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Why custom design interiors are more expensive than standard interiors?

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Jun 06, 2022
Personal room interior design with natural light - Beautiful Homes

Custom designed interiors have become popular as they are an easier and hassle-free way to create a beautifully designed home that meets all your requirements. Here, we take a look at the benefits of custom designed interiors and why they are expensive

When you finally decide to buy or build a home of your own, you want every aspect of your living space to be perfect. This means designing the best layout, and choosing a personal room interior design that reflects your tastes and will enhance the look of your home. It is a lengthy affair and takes time and effort and, quite often, one may end up compromising on a lot of things.


The easiest way to design a home exactly the way you want it is by getting your home custom designed. Custom interior design is personalized interior design services for home buyers who want to build their dream home to fit their needs and aesthetics. A personalized interior design team will take care of the project, end to end, and deliver a home that is perfectly finished with all the features that the homeowner visualized incorporated into the design seamlessly.


Why Custom Design Interiors are More Expensive than Standard Interiors?

The construction and design of a new home can be tricky, and most homeowners aren’t equipped with the degree of expertise that is needed to comprehend every element of the construction process. A personalized interior design team, on the other hand, will ensure that every aspect is done on time, perfectly and professionally. Here are some reasons why custom interiors are more expensive than standard ones.


1. Because QUALITY Matters in Home Interior Design

There are many elements that go into designing a home and it is important to choose quality materials for personal room interior design to ensure that the end result is flawless and lasts for a long time. A custom house interiors design team will know where to source materials of the best quality. It may cost a bit more but will be the best choice for your home.

2. Custom Interior Design Offers Specialized Solutions

When building a dream home, there are a number of features that a new homeowner may want to incorporate. It could be a waterfall in the foyer, a trellis on a balcony or a jacuzzi in the bathroom. This may seem like a simple idea, but it isn’t that easy to do. For instance, a waterfall in the foyer will involve plumbing and piping work. A custom interior designer will be able to offer specialized solutions for your vision of your home and spending a bit more to get what you want will be worth it.

Marble custom interior design online - Beautiful Homes
Custom living room design with wooden blinds - Beautiful Homes

3. Custom Designs by a Personal Home Designer

Everyone wants unusual and unique elements that make their home stand out, but often, they are unsure what it is that they are looking for or how to incorporate it into their home. A custom home interior design, though a bit more expensive, will create exquisite visuals that will wow visitors to your home. Custom design, whether it is a simple statement wall for a personal room interior design, or more luxurious like an indoor koi pond, will definitely up the cost of your interior design budget.

4. A Personal Home Designer Will Put in Extra Efforts

When designing a home by yourself, you may want a certain element, for instance, a carved temple door for your entrance, and if you are unable to source it, you may give up. But your custom house interiors designer will make that extra effort and find that perfect door. It is these personalized services that make custom design a tad more expensive but getting exactly what you visualized is well worth it.


5. Custom Design Interiors are Luxurious

If you are looking to build a luxurious dream home filled with interesting features and exquisite details, it will be expensive. But a custom interior homes design team will ensure that your money is well spent and give you a living room space that is exceptional and unusual, and which caters to your every whim and fancy, be it a courtyard garden or a stained-glass skylight.


Benefits of Custom Interior Design

Earlier, custom interior design was limited to the uber-rich and famous. Today, with custom interior design and decoration being tailored as per budgets, many homeowners are opting for these personalized interior design services because of these advantages.


1. Custom Design Interiors offer personalized services

A home should reflect a homeowners’ tastes and personality. A good custom house interior design team will offer an interior design plan in which all of a homeowner’s personal room interior design needs and particular specifications are met. For instance, if you have a particular requirement, like a ramp, a divider or a Vaastu element, it will be incorporated in the design. Any issue that arises during the project, in regards to craftsmen, labour, and materials will be resolved efficiently to ensure that the project is finished in time and to your satisfaction.


2. Custom Interior Design offers Full Budget Control

Most people shy away from custom home interior design because they think it is too expensive. In reality, you can set your budget for the project and the interior design team will let you know what can be done within the budget. If there are any additions or changes, it will be discussed and approval sought. Once the budget has been set, the custom house interior design team will do their best to work within it. Unlike a contractor who will probably give you a quote and then add on to it as the work progresses, you can rest assured that you have complete control over the budget in a custom designed home.


3. Interior Design Expertise for Custom Home Interior Design

Sometimes, homeowners see a particular element or feature when rifling through custom interior design online, in a magazine or on TV, and want to include it in the design of their home. It may be very hard to perfectly achieve that in a standard interior design project but a personal interior designer has the knowledge, experience and expertise to make it a reality.

4. Custom Design Service Offers State of the Art Visualization

When designing a new home, people tend to look for custom interior design online and want the same design for their home. But they also feel scared to try out these bold ideas as they are not able to visualize how the end result will be. For instance, will the red boudoir that you saw in a magazine look as great in your home? A custom home interior designer will give a 3D rendering of the space that is being designed to give you an exact visualization of how it will look once it is finished.

Custom interiors with blue walls, golden chandelier & wooden floorboard - Beautiful Homes
Custom room interiors with brick wall paneling & floor lamp - Beautiful Homes

5. Project Management of a Custom Interior

Design and decoration of a new home seems like fun, but it involves a lot of legwork and research. With a custom interior design, a homeowner can have fun designing the house while leaving the irritating details to the custom interior homes design team. The personal interior designer will take care of the entire project from the initial layout, sourcing materials, managing labour and follow up and will ensure that you walk into a fully finished home at the end of it.

6. Picking Right Elements and Materials for a Custom Interior

As a layman, a homeowner will have little experience or expertise in mixing and matching colours and materials and it may be difficult to figure out what will work and what won’t. For a personal interior designer, this is their profession and they are qualified and have enough experience to guide you in making the best choices to ensure that the end result is a home that you are proud of and feel comfortable in.


Why Choose Beautiful Homes Custom Interior Design Service for your Interior Design?

At Beautiful Homes, our mission is more than just about creating beautiful spaces. We aim to provide a wonderful experience and an outcome that will positively impact the soul. We provide custom design service that will personally meet your design needs and will make your space look gorgeous, flow nicely, and maximize your financial budget. We offer personalised services and custom home interior design to fulfil your aspirations for a bespoke home that suits your lifestyle.


From design to execution, we believe that the customer must have a positive and fun experience in their home design journey. Enjoy the benefits of our curated and customer-centric service that redefines the approach to custom design service and caters exclusively to your home décor aspirations. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune. Check out our custom interior design online store to find exquisite home design elements that will transform your living space.

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