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Feb 03, 2023
Wooden double door design for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Modern wardrobe design is stylish and functional, with well-crafted door designs that enhance the bedroom décor. Here are exquisite wardrobe door design ideas to inspire your bedroom space

The wardrobe is the one of the most useful pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Different spaces require different kinds of wardrobe design and a poorly designed wardrobe not only occupies more space but can also tarnish the overall aesthetics of the room.


Modern wardrobe design has become sleek and voguish yet adequately functional, with clever storage space behind gorgeous wardrobe door design. While organization and design of the wardrobe interior is important, don’t be too quick to dismiss your wardrobe door design potential. Wardrobe door design is a really unique way to add personality to a bedroom.


Wardrobe Door Designs to Inspire your Space

When looking for wardrobe door design for your bedroom aesthetic, it is important to find the right materials, finishes and silhouettes as it will have an enormous impact on the bedroom space, making it feel brighter, and more spacious.


Here are exquisite wardrobe door design ideas to inspire your bedroom space.


1. Classy Wooden French Double Door Wardrobe Design

Wooden French door or hinged door wardrobes are a stylish wardrobe door design that look classy. They do need a bit of space as both doors are fixed on hinges at the side and swing open outward.


With a hinged double door, one has easy access and visibility to the contents of the wardrobe. A hinged double door design is a perfect door design choice for L-shaped or corner wardrobes.

2. Space-Saving Glass Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Sliding glass door wardrobe design can add function and style to a bedroom. It is great for small bedrooms as they slide on channels and don’t need extra space to open out, like swinging doors.


You can select from frosted, patterned, clear or decorative glass sliding door cupboard design depending on how visible you want the inside of your closet to be. A sliding door almirah design in glass can add exquisite character to your interiors, while also making the space look larger.

Glass sliding wardrobe door for your home - Beautiful Homes
Hinged wardrobe design with laminate for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Traditional Hinged Wardrobe Door Laminate Design

Laminated door designs are an economical option for your wardrobes. They come in matte, glossy and textured finishes and are available in gorgeous colours that can complement any bedroom colour scheme.


An advantage of hinged doors is that you can fix accessories, like a belt rack, on the inside of the door which isn’t possible with sliding shutters.

4. Trendy Bi-Fold Cupboard Door Design

If you are looking for a space saving and economical wardrobe door option but are quite over sliding doors, a very trendy and unique, low-maintenance option is a bifold hinged cupboard door design. They are made up of hinged panels that slide on runners.


Bifold cupboard door design is especially suitable in wardrobes near doorways as they will not stick out.

5. Pristine and Elegant All White Almirah Door Design

Free standing wooden wardrobes and modern double door steel almirah designs have been a fixture in Indian homes for ages. Update the traditional almirah door design with an all-white stand-alone wardrobe that will add an easy elegance to your space. Whether it is a modern, streamlined double door almirah design for a contemporary home or an ornate wooden piece for a traditional bedroom, it will be an eye-catching addition.


The only disadvantage of a free standing almirah is that it can take up space and can make a small bedroom feel cramped.

White almirah design ideas with double door for your home - Beautiful Homes
Single door wardrobe design for your home - Beautiful Homes

6. Geometric Patterned Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

A stylish sliding wardrobe door in a geometric pattern can be a chic way to enhance a modern bedroom. The abstract colours and patterns will give a breezy, modern look, yet provide a soothing vibe.


Keep the rest of the room simple, with neutral walls and pastel furnishing, to lend an overall calming effect to the space.

7. Functional Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs with Mirror

Mirrors add depth to a room and reflect light, making it appear bigger. Bring a sense of spaciousness to your bedroom with mirror fronted wardrobe doors. This sleek and modern design is easy to clean, low on maintenance and a functional aid when getting dressed.


Remember to factor in the added weight of the mirrors on the hinges or channels when designing the door.

8. Seamless Wardrobe Door Design for Bedroom with Attached Dressing Table

When designing a wardrobe with an attached dressing table using the same material and door design for both the wardrobe and the dressing table will create an aesthetically seamless effect.


Pick regal dark shuttered hinged doors and drawers with brass fittings for a traditional look or a sliding door wardrobe with dressing table in pale wood for a more modern space.

Wardrobe design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

9. Designer 3D Wardrobe Door Laminate Design for Children’s Room

Enhance the whimsy and playful air of your child’s room with designer modern wardrobe door designs.  Get 3D prints of their favourite animated characters or superheroes for their wardrobe doors, or pick colours, patterns and graphics that complement the overall theme of the room.


You can choose between sliding door wardrobe design for smaller rooms or hinged modern wardrobe door designs for more spacious children’s rooms.


10. Exquisite Modern Wardrobe Door Designs

Make a bold wardrobe door design choice with fabric or wallpaper panels and create a wow factor in your bedroom space. It is a great way to add warmth and style by softening the sharp edges and corners of a wardrobe.


Use the same material, pattern or colours for the headboard to weave together the design features of your boudoir in a seamless way.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wardrobe Door Design Ideas? 

The wardrobe design experts at Beautiful Homes Service, by Asian Paints, can guide you through the whole process of wardrobe door design for bedroom with materials and budgets, to designing and execution of the final product. Check out sliding glass door wardrobe design ideas, and hinged wooden wardrobe door design ideas on our website.  We offer our interior design services in Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik with new locations coming soon!

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