. If you want to implement an idea for your modern home that’s simple yet striking, you must go for a wooden showcase design for hall that allows you to accommodate everything from a TV to books, flower vases, delicate showpieces and more. The design may look humble but it packs a powerful punch. When considering a TV showcase design, ensure it seamlessly integrates with your overall interior style, creating a harmonious and functional living space.

5. Laminated Showcase Design for Hall to Add a Pop of Colour

A little colour can go a long way in making your showcase design for hall a notch above the rest. That’s why we suggest a laminated showcase design for hall that’s both compact and creates the right impression. The basic structure is generally created from wood, which is then enhanced with a coloured laminate. You could let your imagination run wild by choosing colours like yellow, green, blue or whatever you like.

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

6. Hall Corner Showcase Design to Create an Illusion of Large Space

Is space crunch an issue yet you yearn to showcase all your prized pieces in the living room? Pick this hall corner showcase design that will utilise the corners of the room that are anyway hardly used. Start off by hiding the ugly joints that stick out and use this hall corner wooden showcase design that will seamlessly bring out the beauty of your collectibles.


Pro tip: Add mirrors at the back of the shelves to give the impression of a large space.

7. Hall Cement Showcase Design for those Who do Not Want to Break the Bank

This hall cement showcase design is one of the most popular and convenient ideas that are simple to implement. With cement and concrete, it is easy to have a wall showcase design for hall without breaking the bank. This can be done in a few steps – a rough sketch is first created on the wall that is later layered with concentrate slabs for a basic structure. Once this process is done, the walls need an application of putty and a coat of glossy paint.


Here’s the last step – finish off the hall cement showcase design with some wooden cabinets at the bottom. It’s functional, aesthetic and in tune with modern décor trends. 

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Hall Interior Design for Your Living Room?

Are you looking to create a hall interior design for your living room? Your search ends right here with Beautiful Homes Services by Asian Paints. We offer customers personalised home interior design Iand hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream spaces. For a home consultation, visit our interior design service page or visit our retail stores in various cities for guidance.

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