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10 amazing ideas using wallpaper for pooja room design

  • Pooja Room Design
Jun 04, 2022
Pooja room wallpaper texture - Beautiful Homes

If you’re looking for a way to add a new twist to your pooja room, or just want to help create a better ambiance that’s conducive to meditation and prayer, then adding wallpaper could be the perfect choice! Here’s some ideas to help you choose the wallpaper style that suits your puja room the best

Given the design style of home interiors these days, it’s not uncommon to find a pooja room tucked away in a corner of the living room,  or in that dead space off the corridor that has no natural light or charm. As such, making sure the interiors are decorated to suit its purpose – a space that’s ideal for meditation, prayer and personal communication with the divine – is absolutely vital. Picking a great wallpaper for pooja ghar spaces can be an excellent way to quickly and easily make a dramatic difference to the room. Yet today, with the wide range of styles available – from fancy 3d wallpaper for pooja room interiors, to fabric styles that have a more subtle glow – choosing the perfect mandir wallpaper design can seem a little daunting.


10 Wallpaper Design Ideas for your Pooja Room

Pooja Room Design Idea 1: Calm Colours

Many people find it easier to immerse themselves into a worshipful or meditative mindset when they are surrounded by a calm atmosphere. . Hence, your temple design for home  needs to be decorated keeping that in mind. As such, when choosing wallpaper for pooja room design, cool tones, such as blue or green, are often the best option. Such shades are considered to be ‘calm’ colours and are ideal wallpaper for pooja mandir atmosphere setting. If you wish to add a bit of modern charm, choose a 3d wallpaper for pooja room spaces in a cool tone and you’ll bring in added texture and elegance. Plus, if your pooja room is situated near your family room and doesn’t have doors to separate it, then picking a subtle wallpaper that is a good match for your living room interior design can help create more cohesion and better flow between the two spaces.


Pooja Room Design Idea 2: Sunny Interiors

While cool tones are calming, they can also come across as a little cold and alienating in some spaces – particularly if there is a lack of natural light to offset your puja room wallpaper. If you prefer a brighter mandir background design, then you could consider the warmer side of the colour wheel  – picking oranges, reds and yellows will immediately liven up the room. You could even pick a pooja room wallpaper texture or pattern that gives the appearance of the sun and sun rays, which will immediately add a touch of the auspicious through its representation of the sun god. In this way, your choice of wallpaper for mandir wall surfaces, becomes an element of worship as well.

Pooja Room Design Idea 3: Murals and Myths

The types of wallpaper for pooja room spaces aren’t just limited to colours, patterns and textures. Today, you can even find a pooja room wallpaper design that depicts a divine landscape or a story from ancient texts. When used in your god room, wallpaper such as this tells a story. In this way, the wallpaper for pooja mandir interiors that you have picked, can reflect your favourite legend, phrase or verse from prayer and therefore be exclusive to your and your tastes.


Pooja Room Design Idea 4: Simple Decals

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the more complicated mural wallpaper for home mandir interiors, there is the option of a simple decal style mandir background design. This type of puja room wallpaper often depicts a subtle Om or stylised illustration of Lord Ganesha on a plain, single coloured background.

Enhance your pooja room interiors by using mural & myths wallpapers - Beautiful Homes

While you can also find similar styles with a textured finish, the key point is to add a more understated wallpaper for mandir wall augmentation, so that your god room wallpaper is elegant and refined in its décor.


Pooja Room Design Idea 5: Subtle Shine

Another way to add elegance through wallpaper for pooja room interiors, is to choose fabric wallpaper with a natural sheen – such as silk. While on the more expensive side, for a smaller space and more sophisticated mandir design, wallpaper that is made from fabric is still an affordable and smart option. Your puja ghar wallpaper should reflect your home interior design tastes; keep in mind that it is better to pick your wallpaper design for mandir interiors that will blend well with the rest of your house. So if your home interiors lean towards classy luxury so should your pooja room.

Wallpaper design for pooja room with glitter - Beautiful Homes

Pooja Room Design Idea 6: Glitter and Gleam

A golden glow can help add a hint of glamour to your devine space and including it in your wallpaper for puja room walls is an easy way to achieve this! In fact, a touch of glitter and shimmer can be a well-loved choice of traditional wallpaper for pooja room interiors, as worship with precious gems and metals has always been a practice. Pick a glimmering golden wall paper design for pooja room spaces that are a bit more on the luxe side and you’re sure to find that your wallpaper design for puja room is creating an aura that’s sure to shine.

Pooja Room Design Idea 7: High-Gloss Glamour

Not everyone is drawn to the glitter of gold but you could still want that luxe effect to feature in your mandir background design. If so, a high-gloss wallpaper design for puja room walls could be the right option – creating a glamorous aura without being too much for your space. High-gloss pooja ghar wallpaper can come in many types of mandir wallpaper design and even in many different colours – pick a warm tone for a more cheerful space, and a cool tone for a more calming atmosphere.


Pooja Room Design Idea 8: Textural Twist

If your space doesn’t allow for a behind the mandir wallpaper design, then you could try adding wallpaper for pooja room sidewalls. Picking a different area to feature your puja room wallpaper can add a hint of interest and texture to the space. In fact, if you pick a 3D pattern, your pooja room wallpaper texture could make a smaller space appear more interesting and layered.

Mandir wallpaper design for sidewalls - Beautiful Homes
Dark wallpaper for mandir wall - Beautiful Homes

Pooja Room Design Idea 9: Pure Pattern

Patterned wallpaper for pooja room interiors is often a favourite when it comes to picking the more traditional wallpaper for pooja room walls. But this doesn’t mean it needs to be old-fashioned or boring. If you want to add interest to the space, pick a patterned wallpaper for mandir room interiors that will have a more modern effect – a two-toned gold or bronze geometric pattern fits the bill here. Whether you choose to select a more subtly patterned wallpaper design for mandir rooms or something with a more eye-catching element, patterned wallpaper is easy to find to suit your tastes.


Pooja Room Design Idea 10: Divine Dreams

Above, we mentioned the idea of elaborate mural style wallpaper for mandir wall surfaces that tell a story. But if you don’t wish to do this, you could also simply feature an aspect or element from worship in your pooja room wallpaper design. For example, choose a lotus themed wallpaper for mandir room interiors, or possibly a subtle repeating pattern of peacock feathers and flutes for wallpaper for home mandir spaces that invoke the divine.

So, are you drawn to the gorgeous effect of 3d wallpaper for pooja room interiors? Or do you prefer a more subtle wall paper design for pooja room spaces?


Hope these ideas help you to get started in finding the look you want for  your pooja room design. But if you’d still like a little help with making the perfect choice of the wallpaper for puja room in your home, then you’ve come to the right place!


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