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Dec 11, 2023
Beautiful balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Beyond the Glass Door, Where Size Meets Style and Comfort

When it comes to the perfect living space, we often daydream about having a beautiful balcony where we can sip our morning coffee, soak up the sun, or simply take in a breath of fresh air. As we look to create our ideal living spaces, balconies stand out as pockets of outdoor splendor that seamlessly blend with our homes. They add a touch of charm to any apartment or house, however, they are as diverse as the people who cherish them, coming in an array of sizes, shapes, and styles. For some, a balcony is an intimate retreat for morning coffee and a good book. For others, it's an open canvas for gardening enthusiasts to cultivate their green fantasies. And then there are those who transform their balconies into venues for memorable social gatherings.


So, what is the average size of a balcony, and why does it matter? In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of balcony sizes, uncover the factors that determine their dimensions, and explore the common types that grace our homes. From the joys of outdoor relaxation, gardening, and hosting social gatherings to the pragmatic necessity of storage, we will unearth the myriad ways that balcony size influences our daily lives.

Why Balcony Size Matters

Balconies may appear to be small extensions of your living room, but their size can greatly impact how you use and enjoy them. Let's dive into the various reasons why balcony size matters.


Outdoor Relaxation

One of the primary reasons we love balconies is for outdoor relaxation. Imagine a cozy corner with a comfortable chair, a good book in hand, and the soft rustle of leaves in the background. A spacious balcony allows you to create a serene outdoor oasis. You can stretch your legs, add some potted plants, and make it your personal sanctuary for meditation, reading, or simply soaking up nature's beauty.



For all you green thumbs out there, the size of your balcony determines your gardening possibilities. A larger balcony means more space for flower pots, herb gardens, and even small trees. It's your canvas for creativity, a place where you can nurture your green companions and exercise your gardening skills.

Simple balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Villa Ortiga

Hosting Guests

Balconies are perfect for social gatherings. If you enjoy having friends and family over, a larger balcony is a godsend. It offers more space for outdoor furniture, a barbecue grill, and a dining area. Your balcony becomes an extension of your indoor living space, where you can host memorable gatherings, dine under the stars, and celebrate special occasions.



Practicality is another crucial consideration. Smaller balconies often limit your storage options, making it challenging to store outdoor furniture during the off-season or keep gardening equipment and toys. On the contrary, a larger balcony allows for innovative storage solutions, ensuring your outdoor space stays clutter-free and organized.


Factors Affecting Balcony Size

The size of your balcony is not solely a matter of design or preference; it is influenced by various factors.

Beautiful balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Deconstruct

1. Architectural Design

The architectural design of the building plays a significant role in determining the size and layout of your balcony. Some buildings feature larger, wrap-around balconies that extend from corner to corner, while others have more modest balconies that are essentially shallow extensions.


2. Location

The geographical location of your apartment or house also affects the size of your balcony. Urban apartments, with space constraints, often have smaller balconies, while properties in suburban or rural areas might come with larger ones due to the abundance of space.


3. Building Regulations

Local building codes and regulations can impose certain restrictions on balcony size. These regulations are designed to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the building. They may dictate the dimensions and design elements of balconies, affecting their size.

4. Apartment Type

The type of apartment or house you choose plays a pivotal role in balcony size. Luxury apartments, often geared toward a more upscale clientele, frequently feature more spacious balconies compared to standard or affordable housing units.


5. Developer's Choice

The developer or builder of the apartment complex can significantly influence the size and design of the balconies. Developers may prioritize certain features or aesthetics, resulting in balconies of varying sizes within the same building.

Spacious & big balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Essentia Environments

Average Apartment Balcony Sizes

Now that we understand the factors that influence balcony size, let's look into some approximate figures for the average size of different types of balconies. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and that actual balcony sizes can vary significantly.


1. Juliet Balcony

The Juliet balcony, often found in smaller apartments and urban settings, is typically the smallest. It typically measures around 2 to 4 feet in depth, providing just enough space for you to step outside, admire the view, or perhaps set out a small chair or table.

Modern & chic balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Epsilon

2. Standard Balcony

Standard balconies, common in many apartments, usually have dimensions of 5 to 10 feet in depth and 4 to 6 feet in width. This size allows for a small seating area and some space for potted plants.


3. Larger Balcony

In more spacious apartments or luxury buildings, you might come across larger balconies, with dimensions exceeding 10 feet in depth and 6 to 10 feet in width. These generous dimensions offer much more flexibility for outdoor furniture, gardening, and hosting social gatherings.

Common Types of Balconies

Balconies come in various shapes, styles, and designs, each offering a unique outdoor experience. Here are some of the most common types:

1. The Juliet Balcony

Named after Juliet from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," this type is essentially a shallow, decorative railing. It allows you to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the view, but not much more. Juliet balconies are ideal for city dwellers who crave a taste of the outdoors without a large balcony space.


2. The Cantilever Balcony

Cantilever balconies extend from the building's structure without additional supports from below, giving the illusion of floating in the air. They are often found in modern architectural designs and can vary greatly in size, depending on the design and engineering.

Minimal balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purvi Shah Interiors; Photography by Devaki Dhuldhoya

3. The Wrap-around Balcony

This type of balcony wraps around a corner of the building, offering multiple angles and views. It's perfect for those who enjoy taking in the scenery from various perspectives. The size of wrap-around balconies can vary significantly, from modest to expansive.


4. The Terrace

Terraces are essentially larger, more open balconies. They often feature more room for outdoor furniture, gardening, and even creating a full outdoor living space. In some cases, terraces can be as large as a small backyard, providing ample space for multiple uses, from relaxation to gardening to hosting grand parties.

Cosy & small balcony design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

5. The Loggia

A loggia is a covered balcony or gallery with an arcade or colonnade along the outer wall. It provides some shelter from the elements while still offering an open-air experience. Loggias are often found in Mediterranean-style buildings and offer a blend of indoor comfort and outdoor appeal.


6. The Sunroom Balcony

A sunroom balcony is enclosed, providing a more controlled environment. It's perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors year-round. These balconies are often designed with large windows, allowing you to appreciate the view even during bad weather.

Balconies are the bridges between indoor comfort and outdoor freedom, and their size, big or small, adds to the magic of your living space. The size of your balcony is not just a matter of numbers; it's a matter of personal preferences and potential. Whether you're dealing with a petite Juliet balcony or a grand terrace, the key is to make the most of your space. Even the coziest of balconies can be transformed into delightful outdoor escapes with a bit of creativity, the right furniture, and some greenery. So, the next time you step onto your balcony, regardless of its size, remember that it's a canvas waiting for your unique touch, a space where you can craft your own outdoor haven and make the most of every square foot.



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