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Wall texture design for living room

  • Wall Décor
Sep 19, 2022
Wall texture designs for your living room - Beautiful Homes

The living room is the first impression of your home and should be striking and one of the best ways to do that is with stunning walls. Here are lovely ideas for textured walls to transform your living room

Living rooms are quite literally the centre of our homes and it is the space into which we welcome visitors. Some homes have dedicated living rooms used only for guests, and others use the living room for family time as well as for entertaining. The living room is usually the first impression that a visitor has of the house and should be striking at first glance.


One of the best ways to create a space that is visually eye-catching is with stunning wall designs. Wall texture design for living room with natural materials, glamorous wallpaper, tiles and textured paints can instantly add interest and liven up a room that's falling flat.


Wall Texture Design for Living Room

Texture is a facet of design that helps to fabricate beautiful composition and designs in a room. It is crucial to look at the room in its entirety when choosing texture for a wall as the end result should create a vibrant and warm ambiance. 


Here are best wall texture design for living room to create a space with depth and dimension as well as comfort and warmth.

1. Charming Stone Wall Texture Design for Living Room

An exposed brick wall can instantly transform a room, creating a warm and inviting aura. Complete this relaxed living room environment by choosing furniture with clean lines that allows light to circulate. Add contrast using soft colours for the floor and upholstery, and up the vibe with a statement floor lamp and coffee table.


2. Enchanting Geometrical Living Room Modern Texture Paint Designs

Living room modern texture paint designs are good for hiding blemishes that a flat sheen might show. Create a sleek and attractive wall accent with diagonal lines of grey textured paint in different thickness and shades to create a trendy and upbeat vibe. Pair it with clean steel and glass furniture and neutral furnishings for a cool and serene modern vibe.

Stone wall texture for your living room design - Beautiful Homes
Wall texture with paint design & mirror for your living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Mirrored Wall Texture for Living Room that is Small

Mirrored wall texture for living room can enlarge a small space visually as they add depth to a room. Include warm colours, and organic elements in the home décor for a comfortable feel. Use subtle colours as the mirrored wall is the star of this splendid living room.


4. Living Room Wall Texture Paint Design to Ignite a Space

With the right colour combination of living room modern texture paint designs and the correct technique, walls can be a work of art by themselves. One of the easiest paint textures is the popcorn texture and in sunny, cheerful colour combinations, like yellow and orange, they can add a pop of life to a drab living room that has quiet furniture.

5. Natural Living Room Wall Texture Design with Wood

Wood finished walls give your living area a stylish and luxurious look. Make the entire wall wooden or add panels. Install wood flooring to heighten the rustic look. Thick, heavy curtains, and vintage wooden furniture upholstered in neutral hues will add to the rustic cosiness of the space. Add colour with vibrant throws to break the monotony of the room effortlessly.


6. Whimsical Slap Brush Texture Paint Designs for Hall

Slap brush paint living room modern texture paint designs will give your walls a 3D oomph. Use a light mossy green colour to create a work of art that feels fully integrated into the space instead of just blending in as a backdrop. Continue this verdant scheme with quirky indoor plants and interesting topiaries.

7. Unique 3D Texture Design for Living Room

When choosing your 3D surface, consider the architecture of your home and what will work with it over time. Wave-like patterns are particularly popular but why not try something different, like a mixture of wood blocks in different colours and textures, interspersed with metal accents for a retro look while keeping the rest of the room simple and classy.


8. Stunning Dapple Texture Paint Designs for Living Room

A dapple wall texture is achieved by using two colours on the wall to achieve stunning patterns. Highlight a stunning dapple main hall texture paint designs for living room in deep rust and red, with pale wood furniture and upholstery in whites and creams. A patterned carpet with flecks of green and grey will complete this gorgeous room.

Unique 3D wall texture design ideas for your living room - Beautiful Homes
Wall texture design ideas for your drawing room - Beautiful Homes

9. Add a Living Wall as Texture for Drawing Room

For a living room that has a lot of natural light, a wall of plant life is a lovely way to bring texture into the space. Use pale wood furniture and a verdant colour scheme for a fresh, natural look. Pink and peach accents work very well with verdant schemes adding a pretty touch of colour that sparkles.


10. Rustic Living Room Modern Texture Paint Designs

Swirl up your living room wall with an edgy spatula effect. Combine two cheerful, earthy colours for a textured wall that looks like rough, ancient sandstone and heighten this rustic look with wooden furniture, and patterned upholstery in rural weaves and prints for an engaging cottage finish.

11. Stunning Wallpaper Texture for Living Room

Textured wallpaper can elevate the look of any room and there is plenty to choose from. Choose a neutral hue, like grey or steel, with a damask finish to redefine the feel of a living room. Use darker colours on the other walls to add more depth. Use upholstery in rich colours, and antique furniture for a classic and timeless living room design.

12. Make your Hall Wall Texture Design an Optical Illusion

Create a textural statement on your wall with an ombre optical illusion that adds depth to a room. Bring in the colours of the ocean with a turquoise palette. Pair it with light-toned wood flooring, upholstery in white and grey, and accents in glass and gold for a pleasing seaside cottage feel.


13. Use Fabrics as Wall Texture Design for Drawing Room

From velvet to linen, chic fabric wallcoverings are making a big comeback as texture design for living room. Pair a deep coloured velvet or linen with designer furniture and accessories. Or tone down a rich patterned brocade wall with more subtle furnishings for an impressive look.

Optical illusion wall texture design ideas for your living room - Beautiful Homes

14. Kitschy Colour Combination for Hall with Texture

A criss-cross wall texture in a kitschy colour combination can brighten the atmosphere of a room. Pair a dark, dusky pink with a royal blue for a funky combination in a modern, contemporary home. Use neutral hues for all the furnishing, from plush sofas, to wall to wall carpeting and sheer curtains.


15. Luxurious Marble Wall Texture Design for Living Room

Natural stone has extraordinary beauty, with its unique veins and tones adding a special touch to any environment it graces. An elegant marble tile for the walls adds a geometric rhythm and refinement to a room. It makes a stylish background for a plush divan and dark wood furniture in an industrial style interior.


16. Glossy Lacquer Texture Paint for Living Room

A coat of lacquer paint can create a lustrous look in a living room and is perfect to create depth, interest, and extra light in a room. Sunlight, candles, and lamps bounce beautifully off the shine. Incorporate rich botanical prints, an elegant gilt mirror and a few small vintage pieces to make the room feel cheerful and cosy.


17. Chequered Art Deco Living Room Wall Texture Design

A gingham-inspired tiled wall design can give a room an idyllic charm and rustic vibe. It is important to pick the right colour combination for this texture design for drawing room, for instance, choose two shades of green with white accents for a soothing vibe. Brass accents, burled wood tables, and brown marble flooring can spice things up.

Subtle minimal paint wall texture for your living room - Beautiful Homes

18. Subtle Minimalist Texture Paint Designs for Living Room

Instead of the usual neutral beiges and creams add a burst of colour in a minimalist living room with a graded grey pattern. Complement the grey shades with a buttercup yellow for a subtle pop of colour. Layer with brighter yellow and blue furnishings to accent the colour theme.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wall Texture Design for the Living Room?

At Beautiful Homes, we work creatively with our clients to understand and explore their ideas for their home together. We work with them to develop a concept and guide the direction of the design process. Ideas on layout to furniture and wall texture ideas are discussed with the client and approved.


We help you find the perfect colours and textures for your walls at our online store. If you want help with your interior design, we offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

Raw brick wall for your wall texture design in living room - Beautiful Homes

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