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Children’s Bedroom Interior Designs

A bedroom meant exclusively for children does not only become a space meant for sleeping. For children, a room dedicated to their needs and requirements by default becomes a multifunctional space. It is meant for studying, playing, sleeping and additionally, it is also the space that can hold a lot of their things. The interior for children’s bedroom, therefore, needs to be carefully planned.


Types of Kid's Bedroom Designs

Children Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes
Children's Bedroom with Wooden Furniture
Small Child Bedroom Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Spacious Children's Bedroom Design
Child Cote Room Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Simple Children's Bedroom Design

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Kid’s Bedroom Interior Design FAQs

Is a children’s bedroom important?

If you have space in your home to create a separate space for children, then yes, it is always advisable to have a room that is entirely dedicated to your children and their requirements. Apart from the practical advantage, that there is a separate room to store everything related to kids, there is also the fact that kids can learn to be more independent when they have their own room. They also learn the value of privacy and the responsibility of looking after their things when they get older.

How do you decorate a children’s bedroom interior?

While it is important that the room for kids ties in with the overall aesthetic of your house, you can have fun with the decor. Make sure whatever you choose to do with the room is in keeping with your child’s personality, likes and dislikes. If you have a baby or a toddler, then make sure the interior design of the bedroom is such that he or she can grow into it. It shouldn’t be something that would need to be changed too often. Storage is another aspect that needs to be looked into when it comes to children’s bedroom interior design. There should be enough to accommodate the needs of a growing child. And don’t be afraid to use bright colours and interesting patterns. It will help keep your child engaged. Use materials that are durable and good enough for rough use as well.

What kind of storage should I plan in a children’s bedroom interior?

Storage is of prime importance in a children’s bedroom interior design. Wardrobes, bookshelves and a chest of drawers or a basket for toys if the kids are small are must-haves in a children’s room. If space is an issue, then a bed with storage can be an alternative. In terms of kids furniture, a desk too would be a good idea to include in a little older child who has started school. Make sure the materials you use for your storage furniture is not of the breakable sort or with sharp edges, as that could hurt the child. Use wall space if the room is small, so hanging shelves or racks is a good idea.


Interior Design Ideas for Children’s Bedroom

A bedroom meant for children, especially when they are small, should not be looked at just as another space with an interior that needs to complement that of the rest of the house. The approach to children’s bedroom interior design has evolved over the years, with parents and designers understanding the multifunctionality and versatility that such a room needs. Given that kids will spend a lot of their time in this space if they have their own room, all aspects of their development and their personality, likes and dislikes, should be considered while designing the bedroom. It should be a space for studying, playing and where they can be comfortable. Storage is also a very important aspect of planning a children’s bedroom.



Benefits of a Children’s Bedroom

  • An important advantage of having a bedroom for children is that they learn to be independent faster. It also provides a sense of comfort, security and belonging when they have their own room.
  • An interior of children’s bedroom can be geared towards the growth of the child by creating an interesting design that can aid in their development. For example, if the child is small, then colourful wallpapers centred on a theme that can familiarise them with the topic and help develop cognitive skills is a good interior design idea for children’s bedroom.
  • A separate bedroom for children also means more storage for their things, from toys and clothes to books, stationery and several other items important for a growing child, so storage space is an important advantage when planning an interior for children’s bedroom.
  • It helps children, especially older kids, enjoy and understand the importance of privacy and also provides a space where they can study or read without being disturbed.
  • Having their own bedroom will also likely inculcate the habit of looking after their space and their things, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.



Interior Design Ideas for Children’s Bedroom

The kind of interior design that should be done for a children’s bedroom depends on a variety of factors. Apart from the parents’ tastes and preferences, those of the children should also be taken into account. The most important thing that will influence the children’s bedroom interior design is age. In older kids, it would depend on the number of kids sharing the room and their likes and dislikes and finding common ground. For some homeowners, it might also be a good interior design idea for children’s bedroom to find a common thread that ties the children’s bedroom interior to the overall aesthetic of the house. But care should be taken that it does not compromise on the preferences of the children themselves. Other more practical factors should be kept in mind as well.


1. Interior Design Ideas Based on Space

As with other rooms of the house, the amount of space available plays a significant role in planning the interior of a children’s bedroom as well. If there is a comfortable amount of space, then it is possible to add more elements, including a bigger study desk and wardrobe and an interesting bed. In case two kids are sharing a room, there would be room to have twin beds instead of bunks, which is also a good option. If, on the other hand, space is less, then bunk beds (when two or more kids are sharing a room) is a more practical option, as is multifunctional furniture (like fold-in desks). In case space is an issue when it comes to decoration, the modern children’s bedroom ceiling is a great way to not just make the room look interesting but engage the child as well. For example, a modern children’s bedroom ceiling design idea, especially over the bed, could be to have it decorated to mimic the night sky, with stars and a moon, or even outer space.


2. Interior Design Ideas Based on Budget

Next to space, the budget and how much is allocated to the purpose of the children’s bedroom interior design is equally important. If the budget is limited, there is still a lot that can be done to enhance the children’s bedroom; painting the walls is the easiest way and it is relatively cost-effective. With the use of stencils, colouring a wall in a bright shade is a great way to decorate a kids’ room. Another option would be to use interesting and fun wall decals, adding in colour through greenery or adding a rug or multiple throw pillows. Multifunctional furniture is also budget-friendly—beds with storage, wall shelving units for books and toys, among other things.


3. Based on Materials

When it comes to children’s rooms, the materials to decorate the space need to be carefully selected, particularly if the children are small. Avoiding any kind of breakable material and choosing durable and materials good for rough use is a failsafe alternative. When it comes to soft furnishings like bedsheets, bedspreads, blankets etc, cottons and linens are a good idea instead of anything extravagant. Materials with textures and patterns will add an element of fun and interest and also help younger children understand and absorb different shapes and forms.


4. Based on Colour

Bright colours will always work well in children’s rooms. However, it is also important to ensure that they don’t get bored of the shade and also grow into their room. So colour combinations like bold and bright hues should ideally be used in moderation. All white, minimal rooms can also work, with the right accents of colour, which can be used on shelves or wardrobe surfaces or furniture upholstery.



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