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Wall tiles ideas for living room

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Nov 30, 2022
Wall tiles design for your living room - Beautiful Homes

Everything you need to know about the living room wall tile designs before you select one

The style and nature of your living room reveal a lot about your character and interests apart from the modern or medieval style of the trend followed.


Gone were the days of neutral wall shades, wallpapers, and the mixing of wall colours. Now the interior design industry has advanced so much to an extent that inspirations for wall designs are taken from nothing less than incredible references. Living room wall tiles might not be new to us, but the innovations and the competing creative aspects in the industry now makes living room wall tiles nothing less than a fabulous thing to consider for your home interior.


From simple living room wall tiles design for the living room to 3d wall tiles for the living room, this very aspect of living room wall tile design ideas alone only has outgrown the era. Even though the living room tile walls existed for a very long time, their popularity shoot up recently in the market. Continue reading this article if wish to bring about a change in your living room from the older neutral shades and wall paints.


Let's have a look at some of the promising and killing living room wall tile design ideas specially curated for you all by our in-house seasoned interior designers.



1. Black and White Wall Tiles for Living Room

When paired well, black and white decorative wall tiles for the living room can never go wrong. They are one among the most used and loved living room wall tile design.This classic yet chic combo of black and white brings a positive life to your living room. This simple wall tiles design for the living room leaves you with two options to go with glossy wall tiles or matte finish wall tiles. Both styles are either way considered the safest option by taking the evergreen love for black and white checkered pattern irrespective of the platform and can also be used as the half wall tiles design for living room.

2. Honeycomb Mismatch Wall Tiles for Living Room

Who wouldn't like a bit of honeycomb design and a mix-match of your preferred colors and a subtle break from the mundane plain surface of your living room wall tiles. Everything is a great sense of style when paired with sense and creativity. Honeycomb mismatched tiles are yet another killer combo for your interior. These honeycomb mismatched living room wall tiles can be incorporated into the specific shape either by mirror wall tiles, textured wall tiles or even stone wall living room tiles for the added style and perfection.

Honey comb wall tiles for your living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Black and White Checkered Wall Tiles for Living Room

Life is like chess and these checkered wall patterns are always loved irrespective of the era and occasion. Be it ceramic wall tiles or matte finish wall tiles for this checkered pattern, decorative wall tiles are always much appreciated for a cozy and warm interior space. Black and white checkered tiles for living room are now even available in textured wall living room tiles and matte finish living room tiles, thereby giving your room space the sleek and clean look that it deserves all the time.


4. Moroccan Wall Tiles for Living Room

Going back in age, Moroccan wall tiles give you that exact touch of old classics with the right mix of twist. The printed tiles for walls are nothing less than a super hit when designed well and paired well with the rest of the accessories. In fact, there is nothing else that could beat the charm and shine of a moroccan wall tiles when it comes to designer wall tiles for living room and decorative wall tiles for living room.

Soft brick wall designs for your living room - Beautiful Homes

5. Soft Brick Wall Tiles for Living Room

From giving you that little cottage feels from the hill station to more, it makes you feel more earthy and close to nature. Placing mirrors in between the walls adds to the aesthetics of the living room. This soft brick all tiles are indeed the perfect wall tiles for your living room if you wish to have a simple wall tile design for your room.

6. Stone Wall Tiles for Living Room

Going back to the roots, stone wall tiles represent a bit of the stone age and puts forth that vibe of cave effect with the added advantage of temperature regulation. Stone wall tiles are best when paired with backdrop lights and planters. Stone wall tiles for your living room goes well with the décor and the whole interior for a half wall tile setting for your living room too.

7. Grey Wall Tiles for Living Room

Grey wall tiles for your living room indeed put forth the character of perfectionism over anything. This neutral shade spreads calmness all over and there is not a single thing that these subtle grey-shaded tiles can't match up with. Grey wall tiles are indeed your safest option, especially when in doubt after seeing a plethora of options from the store of Beautiful Homes.


8. Encaustic Wall Tiles for Living Room

Encaustic wall tiles are perfect for your classic and minimalistic living room design without a doubt. If you are someone who prefers elegance and minimal shade over anything, then encaustic wall tiles for your living Room are just your go-to choose.


9. Herringbone Wall Tiles for Living Room

Herringbone Wall tiles never go out of fashion and now these wall tiles are even available in a 3D effect. Be it a glossy or ceramic texture, Herringbone Wall Tiles go well with anything.

Grey wall tiles for living room design - Beautiful Homes

10. Triangular Colourful Wall Tiles for Living Room

Triangular colorful wall tiles are funky yet a classic combination for your living room wall tiles. With the right amount of craziness and elegance spilled, these decorative wall tiles promise to get you the best interior look indeed. Scenery wall tiles are another type of colourful wall tiles that goes well along with the go for your interior décor setting.


11. Fan Shaped Wall Tiles for Living Room

Fan-shaped wall tiles are often quoted as classic old beauty. These fan-shaped decorative wall tiles for the living room runs back to the age of history. With a classic touch of the olden days, these premium quality fan-shaped wall tiles are yet another design to consider for your dream home/apartment.


12. Bold Black Wall Tiles for Living Room

There is never a way that black could go out of fashion. Black remains beautiful for eternity. If you are looking for matte finish wall tiles for your living room, then our seasoned designers say black is the best option to take the game a notch up. Well, there isn't a thing that black can go wrong, black glossy decorative tiles are also a great option to consider apart from the matter finished wall tiles for the living room.


13. Marble Wall Tiles for Living Room

Just like the fabulous Taj Mahal, you get to build your own Taj Mahal by choosing these absolutely gorgeous marble wall tiles for the living room, bedroom, drawing room, and more. Bring your creative vision of your dream home into a physical reality by choosing the top-notch from Beautiful Homes.

Diamond style wall tiles for your living room design - Beautiful Homes

14. Diamond Style Wall Tiles for Living Room

Diamond-style wall tile for the living room indeed imparts elegance from within. When diamond wall tiles for both living and drawing wall goes well when paired with diamond-patterned flooring.


15. Circular Wall Tiles for Living Room

Circular wall tiles can be used in any setting, be it the living room or drawing room, or any setting of your choice. Circular wall tiles are one of the most common a design loved by the majority. These decorative wall tiles for the living room are occasionally used as highlighter tiles for walls too.


16. 3D Wall Tiles for Living Room

The present era of innovation and creativity is all set to express ad design something visually appealing and amazing like the 3d wall tiles for Living Room. The invention of 3D wall tiles for living rooms is still considered one of the coolest and chic creations in the Interior design industry. With these 3D walls, transform your home and set it to nothing less than fabulous in no time.

At Beautiful Homes from Asian Paints, "perfection with creativity" is our motto and we strictly abide by our motto in our works. We are your one shop-stopper for designing your false ceilings, interior space, wall colors, and designs, and even for sourcing the best materials.  We assure you of a quality service to make your interior space nothing less than classy without draining your pocket.  Our personalized consultations are now available both online and offline for us to serve you at your convenience. Head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

Raw brick wall tiles for your living room design - Beautiful Homes

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