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Design your interiors with white brick walls

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Oct 12, 2022
White brick wall design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Looking for accent wall ideas for your place? A white brick accent wall can be a cosy addition to any space and here is how you can achieve it for your home

Desire to have a brick wall in your house, but do not like bright colours or they just do not sit with your house design? The answer is in the form of white bricks. This décor material has become a true décor trend in home design. In addition, white bricks for walls are fine thermal and sound insulators. Despite being a very prevailing wall surface, white bricks are very well-appropriate for details – bookshelves, artworks, photos (particularly black and white), flower pots, and hangers.


In any case, a white brick wall design adds personality to any space by functioning as a focal point or offering a backdrop that complements or contrasts the space’s other home interior design elements. Whether your design style is industrial or rustic, the magnificence and uniformity of a white brick interior wall can introduce texture and attractiveness. Below are examples of natural, painted, distressed and even faux white brick walls that can add an old-world charm or completely upgrade your space. Take a look at several beautiful solutions and get inspired!


Design your Interiors with White Brick Wall Design

1. Black and White Brick Wall

Black and white brick walls are a  major part of modern home interiors. Most homeowners are drawn towards the stunning brick wall texture for timeless allure scattered in the house.  The Black and white brick wall is a blend of the past and the present. It introduces elegance and depth to any dull interior. The black and white brick wall living room comes in a wide range of industrial-tattered styles to modern and vintage appealing. The brickwork can make a tremendous difference in the overall appeal of the living room. However, it is significant to remember black and white brick wall interior requires proper lighting. The black and white brick interior is also perfect for bedrooms.

White brick wall design ideas for your living room - Beautiful Homes

2. Red and White Brick Wall

A red and white brick wall design’s ability to transform a room is unmatched. With only a little bit of brick and cement, it works like magic. Red and white bricks are an immaculate choice for an accent wall since they draw the eye and serve as a focal point in any space. Cladding your house interiors with real bricks is also a more promising and eco-friendly option.



3. Grey and White Brick Wall

A grey and white brick wall is neither too earthy nor too simple, but its meticulous design makes it appropriate for the décor task at hand. It combines the finest of bricks and tiles to bring in some texture. The result is that your house’s interiors seem elegant and refined. In addition, an intriguing alternative to a red and white brick wall, a grey and white brick wall, may be created using mortar.



4. Get a Stunning Look with White Brick Tile Wall

Earlier brick walls were restricted mainly to under-construction sites and industrial sites. They were typically considered to be too grunge and impersonal for house interiors. But with time, interior designers have discovered the earthy charisma of a white exposed brick wall. The easiest way to introduce a white brick interior wall to your home is by using pure white-coloured brick veneers.  A white brick tile wall is made only from white concrete and gives off a soft, warm, and welcoming tone. No dye or colouring is added to the mix, providing a truly one-of-a-kind white brick interior wall look.

White brick wall wallpaper for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

5. White Brick Wallpaper can do the Trick as Well

Brick wall décor might be difficult to incorporate into your house décor at times. And, despite your best efforts, you may be compelled to settle for something less beautiful or desirable. Yet, here’s some good news. You may select white brick wallpaper or a grey white brick wallpaper to make up for what you can’t have. Contrast is something that a white brick wallpaper naturally brings to contemporary, minimal and even Scandinavian décor homes. This makes the brick wallpaper or even a white painted brick wall a choice that is easy to make and one that adapts well with various settings even as it creates an eye-catching focal point in the room. 

You can use it to improve the style quotient of your tiny foyer or if you are looking for some white brick wall bedroom ideas– the choices are truly limitless!


6. Exposed White Brick Wall Bedroom Ideas

Looking for some inspiration to save your bedroom from the monotony of monochromes? However, it is good to remember that using too many colours may affect the overall look (particularly if you have a small space bedroom). In such cases, your best bet is to play with accents! White exposed brick wall helps you do just that. Adding white bricks for wall interior can give your bedroom the ‘oomph’ it needs.

7.    White Brick Wall Design for Boho Homes

Boho interior décor style is very famous nowadays, and including white bricks for walls is a fantastic thought to spruce up such a space, particularly if you are embellishing it in neutrals. One can easily rock a statement white brick tile wall or a white brick wallpaper with some potted greenery and brown leather furniture – they will look accented in such a backdrop, plus you will get an ultimate boho space that fetches a lot of compliments.

White brick wall ideas for boho home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Wooden flooring with white wall brick design for your interiors - Beautiful Homes

Get a Stunning White Brick Wall Décor for your Space with Beautiful Homes

Pastoral, earthy, and genuine, white brick wall designs are here to stay. Right from their texture, to their character, brick wall designs are favoured by people for the charm they grant to our homes. Be it traditional or contemporary houses, you would have come across brick wall designs at some point or the other. Inspired by the raw interiors of industries, quintessentially, these brick wall designs are a sight to hold every time to see them!

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White brick wall design for your dining room - Beautiful Homes

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