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Key Elements of a Wardrobe & Cupboard Design

A well-designed wardrobe for functionality and accessibility

Your wardrobe should cater to your specific storage needs. Whether you have a lot of clothes to hang, numerous shoes, or accessories, your wardrobe design should reflect this. Whether it is the placement of shelves, drawers, or hanging rails, we ensure that they are convenient for your everyday use.

A well-designed wardrobe for functionality and accessibility-Beautiful Homes

Utilise your space well

The design of your wardrobe should make the most of the available space. We consider the size and shape of your room and choose a design that fits perfectly without making the room feel cramped.

Utilise your space well-Beautiful Homes

A style that blends in

The style of your wardrobe should complement the rest of your room's decor. Whether you prefer a contemporary look, a classic design, or something unique, we ensure that your wardrobe design aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

A wardrobe style that blends in-Beautiful Homes

Use lighting for enhanced functionality

Good lighting is crucial in a wardrobe, for better accessibility in absence of ample light. We can help you choose and install the right internal lighting in your design for better visibility.

Use lighting for enhanced functionality-Beautiful Homes

Pick the right quality of materials

Remember, a wardrobe is a long-term investment. We can help you pick materials that are durable and can withstand daily use, to increase the life of your furniture.

Pick the right quality of materials-Beautiful Homes
A well-designed wardrobe for functionality and accessibility-Beautiful Homes Utilise your space well-Beautiful Homes A wardrobe style that blends in-Beautiful Homes Use lighting for enhanced functionality-Beautiful Homes Pick the right quality of materials-Beautiful Homes
Interior Design Budget Calculator

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Wardrobe and Cupboard Designs

A tiring task indeed in almost every household is keeping everything organised and  at the right place. However, when you consider a wardrobe design or cupboard design for home interiors, managing such things can become a way lot easier. Whether you are a family of people or a pets, getting the right wardrobe will make sure you organize yourself. Day-to-day storage in a house is hinged on wardrobes and cupboards. Today they form the functional units, but they can be created in a plethora of ways with a vast range of material and finishing options. They come in styled and dissimilar sizes ranging from sliding to hinged wardrobes.



An almirah is a traditional type of wardrobe. It is commonly seen in old houses and in wooden and metal designs, generally having hinged doors.


Hinged Wardrobe Design

These are the conventional wardrobes where the doors open outwards. These doors will be perfectly fine for a spacious room and complimenting aesthetics, as the doors require space to be opened. But, for small wardrobe designs, hinged doors work best.


Free-Standing Wardrobe Units

Freestanding are those wardrobes that are lifted away from walls; that is they are detached.


Designs of Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

From the name, these wardrobes have doors that slide compared to our ordinary wardrobes; they are attached to. They are a perfect fit for those rooms with limited space.


Mirrored Wardrobe Design

Mirror wardrobe spaces are best kept in small spaces. This is because you can make your space look larger with mirrored wardrobes.


L-Shaped Wardrobe Design

Otherwise known as a corner wardrobe, this design is meant for storage spaces whose points can be cornered. Mostly, it comes with the feature of being designed with sliding doors, and hence it makes the appearance also look classy.
Yes, L-shaped wardrobe designs are perfect if one wants to make use of every inch of their room. And yes, they are known as corner wardrobes for a reason. Incidentally, these are modern wardrobe designs; they will come with sliding doors.


Wooden Wardrobe Design

There is something timeless about wood, and that is what it imparts through classic appeal to living spaces. Be it book cupboards, clothing wardrobes or crockery cupboards, one can never go wrong with wood for designs of wardrobes.


Metal and Steel Wardrobe Design

Metal and steel wardrobes are usually free-standing. With this kind of wardrobe design, the design choices are limited; but, this is something you could possibly consider if you move houses every once in a while and would like a design that doesn't overpower your limited space.


Modular Wardrobe Design

Modulars are ideal wardrobe designs for contemporary bedrooms: using various shades, materials, and shades these modular designs can be adapted to grace any part of your home beautifully.


Walk-In Wardrobe Design

Walk-in wardrobes are really for master bedrooms and great spaces. They are designs of wardrobes incorporated in dressing rooms. You can walk in the closet, pick the one, and change clothes from the same place. Walk-in closets are considered luxurious components that help you keep all clothing and accessories in a single spot.


Hanging Wardrobe Design

This kind of wardrobe lets you hang the clothes on a railing at its top. You may use it for hanging suits, trousers and sarees. This type of wardrobe usually does not contain a drawer or cabinet, as they interfere with the space for hanging items.


Collapsible Wardrobe Design

Collapsible wardrobes are generally made out of plastic so that easy folding can be initiated. You can easily shift these wardrobes as they come in different sizes. As per your requirements, you can remove specific parts of this type of wardrobe. Collapsible wardrobes make a perfect choice for kids' rooms.


Wall Mounted Wardrobe

Wall-mounted wardrobes do great for modern, minimalist bedrooms. These, as the name implies, are wall-mounted units that often do not usually touch the ground, therefore making cleaning easier. They do well in compact spaces.


Wardrobe Design Based on Rooms

The storage requirements in each room are very different.

Bedroom Wardrobe Design

When choosing a wardrobe design for your bedroom, it is important to choose one based on how you oversee your requirements. For example, sliding rooms are a great choice for compact bedrooms and a walk-in closet can make your master bedroom look grandeur and luxurious.


Wardrobe Design with a Dressing Table

Such wardrobe designs accommodate many facilities at one place, including dressing tables and the likes. With such multi-functional designing, the cost of space is minimized very easily. So, this type of modular wardrobe design forms just perfect bedroom and walk-in closet furniture.


 Wardrobe Design with Study Table

The wardrobe with a study table would be good for a kids' room, as that design would save the space and cost of buying the two furniture items separately.


Design of the Hall Wardrobe

These can be wardrobes forming part of your living room or the hall and can be a TV unit, bookshelf, or just a simple storage unit. With these wardrobes, you can easily shift and keep changing the looks of the room at will. Just be sure to pick a wardrobe according to what the interior design of your living room reflects.


Kitchen Wardrobe Design

Kitchen cupboards are primarily used in the storage of utensils and other equipment for cooking. It is possible to choose a kitchen cupboard that would satisfy all your storage needs along with other requirements in the kitchen. You can choose the material for the kitchen cupboards that would also have a finish that would accompany the other interior decorations in your kitchen.


Varying sizes and shapes of Cupboards

We have wardrobes of varying size and shape in the market. But, a wardrobe of any shape and size may not quite go well with every room. So, when you choose a wardrobe, be sure that it fits the room and makes a go with the existing design of it.
Totally depends on what kind of space you have got and what kind of designs you prefer. But, as a thumb rule, for compact bedrooms, a not too space-consuming kind of wardrobe design would just be great. The sliding wardrobe designs are great for compact spaces since they are seamless and demand no clearance room for door opening. Also, in such a space, go vertical, so a floor-to-ceiling or wall-mounted closet is also a great option. In a large bedroom, anything would work as you would have the space to go with almost any kind of design. A walk-in closet is a great idea in large bedrooms.

What kind of closets are suitable for bedrooms?

It relies on the space and your preferences. Although as a rule, for small bedrooms a wardrobe design that does not occupy much of space is preferable. This is why sliding wardrobes are perfect for such smaller rooms as they do not require any clearance area to open doors hence becoming seamless. A walk-in wardrobe makes sense in big bedrooms.

What does the term “modular almirah” mean?

An almirah is a kind of moveable wardrobe, which makes modular almirah units that are built in a factory and then put together as needed in your home. The modular design of an almari or modular almirah allows you to choose how many compartments you want, so that maximum utility is achieved for your space. It also ensures that the cupboard design does not exceed necessity and take up more area.

What is the perfect size of a wardrobe?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to cupboard design. Think of where you want the cupboard situated, whether in your living room, kitchen or dining area, bedroom or elsewhere. Your thoughts must also consider the existing furniture and its dimensions, and the size of the other rooms including corridors and entrances. However, for a standard wardrobe size in a bedroom 7’x 10’ is commonly used as a minimum measurement. The depth usually is about two feet but if you are looking for a small one, it can be as narrow as 18 or even 12 inches only. But if space becomes limited then think collapsible wardrobes.

How many doors are there in a wardrobe?

And this, too, would depend on the size of the wardrobe design chosen – you may find a single-door wardrobe or a double door one; these are compact and usually take up a freestanding design. If you prefer a larger type of wardrobe design, there is a 3-door wardrobe or a 4-door wardrobe, but of course, you must have an ample space for this size.

Why designing your wardrobe is essential?

A well-designed wardrobe is important as it helps to organise and store your belongings safely and neatly. It is the second most important piece of furniture after the bed. A neat wardrobe design provides easy access to items, reduces clutter, and complements the room's style and other furniture.

What is an open wardrobe called?

An open wardrobe comes with no doors, and the best advantage is that all the clothes and accessories placed on the racks will be visible. In addition to that, the clothes will be kept fresh for a longer time as they do not remain enclosed. However, this is a good idea only if you have an organized cupboard; otherwise, it may create a messed-up look in the room.