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Stunning balcony door ideas for your home décor

  • Balcony Design
Oct 20, 2022
Wooden French Door Design for Balcony - Beautiful Homes

Looking for the perfect balcony doors to suit your interior style? Check out these balcony door ideas and you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your home!

Traditionally, due to safety, cost and a number of other factors, balcony door design styles were relatively limited, and we’re used to seeing the classic combination of wood frames with small glass panels or even louvered shutters that completely block the light! Luckily nowadays, if you’re looking for fresh balcony door ideas there’s plenty of choice – from modern foldable and roll-up doors, to a more classic french door design – for balcony access, options are endless.


But with multiple sources and materials like glass, wood, metal and even UPVC to choose from, finding your favorite can be tough! Here, we’re simplifying your search with the best balcony door ideas to suit any design style and need!



8 Great Balcony Door Design Ideas for your Home

1. Wooden French Balcony Doors that Convey Classic Elegance

The classic french door design for balcony entryways is timelessly popular for a reason! While elegant and attractive, if you’re thinking of installing french doors for your balcony, wooden door design styles do require regular upkeep. Plus, given the large size of their hinged door panels, they require plenty of room to open. Any inconvenience is, of course, outweighed by their old-world charm.

2. Swing-Open Balcony Glass Door with a Standard Hinge

Love the convenience of simple, hinged doors but want a more modern feel? You can’t go wrong with a combination of glass and metal. A metal framed balcony glass door design would usually come in neutral shades like black or white, that fits seamlessly into any interior décor scheme. Pick doors that swing inwards or outwards depending on space availability, since the door panels will take some room when ajar – your choice of balcony door ideas should consider both aesthetics and practicality.

Swing Open Balcony Glass Door Design- Beautiful Homes
Sliding Door for Balcony - Beautiful Homes

3. Easy-Install Sliding Door for Balcony Entryways that are Low-Fuss

If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to upgrade the entrance to your balcony, UPVC sliding doors are easy to install, come in a variety of different styles, are affordable and low maintenance too! This makes them an excellent choice of balcony sliding door for a fast renovation project – find them in wood finishes for a traditional feel or funky colors for a more boho look!


4. A Modern Shutter-Style Balcony Door Design

If you hate feeling hemmed in and want the perfect way to open up your space during the day but still prioritize night-time safety, balcony door design ideas like this are the ideal choice. Shutter style doors are practically invisible when open, since they either fold or roll up towards the ceiling, but when closed they have a high-security score and block both light and noise, making them ideal for bedroom adjacent balconies. Have small kids or pets to corral? Increase safety without blocking light and air by adding a balcony gate – design these to be installed within the door frame to not interfere with the shutter mechanism.

5. A Glass & Wood Sliding Door for Balcony Décor that’s Modern-Vintage

Sliding doors come in a range of modern balcony door design styles, but the vintage combination of wood and glass are incomparable in their vintage yet chic aesthetic. Set along tracks that line the entrance of your balcony, glass door styles like this avoid the space constraints of swing doors and – even when designed with large glass panels – are less prone to breakage.


6. Folding Door for Balcony Entrances that Prioritize Open Space

A modern balcony door design that consists of bi-fold, tri-fold or multiple narrow panels that fold-up accordion style, these doors can be made in a number of materials, from old-fashioned solid wood, to light-weight UPVC. 

Glass Wood Sliding Balcony Door - Beautiful Homes

A great way to reduce the sense of division between inside and out, picking a folding door for balcony entryways gives you the perfect blend of style and functionality. If you have a lengthy opening to your balcony, consider adding folding panels on only one side, with a hinged door on the other, so that you can open the door without having to fold them every time.

Sliding Grill Door for Balcony - Beautiful Homes

7. Safety-First Sliding Grill Door for Balcony Security Upgrades

If your balcony is on a lower level or easily accessible from outside, security can be a concern! While metal and glass doors with an in-built grill remove the problem of safety, balcony door design styles like these can’t be left open for airflow. With the addition of an extra balcony sliding door grill you can have the best of both worlds! Installed on a track just before or after your main balcony doors, they can be slid into place and locked when the main doors are ajar, leaving an open access for light and air, but not for uninvited guests.

8. A Pivot-Style Wooden Balcony Door Design that’s Timelessly Chic

While there are many types of wooden doors available for your balcony, wooden door design styles that are made with a heavy frame look wonderfully chic and timeless! But heavy doors can be cumbersome and produce a lot of stress on the jointing, particularly when it comes to a hinged wooden balcony door design. Here, pivot doors are a good alternative – made to swing in or out (sometimes both), their support is pivots and pivot boxes that distribute the weight closer to the center, producing a smoother movement. One thing to keep in mind is that the design of pivot doors doesn’t allow for a screen door, an additional grill door or a gate to be installed as well.

Pivot Style Wooden Balcony Door - Beautiful Homes

So, which of these balcony door design ideas would you choose for your own home? If you’re just waiting to install your favorite, then get in touch with us!


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. We’re here for all your interior design, home décor & renovation needs – you can even source the latest décor styles with our curated collection – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.

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