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Wood design ideas for your home decoration

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Nov 08, 2022
Wooden interior design for home - Beautiful Homes

From classic wooden floors, to structural elements, to furniture both traditional and modern, wood has been used in our homes for millennia. Let’s explore some ways interior designers still prefer wood when planning a home

So what makes wood such a steady favourite? For one thing real wood home décor imparts unique character. As no two pieces of real wood are the same, interior designers and homeowners often turn to wooden items for home decoration because the material introduces distinctive patterns, textures and design elements into a space.


Secondly as sustainability becomes increasingly crucial, one of the simplest ways to incorporate biophilic design ideas into exterior and interior architecture is by choosing wood structures and wooden home accessories. What is more, research has shown that using natural wood for interiors can enhance emotional health and reduce stress. Natural materials, neutral colours, and wooden home décor items enhance relaxation and inspire creativity.


And last but not least, the durability and the sheer adaptability of wood truly make this material an evergreen favourite!


Wooden Furniture & Wooden Decorative Items

The quickest approach to embracing wood interior design in your home is through wooden furniture and small accessories. From water-resistant and simple to maintain wood cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens to lighter wood furniture or cladding for a living room wall, wooden design items add neutral style and a natural aesthetic. And while many of us prefer solid wood furniture for its luxury and timelessness, MDF and wood finishes have grown in popularity recently because of their affordability and durability. A room can be completely transformed by a simple wooden wall, wood décor or even a single eye-catching wooden furniture piece.


1. Wood Décor Tip #1 : Dining and Kitchen Areas

The heart of any home is the modular kitchen, which makes this the ideal place to embrace the cosiness and sturdiness of wood. Whether as cabinets and a beautiful dining table set, or as exposed beams and a wood wall, interior design experts all consider wood necessary to create a homey rustic theme. If your dining tables and doors are of old, dark wood, pick an assortment of lighter toned wooden decorative items for wall shelves and opt for a pendant light to add character and interest to this warmly decorated space.


2. Wood Décor Tip #2 : Wooden Bedroom Furniture

When picking a primarily wood interior design, bedroom design ought to be soothing, comfortable and calm. A light wooden bed and a soft neutral colour scheme will give you a calm, airy, and welcoming room ideal for relaxation. If your bed is of darker solid wood, and you might want an effective way to utilise dark wood in your bedroom, remember the 80/20 rule – keep light wood to 80% of the visual composition, with the darker wooden home décor items the remaining 20%, in order to create attractive contrast.

3. Wood Décor Tip #3 : Storage and Wardrobes

With space being at such a premium today, pick your wood home décor with practicality and storage in mind. Novel solutions that provide handy accessibility to your things are the goal. Look for a bedside table with drawers or open shelves, or a wardrobe with adaptable storage, in the wood textures and tones that match your larger furniture pieces. If you are considering wooden decorative items for living room areas, open bookcases that provide storage while retaining a sense of space and roominess are ideal.

Wood home decor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Wooden decor for home renovation - Beautiful Homes

4. Wood Décor Tip #4 : Study and Home Offices

Your study needs to be thoughtfully outfitted, creating a balance of comfort and energy that inspires better work concentration. Here wooden home décor items need to be as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing –  such as mounted bookshelves along a wall, wood décor that doubles as stationary storage, or a well proportioned work desk that houses your computer equipment and still leaves room for other essential miscellany. For an innovative office solution, try a pegboard wooden wall; decorative items and work paraphernalia can then be mounted on customisable and adaptable shelving.

5. Wood Décor Tip #5 : Wooden Room Dividers

For an open-concept living area, adding a wooden partition will help demarcate the space without creating a permanent wall. Depending on your living room wall, wooden design screens can be freestanding or wall mounted. Furthermore they could be intricately decorated, act as a frame for a wood wall hanging décor piece or just be simple and utilitarian depending on your design needs. By adding a wooden room divider that provides storage and display, such as a bookcase or crockery cabinet, you could greatly increase the functionality of your space.

6. Wood Décor Tip #6 : Accents and Accessories

Be it a striking sideboard, a delicate cutwork screen, quirky embellishments, or carved tchotchke, wooden decorative items reflect your tastes and enhance your space. For instance, a modern wooden mirror frame design would be the ideal wall accent that both draws the eye as a conversation piece and serves to increase the reflected light in a foyer or living room design. Match the undertones of your wooden pieces so that they feel visually cohesive.

Wood decoration items for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Wooden Decorative Items that Dazzle

  1. Wooden Decorative Items for Living Room Spaces

    Eco-friendly and sustainable, Bamboo is a clever way to add a touch of wood to a busy room. Whether as delicately modern lamp shades or smart woven wooden art, home decorations made from light bamboo wood can fit with a range of living room design themes and trends.

  2. Wooden Home Décor Items that Combine Form & Function

    A beautifully designed blanket ladder or ladder shelf is a unique way to add both storage and charm to a dressing area or bedroom. This is a particularly good solution for a primarily dark wood interior design bedroom plan as the widely spaced rungs lend the piece a note of airy stylishness especially when empty.

  3. Handcrafted Wooden Decorative Items for Wall Mounted Storage

    When looking at wall mounted shelving, consider organic forms like a live edge, where the craftsperson enhances the wood's natural edge rather than makes a straight cut line. Choosing rustic forms and finishes for your wood home décor will elevate the depths and textures of the natural wood grain.

  4. Modern Wooden Mirror Frame Design

    Selecting a large wood-framed mirror will improve the lighting and visibility in the space. A textured rustic wood frame offers character and contrast to a smooth circular mirror. Alternatively choose a smooth light wood, wall hanging décor in a similar shade and clean rectangular mirrors for a contemporary minimalist theme.

  5. Custom Wooden Decorative Items

    Visit the craft fairs and exhibitions in your area to meet craftspeople and explore the option of custom made pieces. Be it a personalised piece of framed art, a decorative side table or a unique mixed wood wall, interior design experts believe that experiencing the process adds special depth and meaning to the final piece.
Wood wall interior design with dining table - Beautiful Homes

Maintain your Wooden Furniture

  • Apply a natural wax or orange oil to your wood furniture to polish and protect it – never clean it with harsh chemical cleaners or solvents.
  • To keep your furniture in brand-new condition, hire a professional to polish it at least once every year.
  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight to prevent drying or cracking.
  • Use coasters or cover the surface with a tablecloth before placing hot or wet things on it.


FAQs - Wooden Items for Home Decoration

  1. How do Interior Designers use Wood?

    Interior designers commonly use wooden items for home decoration in spaces where they want to add warmth, texture and an element of natural harmony.

  2. Which Wood is Best for Decoration?

    While teak or dark wood is more traditional for furniture or a wooden wall, decorative items in other wood tones such as cool ash, light bamboo, etc. can be used for a more modern freshness or minimalist themes.

  3. How do you Decorate Wood?

    When it comes to wooden art, home decorations can come in a wide range of finishes; depending on the stains, polishes, paints, carvings and textures used, your wooden item can fit into an assortment of diverse design schemes. 

  4. What is Wooden Interior Design?

    Wooden home accessories have become so popular in contemporary design because wood is imbued with a versatility that makes it easy to integrate with various materials and textures, while still offering cosiness and welcome.
Wood home decor items for balcony - Beautiful Homes

Hopefully this has helped inspire some ideas and given you a simple guide to selecting the ideal wooden home accessories to suit your home and design theme.


And if you would like a little more of a helping hand, at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams by providing solutions for all your interior design & renovation needs – you can even source the latest décor styles with our curated collection – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.

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