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Full Home Interiors

Indulge in luxury and functionality with our comprehensive interior solutions. Whether your preference is for minimalist or detailed decor, we blend high-quality materials and strategic design to craft interiors that are both visually pleasing and practical.

Modular Kitchen

 Immerse in efficiency and elegance with our tailor-made kitchen designs. Whether you favor a simple or complex layout, we integrate top-notch materials and innovative design to create a kitchen that is both beautiful and efficient.

Modular Furniture

 Experience comfort and style with our customizable furniture solutions. Whether your taste is minimalist or intricate, we merge premium materials and smart design to provide furniture that is both attractive and practical.

Furniture & Decor

Elevate your interiors with our curated collection of decor pieces and furniture. Catering to diverse styles and preferences, we blend durable materials with striking designs, offering pieces that not only serve a purpose but also add character to your surroundings.

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Craft ideal tailored design solutions for your needs and preferences.

Reimagine with a 3D design layout

Experts create 3D visuals, bringing your envisioned space to life vividly.

Material Selection within budget

Guide in curating ideal style with materials, textures, furniture, budget. Create unique, perfect space.

Execute the Design

Passionately reshape space, ensure quality, updates, seamless process for your vision.

Step into your Beautiful Home

Receive keys, warranty, completion letter - your dream home is ready!

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Case Study

Transforming homes with love

Mr. Deepesh Sharma’s Pune home designed by Beautiful Homes Service

A brand-new apartment designed to be stylish, multi-purpose and functional, while still feeling luxurious. The family wanted to incorporate their rooted taste in art into the interior design of the home.

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Before After

Mr. Hatim Asgerbhai Saherwala’s Mumbai house done by Beautiful Homes Services

A cosy home in Mumbai for a family of four. A brand-new apartment of 650 sq ft to be designed according to their design taste.

View details
Before After
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“The Service Experience with Beautiful Homes Service team was really good, their delivery and service commitment was really satisfactory..”

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Home Interior Design Services

Feeling tired of the same old aesthetics? Perhaps that is why you need to transform your space with the professional expertise of an interior designer. Our home interior design services help you tailor an interior design style tailored to your specific needs and way of life. Beautiful Homes' Interior Design Services will assist you with every requirement concerning interior design, right from the changes in structure to choosing furniture, accessories, and decor.


How to Design the Perfect Home?

The perfect home doesn't mean choosing any style and being consistent with it. It rather involves having a proper understanding of your personal style, requirements, budget, colours, and materials.


  • Know Your Style: Most importantly, try to figure out what you like and what not. You will have to decide on your style accordingly. Maybe a Mood Board is something that would help in discovering this.

  • Budget Setting: How much you are ready to spend really matters. Having a budget in your mind will help narrow down your design choices.

  • Plan the Right Layout: Basically, choosing a design layout should be based on space availability. Always try to balance aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  • Colour and Textures: Wisely chosen colours can make or break your inside design style. It is said to work well when you try to pick a colour palette based on your desired mood.

  • Furniture and Décor: While choosing furniture and décor, you can keep in mind the interior design of your home.

  • Lighting: Mix different kinds of lighting to create the desired mood without breaking functionality.

Floor and Wall Treatments: Choose flooring and wall treatments that will blend with your overall interior design of the home, keeping in view the durability and maintenance.


What are the Main Elements of Home Interior Design?

Following are the 6 primary elements of home interior design:


  • Space: Refers to the 3-D area within your home

  • Line: The edges and boundaries of furniture, fixtures, and rooms that provide structure and definition to spaces constitute lines

  • Form: Form comprises the layout and shapes of layouts and fittings that provide functionality and visual appeal to a space

  • Light: Refers to natural and artificial light sources that enhance and illuminate your space

  • Colour: The colour palette you use to create an ambiance in your space

  • Texture & Pattern: Textures and patterns add additional interest and depth to your space


Types of Interior Design Styles

Some of the better-known interior design styles are:


  • Modern Interior Design: Clean, simple, and functional spaces with minimal décor and a neutral colour palette. Open layout is much anticipated.

  • Industrial Interior Design: The concept is inspired by a mix of urban settings and vintage elements. This normally features exposed brick walls or distressed wood at center stage.

  • Indian Interior Design: Characterized by rich colors and intricate patterns inspired by Indian culture. Much attention here is paid to craft and rich Indian culture.

  • Bohemian Interior Design: Vivid colors and textures combine. It celebrates self-expression, individuality, and free spirit.

  • Contemporary Interior Design: It basically focuses on new trends and styles. Hence, some of its chief traits include a neutral color palette, innovative materials, and minimal Décor.

  • Rustic Interior Design: It is inspired by the countryside, featuring natural materials like cane and wood in order to bring a warm and cozy effect/ambiance.

  • Minimalist Interior Design: It functions on the basis of simple, functional, clean spaces. This entails the main principle—"less is more."

  • Scandinavian Interior Design: There is the use of light and fresh spaces in light hues. Natural materials, such as wood and leather, get their main inspiration from Nordic countries.

    You can take our Interior Design Style Quiz to determine your unique home interior design style.


Latest Trends in Interior Design

Staying ahead of trends is a must if you are really planning a home interior design makeover. Following are some of the latest interior design trends:


Vintage and Retro Revival

As the name goes, Vintage and Retro Revival is all about infusing antique elements into your interiors. For instance, the addition of a vintage-styled sofa set or some particular ancient prints will do. It infuses a sense of history and cultural heritage into your interiors.



Well, maximalism can be called a juxtaposition of minimalism. Intricate patterns, bold colours, textures, and décor are what this interior design style undertakes. In fact, maximalism is more about adding multiple layers to your interior design working on the principle of "more is more."


Biophilic Design

The biophilic design works on the principle of bringing nature indoors, which by its definition means adding plants, water features, and organic materials into your interiors. This is again supposed to be very effective in creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity in your interiors.


Earthy Tones and Natural Materials

Interior designs are now more than ever putting focus on earthy tones and natural materials. With people nowadays more biased towards an earthly color palette and natural materials, the warmth and organic feel one gets from it is offered. The trends in homes bring in textured effects that are made from natural elements like wood, stone, and fibers.


Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings are the newest focal point when it comes to interior design, providing an opportunity to add some drama, texture, and personality into a room's overhead space. This includes creative treatments like bold colors, intricate patterns, decorative moldings, exposed beams, or eye-catching lighting fixtures that draw the eye upward and make a statement.


Multi-Functional Furniture

Functionally multipurpose furniture is designed to serve a variety of purposes, hence fetching practical solutions in optimizing space for small or versatile living areas. This trend resides within versatility and innovation through furniture pieces that can be transformed, expanded, or adapted to different functions.


What is the Cost of Home Interior Design Services?

This may vary considerably owing to several factors, such as the scope of work, size of the area, the experience of the designer, location, and kind of material used and furnishing employed. You can contact interior designers at Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints for a consultation to estimate your home interior design project.

Try using the Interior Design Budget Calculator by Beautiful Homes' Asian Paints and see how you can instantly get any quotations online for your home interior design requirements.


Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers

From conceptualization to execution, interior designers bring a lot of benefits into the picture.

  • Professional Assessment and Planning: Interior designers analyze your needs, taste preferences, and spatial layout to create the best customized design solution.

  • Budget Management: Designers properly lay out a budget by carefully recording each expenditure, purchasing materials at competitive market rates, and using proper spending priorities in order to make sure that maximum value is availed within your given budget.

  • Access to Resources and Contacts: Using their vast network, designers will also be in a position to acquire special materials, furniture items, and other decoration articles at the best prices.

  • Industry Know-How and Trends: With an eye on emerging design concepts and new materials, a designer shall bring new ideas, fresh concepts, and modernity to your space.

  • Stronger Aesthetic and Function: Interior designers work best to improve the visual appeal and functionality of your space.

  • Reduce Stress and Save Time: Designers take care of the intricacies involved with the management of the project, coordinating with contractors, and supplying materials for everything so that you can take some time for your priorities in life.


Why should you choose Beautiful Homes for interior design?

From unequaled skill to never-seen-before design solutions, there are umpteen reasons to choose Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints for all your interior design needs.

  • Interior Design Expertise: Beautiful Homes comes with highly Professional Interior Designers who are skilled at turning any home into multiple designs in a style statement.

  • Customized Experience: Beautiful Homes treats every project differently and focuses on understanding your taste, preferences, and lifestyle.

  • Transparent Pricing: Beautiful Homes will quote you itemized quotations, starting from the cost of materials to labor and other overheads.

  • Time Bound Delivery: Beautiful Homes respect and realize the importance of your time. They ensure that projects are delivered timely at your doorstep, well within the committed time frame.

  • Available Packages: Beautiful Homes understand that everyone's budget is different, and therefore they offer various packages at differential price points.

  • Client Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the main motto of Beautiful Homes, we believe in totally open communication that guarantees an experience that begins with your first consultation and culminates in your final reveal.


What We Design at Beautiful Homes

Niched in exquisite interior elements that give character to your living spaces—Beautiful Homes has tasted different success stories. From sleek modular kitchens to saturated furnishings and furnishings, we craft custom designs that capture your style while bettering home functionality.


Modular Kitchens

Sleek Kitchens by Asian Paints help you transform your cook space through our line of modular kitchen designs. From sleek cabinets to ergonomic layouts, our modular kitchens are designed for you and the way you like your food.


Custom Furniture

Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints raise your living spaces to the next level with our bespoke custom furniture pieces. From statement pieces for your living room to a dining set functional yet chic, our bespoke furniture collection has innumerable possibilities.


Furnishing and Decor Items

Bring comfort and elegance into your living space by choosing from our exquisite selection of furnishings and decor items in this collection. From plush rugs and upholstery to decorative accents, this collection will enhance the character and charm of any room.


Wall Paints and Wallpapers

Add that hue of personality and glamour to your walls with Beautiful Homes' world-class range of paints and wallpapers. Our colours, textures, and patterns present free rein to your imagination – so you can transform any setting into a beautiful living space with much ease.


Modular Wardrobes and Cupboards

Bring storage efficiency and style into your bedrooms from Beautiful Homes with modular wardrobes and cupboards. Our versatile solutions for storage offer an arranged en masse for all kinds of your needs while adding elegance to your living space.



Let Beautiful Homes enlighten your living spaces with elegance and warmth by choosing from our carefully selected lighting fixtures in White Teak. From statement chandeliers to subtle wall sconces, the diverse collection has lighting for every room and design theme.


1. How to approach your interior design project?

Get in touch with Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints through our contact information or website and get started with your interior design project. You could also drop by any of the Beautiful Homes stores across all key cities in India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kochi. Our team will guide you regarding the initial consultation process to discuss your vision, requirements, and scope of work in your project in detail, and thereby effectively kickstart your design journey.


2. What are the interior design services that you offer?

We provide all kinds of interior design services. Our diversity in services is aimed to serve varied requirements and expectations so that there can be a customized approach towards the project. These include the following:

  • • Full Home Interiors
  • • Modular Kitchen
  • • Modular Furniture
  • • Furniture & Décor

3. How can I get a consultation with your Interior Design Team?

You can easily request to meet with one of our interior designers right here on our website by using the consultation request form. Otherwise, you can contact us directly by calling or emailing for an appointment, and we will discuss your ideas, goals, budget, and timeline to see how we can match our services with your needs during your consultation. You can also drop by any of the Beautiful Homes stores across all major Indian cities, including, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kochi.


4. Can you send some samples of your interior design projects?

Yes, we will share our portfolio of previous interior design works so that you get an idea about our experience and design sensibilities. Through these past works, you will perceive the kind of design style and capabilities coupled with the quality of our craft.


5. Do I need to get the whole house designed if I book this service?

No, you can decide upon the breadth of your interior design project per your whims and fancies. From redesigning one room to several or the whole house, we can help you with all as you do not need to commit to a full-house design with us.


6. When to approach an interior designer for needs?

Involving an interior designer in the early stages of planning your project will help tap into his/her skills in space, functionality, and aesthetic optimization. Engaging the interior designer at the commencement of a project means that one can achieve a unified vision for the design, effective management of the project, and flawless execution of the desired interior makeover.


7. Will it be necessary for me to visit the site regularly?

Though periodic visits to the site will be necessary for consultations, measurements, and walkthroughs for the project, the frequency can be worked out and planned according to your availability and critical points of a project. This will always be updated by our team to you concerning site visits, coordinate as required, for smooth working together and effective communication all through.


8. How involved will I be in the process of interior design?

How much you get involved is your wish. We trust in your vision and collaboration, hence from our side, everything will be done to support your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions at every project stage. Your active participation during the design process makes sure that the result is what you wanted.


9. Can I customize my house interior design according to my taste?

The interior design services can certainly be personalized to suit your taste and coordinate with your style, lifestyle, and aesthetic choices. Whether that be contemporary elegance, modern minimalism, or eclectic charm, we can reinvent a space that exudes your taste and individuality.


10. Can I have different themes throughout my house?

Yes, you can definitely express your creativity by having different themes or styles in different areas of your home to accommodate different moods, tastes, or purposes that each room serves. Our staff can help tie these themes together in a continuing, coordinated scheme of interior design that flows aesthetically and graciously from one room to the next.


11. How will I be able to communicate my ideas about the room to the professional?

Share your ideas for a room with our pros through open discussion, mood boards, visual references, and itemized descriptions of taste. We encourage you to express worry about vision, likes, dislikes, and any particulars that you would want to require in the space during consultation. Proper communication of your ideas will better allow our team to translate your vision into a physical, realized, and personalized design concept.


12. Do you assist in selecting furniture and in the procurement thereof?

 Yes, we assist with furniture selection and procurement as part of interior design. We can suggest furniture that will serve your preferred aesthetic appeal. The finer pieces can be sourced correctly from trustworthy suppliers, and we administrate the procurement process to prevent duplication, thus ensuring that cohesiveness and a well-curated look prevail within your space.


13. How long is the average time span for which an interior design project is completed?

The time taken to put upfront interior design work into completion depends on the scope of work, complexity, and size. While small projects might not take so much time, weeks to a couple of months should be enough to get them done. On the other hand, bigger projects or full-house designs may need several months to finalize. Our team will try to give you a realistic timeline, detailing everything to manage your expectations.


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