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6 Tips on maintaining good vastu for wardrobe

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 23, 2023
Wardrobe vastu for almirah position in bedroom - Beautiful Homes

A Vastu compliant wardrobe not only helps keep things organized but will fill your home with health, wealth and happiness. Here are some rules for wardrobe design as per Vastu

A wardrobe serves a very important function in bedroom design. It not only helps keep things organized and eases your lifestyle, but wardrobe Vastu for almirah position in bedroom can actually bring in good energy.


Vastu Shastra affects each part of your house from the main door to the position of furniture, including wardrobe facing Vastu. A wrong direction wardrobe position as per Vastu can bring a lot of negative results in your personal and professional life.

What’s the Best Wardrobe Direction as Per Vastu?

The right wardrobe facing Vastu placement can bring positive energy while the wrong wardrobe Vastu direction can give rise to negativity and misfortune. According to Vastu Shastra, the best wardrobe direction as per Vastu is South-West. If that is not possible, the North-West as wardrobe direction as per Vastu will also suffice. Placing wardrobe facing Vastu in these directions can ensure prosperity in the home. It is better to avoid any other wardrobe position as per Vastu as it can cause loss of money.

Wardrobe direction as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

How to Maintain Good Vastu for Wardrobe in Master Bedroom?

In Vastu Shastra, wardrobe Vastu direction and placement alone are not sufficient to guarantee, good luck and blessings. There are other small Vastu for wardrobe rules to follow to ensure that the homeowner gets the maximum benefits. Here are a few Vastu for wardrobe rules for good luck and prosperity:


1. Clean and Clutter Free Wardrobe Vastu for Almirah Position in Bedroom

Clutter is considered negative in Vastu Shastra as it clogs the natural flow of energy in a room and can be detrimental to health, relationships, profession and decisions. If you want to sustain positive and harmonious energy throughout the bedroom design, you should keep a clean and well-maintained wardrobe as per Vastu.

Vastu for wardrobe in master bedroom - Beautiful Homes

2. Most Beneficial Material for Vastu for Wardrobe in Master Bedroom

Natural finishes are best for wardrobe as per Vastu as they balance energies in a room. This includes wood, wood-based laminates, metal and glass as they are all natural elements and are one with nature and external energies. Use lighter coloured wood since light wardrobe colour as per Vastu is better.

3. South-West Wardrobe as Per Vastu is Good for Valuables

When storing valuables and cash in your home, the South-West corner of the wardrobe as per Vastu is the most auspicious as it is the 'earth corner', according to the rules of wardrobe position as per Vastu. It is thought to bring prosperity and good fortune.


4. Vastu for Wardrobe in Bedroom Shouldn’t Have a Mirror Façade

According to Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom, mirrors fronting doors reflect negative energy or cause arguments within the family. If you must install a mirror, put it on the inside of the door so that it doesn’t reflect the bed as this might bring ill fortune upon the person in the reflection.

Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Wardrobe vastu direction in your modern bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

5. Wardrobe Colour as Per Vastu

Lighter colours, like white and cream are good wardrobe colour as per Vastu as they bring positivity. Pastel colours as wardrobe colour as per Vastu facilitates harmony and peace. If you would like to add some colour for wardrobe colour as per Vastu, use it as an accent with a neutral base.


1. Why Shouldn’t you Have Wardrobe in South East Corner?

You shouldn’t have wardrobe in south east corner as a wardrobe in south east corner can cause disruptions and frequent quarrels between family members.


2. Is Vastu for Wardrobe in Master Bedroom Important?

Yes, it is important as an auspicious wardrobe Vastu direction in master bedroom can bring peace, harmony and prosperity to your household.


3. Is the Best Wardrobe Direction as Per Vastu South-West?

Yes, best wardrobe direction as per vastu is the South-West as it can bring prosperity to a home.


Beautiful Homes Service for your Wardrobe Design As Per Vastu?

When Beautiful Homes takes up a design project, they ensure that it is functional, aesthetically pleasing and Vastu compliant and this holds true for something as simple as wardrobe Vastu direction and design to a home interior design project. Visit our website to check out the various options for bespoke wardrobe designs. We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata!

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