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Top ten window seating designs for your home

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Apr 06, 2022
Conceal & hide unavoidable space with the modern window seating ideas - Beautiful Homes

Cosy spaces that are designed to sit pretty by your window’s side

We’ve all been there, creating the Pinterest boards of our dream homes with over-the-top interior design ideas that simply don’t fit into our budgets or our space-starved homes. A dreamy window seat is right on top of our fairytale home lists. There’s something playful about a window sitting area that allows us to indulge our inner child. For some, it offers a chance to reconnect with the outside world, daydream and bask in the sunlight, especially in recent times when we’ve been forced to stay indoors for long periods of time. For others, a bedroom window seat is a necessity, a daybed that offers extra sleeping space for a child or guest. No matter your desires, we’ve complied a list of the best modern window seat ideas that will sit pretty by your window’s side.

1. Window Seating Design that Runs the Full Length of the Bedroom

Installing window seating into home interior design doesn’t always need to be striking or attention-grabbing. An elegant solution is the understated window seating in neutral colours that runs across the full length of the wall featuring the window. A modern window seat design that is constructed from wall to wall to extend the window sill also makes the most of the full width of the room, opening up the floor space rather than drawing attention or carving out an odd space into the bedroom.

Neutral colour full length window seating design for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sergiophoto/ shutterstock

This go-big approach to window seating pays off especially well if the window in question is also the largest element in the room. Window seating that is designed wall-to-wall can be made in materials such as concrete and PoP to match the flooring and walls to blend in for a seamless look. A bedroom window seat such as the one pictured here can also be fashioned out of wood to match and compliment the key material used in bedroom interior design – here it is the bigger furniture pieces like the bed, headboard and wooden partition that are finished in a light wood polish.


Style Tip: While adding an upholstered seating cushion to a bedroom window seat might be the most practical way to make use of the space, it can take away from the natural beauty of the view outside or clash with the interior design and interior décor of the rest of the room. But leaving the window sitting area bare can also mean that the window seat will simply sit pretty and go unused if it’s too uncomfortable. A simple solution to this are easy-to-move smaller seating cushions, such as the ones used for benches and chairs. Just stash them away when they are not in use so the window seat blends into the background of the room.

Simple bench with storage for your window seating in your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Rob wingate/ unsplash

2. Fake it Till you Make it with these Modern Window Seat Ideas

Fake it if you can’t make it. If you’re bound by budget or space constraints or simply don’t want to bother with customising furniture and creating built-in window seating, consider the makeshift window sitting area. You can create a cosy nook by the window sill in just a few simple steps – place a small two-seater sofa, an elegant settee or a smart bedroom bench seat by the window sill for a faux bedroom window seat experience. A bench with in-built storage set against a window will work wonders too.


Style Tip: If you plan to opt for the fake it till you make it approach to window seating, make sure the sofa you intend to place under the window sill has a low back or a back that just about reaches the bottom of the window sill.

3. Window Seat Ideas for Extra Storage

Want a cosy window sitting area but starved for space? The solution is window seating that not only maximises the awkward spaces close to the window sill but also doubles up as extra storage. Modern window seat ideas come with the option of built-in storage. Add pull-out drawers or cabinets that sit pretty below the window seating bench to stash away extra ben linen, cushions and more.


Style Tip: If you’re after a cosy reading nook, why not opt for open shelving below the window seating to create a mini library and show off your current and favourite reads. 

Window seating design with extra storage for saving up some space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Chris Haver/ shutterstock

Window seating doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom alone, by adding a window sitting area in the living room you can not only make sitting room for guests but also create smart storage to stow away personal objects while hosting parties and more.


4. Compact Modern Window Seat Ideas

If compact is the magic word of the cosy window seating nook of your dreams then match it with another fail-safe aesthetic – classic. If you’re working with a small window sill, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t draw too much attention to its smallness. Instead allow the window sitting area to blend into its surrounds completely – make sure the bench matches the window frames and walls in both colour and material.


Style Tip: Let the window seating camouflage as the window sill completely by adding small plants that can be moved around easily and swapped with cushions when you want to cosy up with a book or simply daydream.

Compact modern & cozy window seat ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Image courtesy, Daria Shevtsova/Pexels
House plant for the greenery lovers to enhance the window seating area - Beautiful Homes
Image courtesy, Petrenkod/ shutterstock
Conceal & hide unavoidable space with the modern window seating ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Svet_Feo/ shutterstock

5. Modern Window Seat Ideas to Conceal and Hide

Window seating options in modern interior design can be used to serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. When a bedroom window seat is not being used to create a cosy nook or to make way for some extra seating in the room, window seating can be used cleverly to conceal and hide the unavoidable space hogging features such as air purifiers, heaters, AC vents and more. Louvered slats can be used to conceal the bottom of the window sitting area that holds such large and clunky appliances.

On the one hand, modern window seat ideas, such as the one pictured here, are used to conceal unwanted objects, sometimes it is the window sitting area that one might want to hide altogether.


In such cases, large ceiling-to-floor curtains will serve the purpose cleverly. An added bonus, children and young adults will simply love ceiling-to-floor curtains that conceal the window seating, creating hidden spots for roleplay and makeshift tents and treehouses.  


Style Tip: An important aspect of modern bedroom interior design to consider when installing window seating is the placement of curtains, blinds and other window treatments. To make the most of the daylight pouring in at the window sitting area, consider installing roll-up blinds set against the window seating. For sound sleep at night, you can install ceiling-to-floor curtains in heavier and darker fabrics that don’t just keep out the excess light and sound but also conceal the window seating completely when the window sitting area is not in use. 

6. Dreamy Bedroom Window Seat Ideas

While modern window seat ideas can be customised to fit into the design of any room of the house, the bedroom window seat is the dreamiest of them all. Set against the bed, it’s the perfect place to wind down with a book before sleeping or for the perfect morning cuppa as soon as you wake up. It works especially well if you don’t have enough space in the bedroom for a chaise lounger or extra-deep couches or chairs.


Style Tip: When styling a bedroom window seat, you can match the furnishing and upholstery of the window seating to the bed linen and cushions for a more cohesive look. If you don’t want to commit to a single textile, make sure the window seating is designed with seating covers that are easy to remove and change. 

Adding cushions to enhance your dreamy bedroom window seating design - Beautiful Homes
Modern window seat ideas for high windows for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Redd/ unsplash

7. Modern Window Seat Ideas for High Windows

A high window can pose a unique and peculiar challenge if you want to make way for modern window seating in any room. But instead of foregoing window seat ideas, consider banking the seat by creating one or two steps for an amphitheatre-like window sitting area or go all out with statement-making window seating that is custom designed to fit into the space below the window sill.


STYLE TIP: Modern window seating ideas aren’t limited to creating solitary nooks. When built smartly, window seating can be used to create additional seating areas in living rooms to encourage conversation, in addtion to traditional sofa arrangements or to even replace them completely.

8. Modern Window Seat Ideas for Unconventional Windows

Not all windows come in the easy-to-style classic square or rectangle shapes but if you’re after modern window seat ideas for unconventional window shapes and sizes, consider filling in the gaps completely. Whether it’s bay windows or windows placed in a L-shape, the best approach to window seating is to build a window seat to completelty fill out the recesses or alcoves created by the windows. If you’re lucky enough to have dual aspect windows, then you can maximise seating by installing two window seating arrangements next to each other.

Window seating ideas for an unconventional window in your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photo Maven Stock/ shutterstock

Style Tip: An oddly-shaped window sitting area must be dressed simply so as to not draw too much attention. Consider using neutral shades for the upholstery, cushions and even the curtains in such a window sitting area.

Window seating design that doubles up your daybed giving extra space to sleep - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tina Witherspoon/ unsplash

9. Window Seating Ideas that Double Up as Daybeds

Modern window seating ideas have a strong functional aspect to them and creating a daybed set against the window is by far the smartest use of the space. Cleverly designed window seating can help create an extra space to sleep in the bedroom, guest room or living room for visitors.


STYLE TIP: Deep set window seating may create cosy nooks for a cat nap but they aren’t ideal if you just want to sit, lounge or hang out. The easiest solution is to invest in sturdy bolsters, oversized cushions and lumbar pillows that you can lean on instead of the hard surfaces of the wall or crouching without any back support at all. 

10. Modern Window Seat Ideas for your Furry Friends

There’s no doubt that every family member and guest is going to compete for the window seat in your home. After all it is the best spot in the house so why not consider using this precious window seating to make a dedicated space for your pets. The best part is that a cosy bed for your furry friend takes up very little space in comparison to seating for adults anyway so all of your pet’s favourite objects will fit right into a compact window seating arrangement.


STYLE TIP: Consider installing sturdy wooden blinds and sliding windows that shut securely if you intend to use the window seating arrangement for your pets. After all, safety comes first when it comes to your furry friends.

Modern window seating ideas for your furry friends - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Africa Studio/ shutterstock

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