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Wood Veneer vs Laminate: Which is better for your wardrobe?

  • Wardrobe Design
Feb 21, 2023
Laminate cupboards vs Wood Veneer Wardrobes: Which is better? - Beautiful Homes

Both laminate and wood veneer are popular wardrobe design choices as both look good in any home design style. Here, we check out their advantages and disadvantages to help you figure out which would be a better fit for your home

In the 17th century, wardrobes were made of real wood; they were huge and took up space. Gradually, wardrobes became less bulky, slimmer and more streamlined and the modern wardrobe comes in chic and sophisticated designs with stunning wood veneer and laminate finishes.

Both laminate and wood veneer are good choices for a wardrobe as both can quite easily be incorporated into any kind of home design, contemporary or traditional.  Here is an overview, with advantages and disadvantages, to help you figure out which would be a better fit for your home. 

Wood Veneer Wardrobe

Veneers consist of thin sheets of wood that have been peeled off wood blocks with a slicing machine. Multiple layers of these sheets are glued together or a single layer can be glued on top of engineered wood for a wardrobe design.

Wood Veneer Wardrobe Designs & Cupboards: Which is better? - Beautiful Homes
Grey Wood Veneer Wardrobes Designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Advantages of Wood Veneer Wardrobe

  • Wood veneer cupboard doors give the look of an all-wood wardrobe but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Wood veneer wardrobe can be customized with polish, varnish and stains, offering myriad design possibilities.
  • Wood veneer is easier to cut and shape into veneer cupboard doors than real wood.
  • Machine sliced veneer cupboard doors have smooth edges and surface finishes with uniformity that provide a classic and timeless look.
  • A wood veneer wardrobe is eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. 

Disadvantages of Wood Veneer Wardrobe

  • Wood veneers can get damaged with prolonged exposure to water and heat.
  • A wood veneer cupboard needs skilled workers as the air gap in the sheets must be flattened properly for a smooth finish.
  • A wood veneer cupboard requires some degree of maintenance and may need a polish from time to time to help them last longer.
  • Since wood veneers are made of thin sheets of wood, it is difficult to sand and once damaged cannot be repaired.
  • Wood veneer is glued over engineered wood and due to expansion and contraction of wood, cracks may appear over time.
Grey Wood Veneer Cupboard Designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Laminate Wardrobes

Laminate is a decorative finish that is formed by bonding multiple layers of thin sheets of engineered wood with resins and then compressing it under heat. Matte, semi-gloss and glossy laminates for wardrobes are available in gorgeous designs, like floral laminates for wardrobes or abstract designs that can give a sense of refinement to furniture.

Brown & Beige Laminate Wardrobe Designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Advantages of Laminate Wardrobes

  • A laminate cupboard is made of composite wood and is much more affordable than real wood.
  • The uppermost layer of laminate wardrobe doors is scratch resistant and can take most kinds of household abuse.
  • The colours used on laminate wardrobes will not fade over time.
  • The best laminates for wardrobes come in beautiful colours and designs that can enhance the look of your space.
  • Cleaning laminate cupboards is easier than cleaning wood veneer. All you need for cleaning laminate cupboards is a wipe down with a wet cloth to keep it clean.
  • Laminate is easy to work with and is most often pre-cut and laminate cupboard installation takes very little time. 

Disadvantages of Laminate Wardrobes

  • Over time, glossy laminates for wardrobes can warp in high moisture areas.
  • If the laminate cupboard’s top layer cracks or gets disfigured, it cannot be sanded like wood.
  • Laminate wardrobe doors are made with resins and are not environmentally friendly.
White Laminate Wardrobe Designs for your home - Beautiful Homes


1.Are veneer doors stronger than laminate cupboard doors?

Both wood veneers and laminates are quite strong, durable and resilient, but laminate cupboard doors are more resistant to scratches and stains. Wood veneers might require more maintenance and care than laminates.


2. Are laminate wardrobes a good choice?

Laminate sliding wardrobe doors are a great choice for wardrobes as they are affordable, durable and the best laminates for wardrobes come in amazing colours and designs. Laminates can be broadly classified into textured, high gloss, soft and matte. There are also textured laminates that can replicate the feel of materials, like wood or stone.


3. Which is more costly–wood veneer wardrobe or laminate wardrobes?

Wood veneer has a thin layer of real wood as the top sheet and is therefore more expensive than laminate. But, in truth, the veneer versus laminate cost difference may sometimes depend on the raw materials used during manufacture and the actual process of making the sheets.


4. How to tell the difference between laminate wardrobes and wood veneer wardrobe?

Grain patterns are one way to differentiate between wood veneer and laminate, as wood veneer will have unique grain patterns. But with the beautiful laminate finishes that are available these days, it can be tough for a layman to spot the difference.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wardrobe Designs?

At Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes, the professional designers ensure that you get exactly what you envisioned. Whether you are looking for floral laminates for wardrobes or laminate sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom wardrobe design, we have it all. Check out our interior designs completely personalised furniture, including wardrobes, to complement the aesthetic of your space, at our online store, or book a 3D consultation for a visual sample. Walk into our state-of-the-art home décor and furnishing stores spread across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune, Amritsar, Tumakuru and many more cities.

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