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Beautiful & practical wooden TV cabinet designs for every home

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Apr 05, 2023
Magnificent wooden tv panel design for living room – Beautiful Homes

Revamp your living area with these unique wooden TV units

The living room is where the magic of family transpires. It closely competes with the dining room’s comforting bustle, but even then it’s still undoubtedly the most important area of a home. The interior design of the living room is the centrifugal space that invites family members and guests alike to sit together and bear witness to a high-stakes cricket match, an intense reality TV show, or to gather around for a game of cards. It also sets the tone for the subsequent interiors of your home space, becoming your visitors’ first impression of your entire house.


A revamped TV unit design can wildly transform your living room, lending a fresh update to your living room design that could possibly change the feel of the house itself. A wooden TV unit for the living room can especially enhance the overall style of a space.


In fact, there are many varieties of living room TV cabinet designs out there:

  • In a wall-mounted cabinet the TV is mounted upon the wall, with the cabinet placed below.
  • The open-frame cabinet includes a unit with a couple of open shelves.
  • The entertainment centre is a sprawling unit with several shelves and cabinets.
  • In a closed cabinet the shelf spaces are cabinets that can be closed off.


But why invest in a TV cabinet unit in the first place?


TV unit designs, including wooden TV cabinet designs for living room, can both stylise your living room and provide functionality in the form of storage. When considering what kind of design to opt for, the primary factor to think about is your TV’s size, shape, and colour. The other aspects you need to be mindful about include the décor and design of the rest of your home and how you intend to utilise the cabinet.


Whether it’s a glass cabinet or a wooden TV unit for living room, a fresh idea for a TV cabinet can infuse something new and vibrant to your home. You can even be creative in making the most of your TV unit by turning it into more storage space, or by getting rid of the clutter of living room furniture by opting for a wall-mounted TV unit instead.


A wooden TV unit for living room can truly enhance your space and provide the sturdy looks and quality a wooden TV unit design would inherently bring with it. With the sea of information about wooden TV stand design ideas out there and few that are truly informative, choosing the right kind of TV unit wooden design that is particular to you and benefits your space can be a daunting experience.


Fortunately, we have you covered with just the knowledge you need!


Benefits of Wooden TV Unit for Living Room

Have you ever heard of wood going out of fashion? Ever since the dawn of time—or at least since man knew how to make use of it—wood has always been in vogue. When it comes to a TV cabinet with wooden design, it could very well be the perfect choice. Wood is strong, sturdy, comes in various warm colours, and adds texture. With its limitless versatility, a TV unit with wooden design can fit right in, no matter whether your home requires a traditional or contemporary look.


As a popular and trendy choice, there is a wide range of wooden TV stand design ideas that feature different finishes, styles, colours and textures of wood that you can pick from. While a TV unit wooden design works well in all kinds of spaces, a wooden TV unit for living room is especially popular because of its easy aesthetic appeal that can be both minimalist and luxurious depending on what you want. Always high in functionality and always stylish, a TV unit design with wooden themes accomplishes a lot with minimum effort. Here are a few ideas for wooden TV cabinet designs for living room.

1. Wall Mounted Wooden TV Unit for Living Room

When the entertainment centre itself is themed on wood, wooden TV cabinet designs  turn into a statement piece for the living room. The wooden panelling behind the wall-mounted TV lends a sleek, modern feel to the entire unit, while the cabinet and shelves become an option for storage or showcase as the mood dictates. The chunk of wood upon the shelf is a nice touch and compliments the overall design.

Best wooden tv unit design for your living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Sleek wooden tv cabinet designs for living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

2. Floating TV Cabinet with Wooden Design

This floating TV unit with wooden design is a low-profile, chic affair that gives a clutter-free look to smaller living rooms. The neutral-toned natural wood veneer balances out the strikingly vibrant tones of the other furniture.

3. Traditional Wooden TV Unit for Living Room

If you want to add a traditional touch to your living room, consider wooden TV stand design ideas that include materials complementary to wood, such as bamboo. While it offers little storage options, it is still a statement-making TV unit and is a refreshing take on modern, wooden TV stand design ideas.

Magnificent wooden tv panel design for living room – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nilaya by Asian Paints

Simple wooden tv unit design ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Accademia Collection

4. Minimalist Wooden TV Unit for Living Room

Minimalist wooden TV cabinet designs for living room are the perfect choice if you want to go for an organised and clean look for your hall. Stylish and versatile in a bold dark colour, this TV cabinet wooden design offers an understated look of opulence and luxury.

5. Simple Wooden TV Cabinet for Living Room

If you’d rather just go for a tried-and-tested option than experiment with any more wooden TV cabinet designs for living room, look no further than this modern wooden TV console. With enough storage to hide away your media essentials along with some shelf space for décor objects, this TV cabinet with wooden design is high on functionality and simplicity. Not only does this modern wooden TV console provide ample storage and a sleek design, it also complements any interior design aesthetic with its classic wooden finish.

Lovely wooden tv wall design for living room – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nilaya by Asian Paints

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