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9 clever ways of styling a large balcony

  • Balcony Design
Feb 06, 2023
Muted tone big balcony garden ideas for your space – Beautiful Homes

Architect and interior designer Sumati Aggarwal shares 9 simple ways to furnish a big balcony!

If your home’s interior design features a spacious balcony, don’t take the space for granted! A large balcony can be used in a number of varied ways. It can be a multifunctional area depending on the way you furnish and style it. To help you make the most of your big balcony, we spoke to architect and interior designer Sumati Aggarwal, Creative Head of Studio Arc.S to learn about some easy ways to style a large balcony. Here is her best advice on large apartment balcony ideas! 

While designing and styling your big balcony, begin by adding some form of seating such as chairs, sofas or a swing. Thereafter, bring in large balcony décor pieces such as cosy carpets, pillows and throws. For interior design, consider incorporating indoor plants or a small herb garden for a natural touch. Lastly, incorporate lighting fixtures and décor pieces to craft a welcoming space where you will enjoy spending time. Presently, numerous big balcony design ideas are trending. With so many different types of large balcony ideas, it can be a difficult task to choose the right one for your big balcony. Thus, we asked ​​​​architect and interior designer Sumati Aggarwal to help us with a list of the different ​​​​types of big balcony decoration ideas that are easy to incorporate in homes. This guide offers stylish and distinctive solutions. These different ​​big balcony design ideas will elevate your home’s interiors. Showcase your personality and do not forget to have fun while conceptualising and styling your large balcony!

Large balcony decorating ideas for big balcony designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Arcs

Big balcony design ideas with open balcony design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Emma Van Sant/ unsplash

This curation of ​​big balcony design and large balcony garden ideas offers inspiration for anyone interested in exploring the art of crafting a tranquil balcony. These ​​​​​​large balcony ideas will inspire you to declutter your home. To get a better sense of how to style large balconies, we take a look at some of our favourite spaces. Browse through the big balcony decoration ideas gallery for inspiration and grab your lounging chair while you are at it. The following ​​big balcony design ideas will help you design a welcoming space. 


Creative Ideas to Style a Big Balcony

1. Bar Installation

Balcony design is all about creating a functional and stylish outdoor space that complements your home's aesthetic. If you’re looking for unique large apartment balcony ideas, incorporate a chic bar in the space. Select a bar that complements the design style of your home. For instance, if your home has a traditional design aesthetic, choose a traditional bar. Add some stools or high chairs for seating and a few planters to craft a serene ambiance. From this list of large balcony design ideas, this is one of the most fun ones.


Balcony design for big balcony in your house - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Green big balcony design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Arcs

2. Vertical Garden

Incorporating a vertical garden is a clever way to bring in nature and to add some personality into your big balcony design. If you have a green thumb and want to bring nature into your home, your balcony is the best place to do so. From this list of different big balcony garden ideas, a vertical garden is one of the most visually striking ones. These big balcony garden ideas are awe-inspiring!


“Treat the side wall of the balcony as a feature wall to have an overall impact over the space. The feature wall can be designed as a green wall or an abstract of different materials and thematic. Adding greenery to the space will enlighten the area and it will make the area more spacious. It will add a pleasing environment to the overall space,” mentions Sumati Aggarwal, Creative Head of Studio Arc.S.

3. Party Deck

Make the most of your large balcony by transforming it into a party deck. All you need is comfortable seating, fairy lights, a coffee table and some charming décor pieces. From this list of large balcony ideas, this is one of the easiest to incorporate.


You can also lay cushions on the floor to craft a sitting area. “We can also design our balcony spaces with low seating ideas. It will make the space more comfortable and casual. Using wooden flooring with rugs and cushions adds volume to the lower space of the balcony,” adds Sumati.

Elegant big balcony designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographix India

Playful big balcony decorations ideas for your home – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Circu

4. Play Area

If you have children, you can convert your large balcony into a play area for them. Add faux grass to the floor, bring in a table, chairs and all their favourite toys. You can also add some rods to make the space a kids gymnasium. These long balcony design ideas are for people looking for a relaxing home that is practical as well.

5. Coffee Setup

Another great option for a large balcony is to transform it into a stylish coffee nook. Bring in chairs, a coffee table and a few décor accessories to craft an inviting space. This works especially well if your balcony is connected to your bedroom. A coffee setup in the balcony feels like a natural extension of a bedroom design.


You can also add a swing if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind coffee setup. “We can turn our balcony into a whimsical one, just by adding a swing and vertical garden on the wall. Balcony ideas such as these also double up as romantic nooks with a loveseat or swing,” says Aggarwal.

Muted tone big balcony garden ideas for your space – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Arcs

Relaxing balcony design for your home – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jaeri

6. Art Gallery

If you love art, transform your large balcony into your own personal art gallery. You can incorporate your favourite artworks, framed photographs and wall installations in your large balcony. We love this long balcony design idea!


Moreover, to make the space more intimate, you can add a partition to the exterior section of the balcony. “Adding any kind of partition in the exterior part of the balcony can give us an enclosed space, which partially allows sunlight to reach in the interior space and connect both interior and exterior part of the house. Such jali partitions can also help us to achieve this kind of shadow reflections,” adds Sumati.

7. Multi-purpose Balcony

If you would like a ​​​​big balcony design that is multipurpose, incorporate a dining table and chairs. This way, you can relax there after a long day and indulge in some snacks or a drink on your balcony. You could also have a fun dinner under the stars with your loved ones. “Dining can also be incorporated within balconies. It will give you the feel of an outdoor seating vibe. We can enjoy the meals having an aesthetic view of the outside world,” adds Sumati.


Alternatively, you can convert your large balcony into a second living area by adding chairs, a coffee table and some benches. This curation of ​​big balcony ideas are striking and functional! 

Big balcony design idea for your apartment – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jane Wu

Long balcony design ideas for your home – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Hunker

8. Reading Space

For people who are passionate readers, they can convert their large balcony into a cosy reading space. Add large balcony décor pieces and soft furnishings to make your reading space comfortable. “Use cosy throws, plush pillows and candles to add warmth and cosiness to the space. By adding calm music, we can create a vibe of relaxation from a long day. By keeping neutral colours and adding warm lights, we can make the space more private and comfortable,” remarks Aggarwal. This long balcony design idea will help you craft a calming space in your home.

9. Workout Area

Finally, a large balcony can also be transformed into a workout area by incorporating a few workout machines such as a treadmill or an elliptical. Furthermore, you can leave some space empty for your yoga mat. Practising yoga on a balcony surrounded by planters is a great way to unwind after a long day. We love that these big balcony ideas make a large impact! These large balcony design ideas will help you make the most of your space.

These big balcony design and large balcony garden ideas will help you craft an inviting home. If you still need additional ideas and did not find your answer in this guide, it is advisable to consult a professional. Along with providing large balcony ideas and trending furniture styles, an expert can also guide you on which ​​furnishings to choose and how to arrange the furniture and décor pieces. This list of ​​​​big balcony decoration ideas will inspire you to craft the ideal space for you. These long balcony design ideas are for people looking for a relaxing home that is practical as well.

Elegant & simple long balcony designs ideas for your balcony – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Qanvast

White long balcony design idea for your home – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Spacejoy/ unsplash

Are you looking for interior design expertise for learning more about large balcony design ideas or large balcony decorating ideas?

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