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Dining Room Design


How to select a dining room design?

A dining room design is a common feature in almost every house. It is a place where families do more than just eat meals, but also a place to gather around and chat or hang out with one another. While separate dining rooms may be difficult to carve in large urban cities where homes face space constraints, they still allow for dining tables. The dining room interior design should, therefore, be done such that it fits coherently with the interior design of the rest of the house. For that, proper spatial planning is to be employed, along with the size and number of furniture pieces, the shape, size, and material of the dining table, etc.


Types of Dining Room Designs

The currently trending dining area design ideas are as follows:


Classic Wooden Dining Room Design

A classic wooden dining area design perfectly reflects charm and warmth, like that of the traditional family dining experience. This design is typically fronted by a huge, sturdily built wooden table, with matching chairs, surrounded by intricately designed furniture, which screams finesse and quality. The color profile mostly leans toward neutral, with the rich wood tone supplying both comfort and coziness. Vintage-style chandeliers, wooden sideboards, or buffets for added storage are found to be best when used in a variety of decorations, and textured rugs and drapes can never go wrong when it comes to the homely atmosphere.


Modern Design of a Dining Room

Minimalism and sustainability are the vibes that modern dining room designs breathe. Straight lines and curves, minimum accessories used, and a primary palette for color are what define the design. Normally, the furniture used is sleek and undecorated. The materials used are steel, glass and polished wood. The critical element in lighting in this design is pendant lighting or recessed lighting that offers illumination to the area. In a luxury modern dining room design, focal points are created with artwork or statement pieces, which come in very handy in adding a touch of personality without overwhelming your space.


Contemporary Design in the Dining Room

The contemporary designs of dining areas combine modern looks with the execution of elements from different eras. They exude a mix between different styles, textures, and colors. Furniture can vary from the classic to geometric shapes, which are very modern, thus creating a type of dynamism in the visual. What most people would expect in a modern dining room would be bold color contrasts, unique lighting, and art pieces. It also highlights the incorporation of natural lighting and open spaces. Amid all this eclecticism, there is a feeling of harmony and a sense of balance in the contemporary dinner room design.


Dining Room Décor ideas & tips


Dining Room Color Scheme Selection

It can also be designed to create a mood with the right color scheme. Soft white, creamy taupe, and sky blue are colors that will create a soft, serene feeling, while bold colors such as moody teal or rich bronze add drama and depth. Alternatively, you can go dark with jewel tones for that luxurious feel or embrace vibrancy in shades such as vibrant yellow or forest green. The other alternative would be to find slightly more neutral tones like say, for example, grey-beige or agreeable grey that offer their own attractive tones. Ensure you always factor in how much natural light the room gets, the size of the room, and your overall home design aesthetics when selecting the colors to finish your walls and ceilings.


Choosing the Right Dining Room Furniture

Now, the centerpiece of your dining room is its table. There's no perfect option, after regards to shape and size, only the one whose best fits your space and accommodates our needs. Round tables marry the practical and the conversational qualities alike. Rectangle and square tables are functional and work well in most settings. Glass tables emit airy openness, and wood ones make a room feel warmer. Almost all come with a variety of chair styles, so you may decide with the table to match accordingly. Don't forget about storage - sideboards or china cabinets should be both functional and good-looking. Always make sure the furniture pairs with the style and colour scheme of the dinner room design.


Lighting Tips for Dining Rooms

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for your dinner room design. A well-lit dining room feels warm and welcome. Start with a statement light fixture—the chandelier or pendant over the dining table—to set the area. Then add accent lights: sconces and floor lamps so no shadows fall in the areas where one stands surrounded by light. Install dimmers if you'd like, but otherwise, it's an easy adjustment to make for brightness. Value daylight hours bring to your spaces; let natural light be part of the solution, whereby the sun fills your room, and all feels light and free. Light fittings should harness the style of the dining room 100% of the time.


Wall Decor and Artwork Ideas

Wall decor and artwork will instill so much life in the blank walls that are evoked from your dining room design. Here are many ideas to lighten up your dull walls. For instance, think about a gallery wall—you have collected artworks or personal photographs and decorate using your taste. Quirky ornaments and multipurpose storage hacks give your room a bold stroke of individuality. Oversized photography or framed prints can add a definite focal point. Vintage maps or DIY murals can be sure to bring an interesting, personalized element. Mirrors should be placed for rooms to look bigger and brighter. Just keep in mind that the decor within your walls goes with the rest of the design scheme for the room. 


Table Setting and Centerpiece Inspiration

Table setting and centerpiece ideas could run from formal to casual, fitting any given occasion. For a spring-inspired table, consider layered plates, delicate lace, or even a spirited statement piece for added playfulness. Stick in some tall branches in a vase for a look that is slightly dramatic. Alternatively, a big display of greenery hanging instead of the regular table centerpieces can be a beautiful twist. Sets of mismatched items with natural materials and accents in leather can add a touch of rusticism to individual settings. Your centerpiece is the finishing touch to dinner room decor and so it is a good way to make a real statement in your home.


Dining Room Vastu Tips


Dining Room Location

According to Vastu Shastra, for creating a perfect direction for the dining room, the west or northwest side is healthy. It creates good energy in the place, especially suitable for everyone to be healthy. Also, the dining room must be near the kitchen for serving and cleaning up after meals. Other than that, it should not be seen from the entrance door to avoid the absence of privacy during dining. 


Shape and Size of Dining Room

The shape and size of dinner room design should be apt, which otherwise may affect the balanced ambience. This can be taken care of with the guidelines on Vastu principles. A square or rectangular room is mostly considered the most auspicious, since it symbolizes stability and balance. The opposite is true for irregular shapes, which are thought to incite confusion or chaos, disrupting the peaceful ambience of the dining room. The dimensions of the dining room, too, should be moderate in relation to the other rooms of the house so that an overall balance and sort of symmetry in the house plan can be felt. 


Dining Table Placement

The dining table, being the center of the room, must be in the center. It should not touch the walls because it should leave spaces for easy and free movements around the table. The shape should take up to square or rectangular since the recommended room shape equals the two normal shapes. Round tables are never recommended because they mean continuous problems and misunderstandings among the family members.


Direction for Dining

The direction for dining is a matter of great concern in Vastu. It is recommended you sit face-to-face in either the east or north direction, as these two directions improve digestion and health. Also, during a meal, the leader of the house, who is the dominating head while taking decisions, must face in the east or north direction. By making your dining area in this direction, you are likely to be very auspicious and you will attune with Wealth and Success, ensuring the prosperity of the whole Family.


How to design dining room on a Budget?

  • If you are interested in coming up with a dining area in your room without exceeding the budget, then all you need is creativity in color palettes and textures.

  • Look for budget-friendly décor, like inserting plants into your design, some inexpensive framed art prints, fabric wall hangings, and mirrors to create an interesting effect while making your space look larger than usual.

  • Consider adding some functional storage solutions that match your aesthetic vision as well as serve their purpose. Think of built-in cabinets under benches that double as seating and storage area just in case you don't have a lot of extra floor space in which to place sideboards and dressers.


Why choose a dining room designer by Beautiful Homes?

Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints is a decor solution company that provides an absolute set of services required for your dining room designing from scratch. The design team at Beautiful Homes will get your functional and aesthetic preferences, design a 3D possible design of your future dining room, help with cost optimization for suiting your budget, and hand over your dream dining area design accompanied by appropriate warranty cards. You can create and bring your dream dining area design with much ease and hassle-free experience through Beautiful Homes.


By coming into our store, other than dining room ideas and designs for a modern small dining area, you can get further information from the dining room designer. With a vast array of products and solutions from a family of brands, the store of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes will provide you with a one-stop-shop for creating a home or space that tells your unique story. As of now, we have stores all over the nation in cities such as Amritsar, New Delhi, Raipur, Jaipur, Tumakuru, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Karur, Kochi, and Nashik. We are in the process of branching out in other states and cities too.

FAQs about Dining Room Interior Design

How to design the interior of a dining room?

The dining room interior design depends on the space, how you want to use the dining room, how often you entertain, the overall aesthetic of the house and your taste. First, pick a good dining table based on these considerations. Other decor elements that can elevate the look include using artworks or patterned wallpaper. Mirrors are great if you have a small space; they add an illusion of spaciousness. Install good lighting in the room and add a sideboard or console. It will not only work as storage but also as a display for decor and a place to keep extra dishes.

How do you separate a hall and a dining room?

In city apartments where space is limited, the dining room is generally part of the living room or combined with the kitchen. The best way to separate a combined dining hall design in through a dining room interior design with an open layout is by softly demarcating the spaces. One way of doing this is to use a jali screen that ensures a semi-private dining area. Some kind of cabinet can also serve as a partition as well as storage. Another subtle demarcation can even be in opting for slightly different yet complementary dining room colours or even flooring.

Which Colour Combination Is Best For A Dining Room?

Off-white, pink, light yellow and other soothing colours are likely to remain popular for dining room ideas in 2023. According to ​​dining room designers, light beiges and greiges give a cosy and comforting feel to a dining room and will elevate your existing flooring, furniture and accessories. On the other hand, dark colours will help you craft a cosy and luxurious dining space. For customised dining area design ideas, speak to a dining room designer.

How Do You Style a Small Dining Room?

Styling a small dining room involves savvy use of space and decor. Start with functional furniture like an extendable table or cushioned bench. Consider dual-purpose items that combine storage and decor. Light colour palettes help the room feel larger, while a unique piece can draw the eye up. Establish clear separations between areas with rugs and don't be afraid to layer decor or block windows. You can also use mirrors to give the illusion of more space. Always keep it cosy and inviting.

Should you add storage in the dining room?

Adding storage in the dining room can be highly beneficial. It can help in maintaining an organised and clutter-free space, which is essential for creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Storage options like sideboards or built-in cabinets can house tableware, linens, and other dining essentials. Additionally, these pieces can serve as surfaces for displaying decor, enhancing the room's aesthetics. However, the size of the room should be kept in mind to avoid overcrowding. In a small dining room, opt for multi-functional furniture that provides storage without consuming too much space.

What are Some Dining Room Seating Ideas?

For a unique and stylish dining room, consider a mix of seating options. Traditional chairs can be paired with a curvy settee for a casual vibe. Wing chairs at the head of the table add a touch of elegance. A bench seat is another great idea, particularly in small spaces, as it can be tucked under the table when not in use. For a luxury modern dining room design, consider metallic accent chairs or those with cane details. Don't forget to complement seating with cushions for added comfort and style.

How to make a luxurious dining room?

Creating a luxurious dining room involves focusing on quality, detail, and design. Start with a statement light fixture, such as a crystal chandelier, to set the tone. Invest in high-quality furniture; a large, elegant table and plush upholstered chairs can provide a luxurious feel. Use rich, deep colours or metallic accents for a touch of opulence. Add high-end finishes like marble or hardwood. Lay a plush rug underfoot for warmth and comfort. Finally, create a focal point like a grand artwork or a mirrored wall to enhance the luxe appeal.