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9 ways to bring natural light into your home

  • Lighting Ideas
Jun 05, 2022
Natural sunlight in home design - Beautiful Homes

Ample natural light in a home makes it appear bright, airy and spacious. Read on to find out different ways you can employ to increase the amount of natural light in your home

We tend to gravitate towards home designs that are bathed in natural light. This quite intuitive move isn't without reason. Apart from making the home appear spacious and making the colours sing, natural daylight has also been linked to health benefits. Enough exposure boosts serotonin levels, making residents of homes with lots of natural light feel rejuvenated and improving overall mood.


Despite the benefits of natural light in interior design, not many houses or buildings are constructed to optimise light natural levels. Not everyone can move to sunnier locations, nor can you change the direction of the house for more natural light in house design. But all hope is not lost. There are a few changes you can make around your home to enhance any amount of natural light you do get. Read on to find out more.


10 Ways to Bring Natural Light into your Home

1. Light Colours

Light colours have a greater LRV or Light Reflectance Value, with white being the highest at 100 percent. It means that white is the most reflective colour and black the least, with a zero percent LRV. As it reflects natural light, white is the go-to option if you want to open up a space.


Bright white can come off as sterile and cold. But remember, you have options. White comes in many tints and undertones. Choose the hue and undertone that matches your overall aesthetic and complements the amount of natural light in house design. If you're absolutely against white, consider other lighter colours that will reflect natural sunlight in the home, such as pastels.

Natural light & artificial light in living room design - Beautiful Homes

Style tip:

Paint the ceiling white or a few shades lighter to make the room appear larger.

Natural sunlight for modular kitchen design with fireplace - Beautiful Homes

2. Shiny Surfaces

Lustrous surfaces naturally are good reflectors. Here are different ways to increase the glossy surface area in your home:

  • Add metal accents wherever possible- hardware and light fixtures are a few options.
  •  For kitchens and bathrooms, choose glazed wall tiles and shiny countertops such as marble, granite, etc.
  • Opt for a satin finish, eggshell sheen or high-gloss paint since these are more reflective than matte finish paints.

3. The Right Flooring

Polished surfaces are good reflectors of natural light and artificial light. Pick materials such as ceramic, stone or wood. They either naturally have a sheen or can be glazed or polished to achieve the desired finish. Shiny floors will reflect and bolster light natural. If you prefer matte finish or rugs and carpets, opt for ones in lighter hues to keep the space airy. 


4. Greenery

Greenery in and around your home can freshen up the home décor and the general look. But when left unchecked, it can block natural sunlight in the home. Any plants on the balcony or porch shouldn't prevent natural sunlight from filtering through. The same goes for any veins or creepers around natural light sources.

Natural light in interior design with white rugs - Beautiful Homes

5. Clean Windows

Regularly clean your windows from the inside and outside to ensure that natural light is let through. Any stains and debris build-up can deflect natural daylight.


6. Glass

Glass walls, doors and windows are the most effective ways to increase natural light in a home. If you notice carefully, houses with a lot of natural light use glass ubiquitously. But it is also an expensive solution and may require substantial remodelling.


Here are a few different ways you can use glass to allow in ample natural light in house design:

  • French windows are a great option to maximise natural light in interior design.
  • Opt for glass pocket doors or bi-fold doors not just for areas connected to the outside but also indoors. They work particularly well as partitions in large open-plan-like spaces as they allow the natural light in the home to move around and maintain visual continuity.
  • If you have access to stunning views, consider an entire glass wall. It will open up the room with natural sunlight and provide unobstructed access to the sights.
  • In small spaces, use natural light to open it up with atelier-style windows.
  • Bathrooms often receive the least amount of natural light in house design. Glass block walls can let in more natural light and make it look brighter.


Style tip:

Mirrors are tools great for amplifying natural light in interior design. Install them opposite the sources of natural light in the home or corners that don't receive as much natural light.

Artificial light in drawing room with wooden floorboard - Beautiful Homes

7.    Artificial light

Use artificial light to your advantage to complement the natural light. Irrespective of overall levels of natural light at home, there are always spaces that could use a boost- awkward corners, bathrooms, hallways, etc. Now that there are options in artificial light in terms of intensity, colour and temperature, homeowners have greater control.


The popular options are warm white/ yellow light, stark and cold white light and natural white light that mimics daylight in a home. 


Artificial sunlight is good to have in spaces where you get ready, like the bathroom, the dressing area, the bedroom, etc. It's also helpful to have artificial sunlight or ones that mirror natural white light in study or hobby rooms. It is gentler on the eyes and gives you an idea of what things would look like in light natural.


Style tip:

Irrespective of the colour and temperature you choose for artificial lighting, remember to get ones with dimmers. This will allow you to control light levels as the natural light in the home changes throughout the day.

8. Light Furniture

Just as with everything else, lighter-hued furniture will make the rooms appear expansive, particularly with low levels of natural light in the home. Light furniture also refers to pieces that are 'visually' light— they are not chunky and do not block movement or natural light in the house. For example, chairs and sofas with exposed legs, cubby-style shelves, open shelving, etc., provide more room for the flow of natural light in home design. It would also mean that the furniture should be the right size for the room.


Textiles are also quite crucial in how natural light in interior design works. Blinds and heavy curtains can block natural light in the house. Ensure that nothing is blocking doors and windows

Natural daylight in TV rooaNatural daylight in TV room with wood blinds - Beautiful Homesm with wood blinds - Beautiful Homes

Quick tip:

Colours react differently with natural light and artificial light. When you pick one, test it in your home first and see how it changes through the day as the amount of natural sunlight in the home shifts. Also, remember to check how artificial light bounces off of it.

Light natural in home interiors with white sofa - Beautiful Homes

9. From the Ceiling (skylight)

Nothing is as effective in drawing in natural lighting in architecture as skylights or roof windows. Due to its placement, you get consistent daylight at home without any hindrances or awkward shadows. Another great thing about skylights and roof lanterns is that you can incorporate them into any room, thereby increasing natural light in home design.

Benefits of Natural Light in Architecture & Interior Design

  1. House designs that use natural light well can help with energy conservation. With sensor technology, you can set timers for temperature, lighting, etc., in the house to work in tandem with the effects of natural white light. This reduc any excess usage.
  2. Good use of natural lighting in architecture brings out the construction details and can help regulate the environment indoors.
  3. One of the benefits of natural light in a home is that it enhances the space, making it appear bigger and open.
  4. Natural light is excellent at preventing moulds, fungal growth, insects and other pests. If your home doesn't receive enough natural white light, try to increase the amount of artificia sunlight.
  5. Other benefits of natural light in the home include its effect on our overall well-being. House design with natural light promotes the production of Vitamin D, reduces eye strain, helps with blood pressure and digestion, etc.
  6. Natural light is known to help improve mood and energy levels. House design with natural light helps homeowners by regulating melatonin and serotonin levels, maintaining sleep cycles, reducing chances of seasonal depression, etc.
  7. Natural white light makes the colours and textures in interiors pop and makes the space feel relaxed and comfortable.

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