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Indian Style Living Room Design

Indian homes and apartments are known for their opulence and textures and ethnic touches. An Indian-style living room design in modern homes is all about balancing the old and the new, which makes this style of living room contemporary but rooted in an Indian aesthetic.


Types of Indian Living Room Interior Designs

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Colour Blocked Indian Living Room
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Bohemian Themed Indian Living Room
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Rustic Indian Living Room

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Indian Drawing Room Interiors FAQs

What is Indian hall interior design? OR What makes an Indian-style living room interior?

A living room in a house that uses traditional ethnic elements can be defined as an Indian hall interior design. Features like traditional furniture, a diwan for example, and bold and bright colours, ethnic artworks and warm lighting are typically found in Indian-style drawing rooms. Traditional prints and motifs, and vintage objects to decorate the space are characteristic of this kind of aesthetic.

How do I beautify my Indian living room?

The most important thing to remember is that moderation is key. Bring in the ethnic aesthetic in moderation. Bright and bold colours can be used as accents or highlights, in the form of soft furnishings or upholstery. Use ethnic prints and motifs but be sure they work well together. Too many different motifs may clash and cause the indian modern living room to look cluttered. Use brass or gold accents in a limited and interesting way, such as in frames for artworks or in the light fixtures. If you have space, a small rug is a great way to add bold colour to the space. Choose artworks that have an ethnic touch. And add in some greenery in the form of house plants.

What should I put in my Indian living room?

The main elements that go into an Indian-style living room interior include bold colours such as reds, browns, oranges and yellows, Indian-style furniture like a daybed or diwan, pieces generally made out of wood, decorative antiques that are typically handed down through the family, a plethora of ethnic prints and motifs and rich textures. Natural indigenous flooring is also a common feature in Indian living rooms. However, it is important to use them all harmoniously and seamlessly without over-decorating.


Indian-Style Living Room Design

A space that is characterized by warm colours, rich textures and intricate patterns can be classified as an Indian living room interior. Bright and bold shades, especially in the earthy palette are typically associated with a room with an Indian aesthetic. Another common aspect that evokes an Indian aesthetic is a space surrounded by souvenirs, artworks and a diversity of décor elements. In today’s home, there is a balance achieved between Indian elements in a contemporary home, or what is known as the India modern aesthetic. In such a living room, the Indian touch is expressed in accents in a largely neutral framework. A modern Indian-style living room interior design combines traditional elements with a contemporary context in a seamless way. Hence, you can choose this style for your living room design for a traditional Indian look.



Essentials of an Indian-Style Living Room Design

  • Warm colours and earthy tones are a significant feature of living room designs in the Indian style. Reds, mustard yellows, browns are popular shades in this aesthetic.
  • Home décor pieces, traditional artefacts and antiques are usually seen in living rooms with the Indian style.
  • Ethnic patterns and prints, especially in home furnishings, are integral in this kind of living room. The motifs used are also traditional and Indian.
  • Natural materials, like indigenously found stone for the living room flooring such as kota or terrazzo or locally sourced marble and metals like brass, can be effectively incorporated into a well-designed Indian-style living room.
  • Artworks in such an aesthetic can also evoke a certain Indianness, like Tanjore paintings or Warli art for example. Spiritual art too is a common feature, such as traditional works that depict avatars of gods and goddesses. You can add all these elements to your interior design for a traditional look and feel.



Essentials of a Small Living Room in the Indian Style

  • When space is a constraint, as is the case in urban apartments, a very traditional Indian aesthetic can make the living room seem too dark and cluttered. In such a space, incorporate Indian elements within a more neutral, lighter framework.
  • Blend the old and the new to get the ethnic vibe in a contemporary home, so using brass as an accent or a smaller-sized artwork on the wall is better suited for a small living room.
  • A small living room in the Indian style should receive good daylight to make the space seem airier and more spacious.
  • Bold and bright colours and ethnic prints or richly textured fabrics are best used in smaller soft furnishings, such as cushion covers or a throw.
  • De-cluttering is very important, so a moderate number of artefacts and décor accessories should be used to decorate a small living room in the Indian style.
  • It is important to not add in too many prints and motifs as that can be chaotic.



All About Indian Living Room Furniture and Colours

  • The right kind of furniture for an Indian living room décor includes wooden pieces, such as cane chairs or rosewood sofas. But use dark wood only if the living room Is spacious, or it may end up looking dark.
  • Adding a traditional piece, like a daybed or a diwan, is a great way to enhance the style. If space and layout allow, then a traditional jhoola (swing) can be an interesting element to add to the living room.
  • The colour palette that works best for an Indian-style living room design is warmer tones. However, it isn’t advisable to go overboard with such shades particularly for the wall paint, as they can make the space look too dark.
  • Bold shades look best when sparingly used or in combination with a lighter colour. 



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