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White marble vs Black marble: A guide

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Oct 28, 2022
White vs black marble for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes

The absolute luxury and elegance that marble exudes is something that no homeowner or would-be-homeowner would be a stranger to, read on to help you know your choices

As a homeowner, you’d want white marble floor tiles or white marble countertops or a white marble bathroom or white marble kitchen or even marble wall cladding, or all of these. The lovely patterns that show up in the marble slabs, especially those veins in natural marble are luxe to entice anyone. Having marble as the choice of mineral for interior design is a class apart. If you are about to be a homeowner or are one, what questions should you consider before buying marble? Should it be black? Should it be white? Should it be natural? Italian? If these are the questions that you are rappelling with as well, then look no further. We have compiled proven tips and tricks from our interior design experts on several dilemmas like how to pick the right marble for your home, what the dimensions should be, where to use black marble and. Where to use white, etc. Read on!

What is this Marble Thing?

Marble is a natural stone that’s made up of limestone or dolomite, and is crystalline in nature. Marble is widely available in a variety of colors. These colors may range from pure white to black, green, red or even brown. Every marble slab is created uniquely, with colors and patterns that are not identical to any other marble slabs. Italian marble is considered to be the finest in the world. 


The finest white marble is found in a nation called Italy (Carrara). Marble from Turkey (Ibiza) and Spain (Tranco), as well as Greece (Volakos) is also considered some of the highest quality products in the world. When it comes to India, white marble is found in the quarries of Makrana. A fun fact is that this is where the marble used to construct the gorgeous Taj Mahal was sourced from!

Marble flooring design for your kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

When it comes to black marble, it is available in Spain (Nero Marquina), Italy (Nero Portoro) and Greece (Levadia). Black marble is not as easily or readily available as white marble though, which makes it rare and valuable. Black Marble usually has fine veins in white or gold running through it. This venous design highly enhances its stunning aesthetic appeal. 



Where to use White Marble and where to use Black Marble?

Black and white is a classic pairing, and this combination can be used to create an arresting vibe in your house. Here are some examples.

Marble for your living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Black and White

Black and white is one of the many myriad ways you can add glamor to your interiors. Glitzy looking black marble on the floors with lustrous Italian white marble on the walls is a combination that creates a luxurious haven of elegance. You can use this combination as readily in the bathroom as in the bedroom. To accentuate the vigor in the space, add a mirror on the veined marble wall.


Another incredible way of using black and white marble together is to invert the combination above. Use white marble flooring and black marble as a backsplash wall. 

This luxurious combination, just like its predecessor, can be used as glamorously in the bathroom, as it can be in the bedroom. The white marble flooring artfully contrasts against the fine black marble on the walls. In order to create some intrigue, you could throw in some subtle lighting that would create shadows. Add mirrors to enhance the spatial vibe of the room.


Black and Gold

Black and gold is an edgy and enthralling combination that can create a magical vibe in an ultra-modern kitchen setting. Black and gold would be the countertop. If you add some gleaming chrome fittings to the look, your kitchen would look gorgeous.

Black & gold marble design for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes
White & black tiling for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

Black and White Tiling

A combination of white marble tiles with black marble tiles formed as an inlay would look absolutely stunning! If the white marble has gray grains, then that combination would emphasize the yin and yang aspects more.


White Marble vs. Black Marble



White Marble

Black Marble


Pure white marble is absolutely stunning. WHite Marble adds an air of sophistication to any interior that it is made a part of. As is the case with all shades of white, it opens up the space and makes it appear visually larger.

Black marble is edgy and eye-catching, and is best-suited for glamorous spaces. Examples of these spaces can include designer bars, luxury bathrooms etc. Matte black shades can make a room appear visually smaller, highly polished black marble has the effect akin to a mirror and can enhance even smaller spaces.

Veining Patterns

White marble usually has delicate veins or patterns. These patterns can be in yellow, brown, green or even gold. Pure white marble is available from a few quarries as well.

Black marble typically has inherent veins or fluid patterns in yellow or gold. Pure black marble is not easily available at all.


When used as a kitchen countertop, marble tends to stain with acidic substances such as lime juice. Coloured marble tends to turn noticeably whitish, which is the reason why white marble is widely considered the better choice for a kitchen.

Black marble can get discolored with even mild acids, so it is not the best choice for a kitchen countertop where spills are highly likely.


White marble must be surface-sealed and properly polished with several coats of tin oxide.

Black marble must be surface-sealed and properly polished with several coats of tin oxide.


Routine cleaning can be done on a white marble by wiping with a soft cloth. The soft cloth should be dipped in warm water. Gentle organic cleaning solutions work fine as well. Any spills should be cleaned immediately.

Warm water and organic cleaners work perfectly well for black marble surfaces. Use a soft cloth for cleaning. All spills should be cleaned immediately and not allowed to set in.

Typical Usage

White marble is usually used in flooring, for wall cladding and for kitchen countertops. White marble is also a popular choice for pooja rooms.

Marble black is typically used in flooring, for wall cladding and for kitchen countertops. Black marble is a very popular choice for bars, kitchen countertops and backsplashes, as well as luxury bathrooms.



How can Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Help?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. You simply need to let us know about the sort of interior design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with white marble countertops or black and white marble floor or even a white marble bathroom - we will be able to meet your needs well. We also help with specific furnishings such as marble black or white marble floor and can guide you through the whole process of selecting or renewing one. We happen to be experts in white and black marble and white black marble styles and have designed scores of customized interiors keeping the white and black marble design in mind. We also provide specific help with white marble designs or black marble designs.We've got it all, from furniture to wall treatments, lighting to wood solutions. Our design professionals are well-versed in all styles of interior design and ideas like white marble with black border. Our interior designs are splendid yet functional enough to create an elegant environment and make your experience memorable.

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