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Cupboard internal design: Maximizing your storage space

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Mar 09, 2023
Wardrobe internal design - Beautiful Homes

When getting ready each morning, having a well-organised wardrobe really makes a big difference. Here are some expert tips on how to sort and store your clothing

While it might be stressful to sort and rearrange your wardrobe, let's face it, a well organised wardrobe internal layout is key to a hassle-free morning and to maintaining your personal style. Regardless of how many trendy pieces of clothing and accessories you own, if they're not correctly organised within your wardrobe internal design you'll find it difficult to recognise or access them, which will make it harder to style ensembles! Little wonder then that a modern wardrobe internal design plan is something we all need to truly “spark joy”. So here below are 8 practical must-haves for the ideal wardrobe internal design that you dream of.

1. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #1 - Half Hanging Racks

Saree or trouser racks are half height pull-out racks that fit seamlessly into your cupboard internal design and provide wrinkle free and easy to access storage that stacking just cannot. Especially if you are looking at a sliding wardrobe, internal design solutions that pull out are ideal. Furthermore these are an indispensable component of wardrobe internal design for bedroom closets that are shared, as they help maintain separate and usable spaces.


2. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #2 - The Highs and Lows

In a cosier apartment space, square footage may mean that a modern wardrobe internal design might need to consider storage for shoes and handbags too. Plan your cupboard internal design with a clear understanding of vertical space with pull out modular shoe storage at the bottom of your wardrobe or access to taller shelves for handbag storage. Perhaps you could even maximise the use of your wardrobe internal layout with in-built pull-out step-stools.

3. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #3 - Scarf, Belt & Tie Racks

Another essential item of wardrobe internal design for bedroom design is modular solutions for the easy to crumple and tangle items, like ties and scarves! These are a key part of good cupboard design; internal neat racks, hangers or drawers that keep your small items from becoming a confusing mess! If you are organising a sliding wardrobe, internal design fixes like pull out mesh baskets might be the way to go.

Sliding wardrobe internal design - Beautiful Homes
Cupboard internal design - Beautiful Homes

4. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #4 - Boxes, Bins & Baskets

Speaking of pull-out baskets, a DIY organising hack for your bedroom wardrobe internal design is to invest in storage bins, bags and wicker baskets for your knits, socks and underclothing. If, for example, you have a prefabricated wooden almirah, internal designs that utilise this kind of solution are perfect. These are also a great fit in an L-shape wardrobe internal design with open or visible shelves.

5. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #5 - Longer Hanging Space

When planning your modern bedroom wardrobe, internal design experts will usually suggest a zonal approach, with clearly demarcated areas for garments and accessories of different types and frequencies of use. This also means that your wardrobe design should have railing space for garments of different lengths and heights. If you have a standard 2 door wardrobe, internal design solutions that allow for adjustable or varied rail heights is key.

Wardrobe internal design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Wardrobe internal layout - Beautiful Homes

6. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #6 - Remember Lighting

When planning your cupboard design, internal lighting is one crucial aspect that is occasionally disregarded. Make sure to pick daylight bulbs with a colour temperature of roughly 5000 Kelvin for your closet interior design. This will make it easier to notice clothing items' true colours and judge whether their style and colour complement other items in your wardrobe. If you have a luxurious 4 door wardrobe, internal design fixes like under shelf lighting and LED spotlights might be just what you need.

7. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #7 - Accessory Drawers

Whether you're working with a basic 2 door wardrobe internal design space or a more stylish L-shape wardrobe internal design, you probably still need to find spaces and storage fixes for tiny and oddly shaped items like jewellery and watches. Slim, accessory drawers with fabric lined compartments are the perfect solution here. To truly elevate the look of your wardrobe design why not incorporate these drawers into an open display space, adding glam while eliminating the need to rummage.

8. Wardrobe Internal Design Tip #8 - Install a Mirror

And finally, remember that looking good does mean being able to see how you look! Plan your wardrobe internal design carefully to ensure that you can completely see yourself in a full length mirror. A fold away mirror is a good idea for wooden almirah internal designs where a door mounted mirror might not work. On the other hand, if you have more space, for example in a 4 door wardrobe, internal design ideas such as fitting the middle two doors with mirrored surfaces might work best. 

4 door wardrobe internal design - Beautiful Homes

So there you have it, 8 nifty wardrobe internal design ideas that should help you elevate your space from drab to fab!


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