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Amazing before-and-after Indian kitchens to inspire your next remodel

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Jul 22, 2021

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that a highly functional, well-designed and aesthetic kitchen is a really important part of the home. All members of the home tend to spend a fair amount of time in this space so it’s really important for the area to be efficient as well as pleasing to the eye. We bring you seven transformations that will give you a plethora of kitchen design ideas for your next home renovation.

1.    A modern kitchen that celebrates the classic combination of warm grey and white

When it comes to modern kitchen interior design ideas, designer Vinithra Amarnathan is undoubtedly one of my favourites. In this kitchen from The Modern Plantation Home, the designer transformed this simple and large volume into a dreamy dual-toned delight. Starting with neutral beige, tiled flooring and crisp white walls, this kitchen feature long sliding windows that flooded the space with natural light and a deep sense of inside-outside living.  With no partitions or doors, the kitchen is connected to the dining area allowing for the flow of light into the home. The designer accentuated these incredible features with a modern, dual-toned galley kitchen in warm grey and white.

Give your kitchen interior design a makeover with modular kitchen design & grey colour tones - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

Use warm shades of grey & white in your modern kitchen interior design for the perfect house design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

Keeping the countertops white, the designer brought in contemporary kitchen appliances and an undermount sink. Along with these, a marble-tiled backsplash and Shaker style cabinetry add to the modern style. However, clean, sharp lines can sometime make a space look too stark. The designer has expertly avoided this by adding layers of texture and warmth.


Hints of wood in the ladder, open shelves above the sink and wood cladding at the entryway add warmth. A 10-foot-long runner grounds the space and adds texture. The two glass pendants accentuate the length of the space and completing the look are matte brass handles set against grey and glass knobs on white cabinet doors. She has made optimum use of the space with cabinetry that goes right up to the ceiling. The ladder glides across metals rails on both sides adds to the efficiency of the storage.

2.    Soft grey, marble and a Harlequin-patterned floor bring this kitchen to life

In another Weespaces marvel, this tiny kitchen undergoes a complete transformation to a dreamy modern delight with subtle hints of Victorian charm. In the ‘before’ image, the kitchen featured dark terrazzo flooring and white tiles. Paired with inadequate storage and dark countertops, the space was dull and lacklustre. Small spaces require every inch of space to be utilised effectively which this kitchen lacked. There was also very limited countertop space to work with. This remodel showcases kitchen design ideas to convert a small space into a light-filled, functional kitchen.

Kitchen interiors with dark terrazzo flooring,  white tiles & dark kitchen countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

L shaped kitchen design with marble backsplash & patterned kitchen flooring - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

Vinithra converted this space into a small but highly functional L-shaped kitchen with adequate storage running right up to the ceiling and brought in an extra work table to add to the countertops. The Shaker-style cabinetry was painted a matte soft grey and forms a neutral background to the marble backsplash and bold Harlequin patterned floors. Sleek brass hardware, light countertops and modern kitchen appliances make this compact kitchen look bigger. The custom wood legs and a pair of vintage-inspired wall sconces which flank the table add just enough Victorian charm to the otherwise modern kitchen.

3.    A muted palette enhanced by pops of fiery red

In this apartment designed by Studio Osmosis, the client wanted to divided the home into five realms, the design of which would represent five different elements of nature. The kitchen, of course, was to represent fire. The original layout of the apartment facilitated diffused natural light streaming in and good cross ventilation. These features worked well for this galley-style kitchen. The designers also retained the original Bottochino marble flooring that gave the space a luxe feel.  

Galley style of the kitchen design with patterned backsplash & modules for storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Modular kitchen design with granite kitchen countertop & red triangular backsplash - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

The space features a custom designed modular kitchen by ALNO with sufficient floor-to-ceiling storage and in-built appliances. To enhance the sleek, modern look, they have done away with exposed hardware like cabinet knobs and drawer handles in favour of invisible opening systems. Adding visual interest to the pale blue cabinetry is the wood-veneered section and textured, dark granite countertops. The backsplash features triangular tiles with fiery red ones to represent fire. Adding another contrasting pop of colour is the red ceiling skirting that runs along the length of the cabinetry.

4.    White, wood and greenery turn this kitchen from drab to fab

In this Mumbai apartment transformed by interior designer Anushka Contractor, the original kitchen was dark and drab. The original layout featured a U-shaped kitchen with dark brown granite countertops. The designer retained the original in-built cabinetry as it provided sufficient storage. It also worked well with the white and wood feel the client wanted for the kitchen and displayed clean, neat lines with no projecting handles.

U-shaped kitchen design with dark brown granite kitchen countertop & white kitchen cabinets  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anushka Contractor

L-shaped kitchen design makeover with white base colour& wooden looking kitchen countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anushka Contractor

The first major alteration was to convert the layout from a U-shape to an L-shaped kitchen. By moving the tall appliance unit from the right to the left, near the sink, the space immediately opens up. The base colour of the kitchen was kept white. The backsplash is of white glossy tiles in a brick pattern to add a layer of visual interest to the solid white. Instead of replacing the dark granite counter, the designer used wooden looking tiles on top of it. The client also wanted some life by way of greenery. A custom-made, wall-hung moss frame completely transforms the look of the space. The designer also turned one corner of the kitchen into a welcoming breakfast nook with a folding table and stools, both of which bring in another element of wood into the space. The nook is illuminated by two industrial-style, white lamps which add a hint of visual contrast to the otherwise sleek kitchen.

5.    A light-filled modern kitchen that brings the family together

In another wonderful transformation by Studio Osmosis, this is a home for three generations of a family, each with their private space. Therefore, the main focus of the kitchen was to create a space to bring the family together. The kitchen, which connects the living and dining areas, forms the heart of the home. The designers went with a custom modular kitchen from ALNO Kitchen with floating base units and handle-less storage.

Spacious modular kitchen makeover for the modern home design  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Luminous kitchen lighting & modern kitchen interiors with glass shutter cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

The transformation included turning this dark space into a light-filled, sleek, Scandinavian-inspired area with clean, minimal lines. Notice how lighting plays a major role here with both cove and recessed lights softly illuminating every nook. The palette of smoky charcoal back-painted glass shutter cabinets pairs perfectly with light quartz counters. The large, central island is illuminated to perfection and the perfect spot for the family to come together. The deep blue and green wall installation adds the perfect touch of colour, glamour and visual intrigue.

6.    A calming, neutral kitchen that is high on functionality

If you are looking for neutral kitchen interior design ideas, this space will provide the perfect inspiration. Soft beige is beautifully paired with creamy white and a light wood finish. While a light colour palette is a good way to make a space feel open, in the kitchen it can be hard to keep clean – especially when cooking with masalas like turmeric which stains surfaces easily. A glossy finish laminate or PU paint for cabinetry is a good way to minimize stains. Additionally, if your heart is set on light countertops, look at materials like high quality engineered quartz which is fairly stain resistant.

Image courtesy, Sonali Asher

Image courtesy, Sonali Asher

Packed with best kitchen design ideas, another tip from this space is to go for an undermount sink with a drip tray. An undermount installation allows for easier cleaning as well as a sleeker transition from counter to sink. Handle-less cabinetry and base drawers along with in-built appliances give this kitchen a highly modern aesthetic. As this kitchen is kept very neutral, elements like chrome fixtures, glossy finishes and light wood-finish flooring add subtle layers of visual interest.

7.    An airy, light-filled kitchen is turned into a monochromatic delight

This kitchen already had great natural light filtering into the space and the marble veins of the flooring provided a wonderful canvas to work from. If you love the idea of a monochromatic palette, this space is full of great kitchen interior design ideas. All the cabinetry is kept crisp white accentuated by mouldings and simple black door knobs. The countertops and backsplash are used perfectly to bring in shades of grey which feature visual texture. The in-built appliances are set neatly within a separate unit of storage. 

Image courtesy, Andrey Popov/ Shutterstock

Note how crucial the kitchen island is in this space – it adds much needed functionality of workspace and storage but it also works to visually anchor the kitchen design.


If you have been inspired by these kitchen design ideas and are thinking of implementing any of these home renovation ideas in your kitchen, check out the Beautiful Homes Service, an offering by Asian Paints. Their team of experts will guide you through creating the home of your dreams. 

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