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Hide your TV – Ideas that work

  • TV Unit Designs
Jan 19, 2023
TV unit design for your home - Beautiful Homes

A big TV can really clash with décor. These ideas make it easy to discreetly hide the TV while maintaining the beauty of your space

If your TV screen clashes with the aesthetic of your room, there are two effective interior design strategies: completely cover the TV, such as with a hidden TV cabinet, or find a way to use it as part of the décor. So let's explore some creative and classy hidden television ideas.


Hide TV Tip #1 – Make a Gallery

One of the most clever ways to hide TV screens is to camouflage them within a gallery wall. Monochromatic picture frames and bright prints or photographs draw the eye and provide colour, pattern, and personality that diverts attention to hide TV screens.

Hide TV Tip #2 – Decrease Contrast

When turned off, most television displays are dark, so painting the wall behind it a deep black, or blue-toned shade will help to conceal and hide TV screens. As with many hidden TV ideas, the effect can be enhanced by mounting the TV lower than eye level.


Hide TV Tip #3 – Upgrade to Smart TVs

To hide TV units in a smaller room, invest in a smart TV for a lower profile, sleeker unit for a smaller visual impact. While slightly high cost, this is one of the best ideas to hide TV in living room spaces as it takes less attention from your décor.

Decrease contrast with your TV wall & TV unit ideas - Beautiful Homes
Open shelf TV unit ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Hide TV Tip #4 – Open Shelf Displays

Among the most popular hidden television ideas is creating a built-in wall storage unit with decorative displays to give your eye a focus apart from the TV. Choose a symmetrical placement of shelves and curate your knick-knacks to enhance the feeling of a hidden TV cabinet design without any actual doors.

Hide TV Tip #5 – Try Unusual Spaces

One way to hide TV screens and prevent them from dominating the room is to avoid placing them in the centre of your space! A wall mounted hidden TV cabinet that is placed in the corner of your room is more understated and discreet.


Hide TV Tip #6 – Shift the Focus

Another key requirement for most hidden TV ideas is to avoid making it the focus of your room. With that in mind, position your furniture for cosy conversation rather than aimed towards the TV – hide TV screens in plain sight by making another area the room's main attraction.

TV unit design in your living room - Beautiful Homes

Hide TV Tip #7 – Go Neutral

For a classy looking hidden TV, wall cabinet designs that are custom made for your space are ideal. Try a deep grey shelving unit or natural textured finishes, like board and batten, to neutralise and hide TV units' shape and colour.


Hide TV Tip #8 – Cover with Art

One of the prettiest hidden television ideas is to use art to make a bi-fold or multifold screen cover. A single large painting or a collection of smaller ones are clever ways to hide TV screens – make the artwork appear to be the true focus with an art lamp above the canvas.


Hide TV Tip #9 – Use a Panel

Sliding panels are clever ways to hide TV units within rooms that are slightly smaller, as the doors don’t need any swing room. Choose a minimalist style, or custom built barn doors for a hidden TV cabinet with a rustic look.


Hide TV Tip #10 – Tall Cabinets

If you are looking for additional storage space as well as a hidden TV, wall cabinet designs that incorporate closed shelving or drawers might be the best fit. To avoid hassle, pick designs that hide TV electric wires with dedicated outlet and socket provisions.

Using screens to hide the TV in your home - Beautiful Homes

Hide TV Tip #11 – Use Screens

One of the easiest, quick and clever ways to hide TV screens is to place a room divider or another screen in front of it! This is an apartment and renter-friendly way to DIY hidden TV cabinet stylishly – even on a budget.


Hide TV Tip #12 – Distract and Deflect

When it comes to hidden TV ideas, this one is all about diverting attention to the surface behind it. You can hide TV screens within a bold wall-unit of rich wood and glass, place one against a geometric accent wall, or even against a striking feature wallpaper.


1. How To Stylishly Hide TV Units?

Depending on your interior design and practical needs, you could conceal it completely or choose to incorporate it within the décor of your room. Consider sliding doors or room dividers if space is limited.


2. What Are Clever Ways To Hide TV Screens In A Master Bedroom?

Finding a space within cupboards or fitted wardrobes, is one of the best hidden television ideas for concealing a TV in a bedroom design. As an alternative, think about installing a free-standing, custom cabinet with a pop-up feature at the foot of the bed.


For more suggestions, solutions and hidden TV cabinet ideas visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, explore our expertly curated magazine or find our previous projects for further inspiration. For all your interior design and renovation needs, our team of experienced professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes are here to help. To discover more about our services or products, book a 3D consultation call, or simply walk into any of our stores across India!

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