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Aug 02, 2021
Bedroom interior design with patterned hardwood floor design - Beautiful Homes

There’s a certain warmth and elegance to wooden floors that you just cannot get with other flooring materials. If you are looking to uplift the private areas of your home and are on the hunt for charming bedroom interior design ideas, wooden flooring might just be the answer. Read on to find out the most popular types of wooden floors and a few of the attractive finishes and patterns they come in.


Different Types Of Wooden Floor

 Let’s first start with the various types of wooden floors commonly available and best suited for bedrooms. Hardwood flooring is made from solid wood like teak, oak, walnut and mahogany. It is elegant and beautiful, very durable and also an expensive option. Hardwood floors can also shrink and expand with extreme temperature variation. A sustainable alternative to hardwood flooring and one that is gaining a lot of popularity, is bamboo flooring. When cured, dried and treated correctly, bamboo shoots are very strong and durable making this material great for bedroom flooring. It is also easy to maintain and less expensive than hardwood. However, keep in mind that this material is susceptible to dents and scratches and vulnerable to extreme humidity and moisture.

For wooden floor design ideas, you could also look at engineered wood and laminate. Engineered wood floorboards feature a thin veneer of real wood glued to the top surface of materials like plywood. Another option for wooden flooring is mdf. Mdf vs Plywood which material to use for the wooden flooring. A cheaper option, these are also more moisture resistant than hardwood or bamboo floors. Finally, laminate flooring is made by fusing multiple layers of synthetic materials like high-density fibreboard via the process of lamination. The top layer replicates the appearance of wood and the plank is backed with a moisture-resistant layer. The planks can be installed as a floating floor on almost any existing surface.


Bedroom floor design made of engineered wood floorboards & laminate- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

Popular Finishes And Patterns

Bedroom interior design with dark wooden floor design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Embrace The Dark Side
Turn your bedrooms into a dark and dreamy sanctuary with dark wood floors which have such a timeless elegance. They work very well with a soft, muted colour palette in case you want a contrast. However, dark wood floors really come alive when paired with dusky hues. This bedroom shows us how to pair dark wood floors with a deeper colour scheme for a calming and luxurious space.


Style Tip: Match an element like a feature wall panelling to the wooden floor. In this image, the chevron-patterned wood panelling behind the television amps up the dark wood flooring.

The Beauty Of Au Naturel
If you love the look of natural wood, choose wooden flooring that accentuates the beauty of the wood grain. Whether made from solid wood, wood veneer or even laminate replicating the natural grain pattern, this look adds layers of rustic charm.


Style Tip: A lighter, natural wood finish works well with almost any décor but you can step it up a notch by taking a cue from this bedroom which also features a statement ceiling of the same material.

Modern bedroom design with natural wood floor design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

Use combination of wooden & tiles flooring in your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

Mixed Bag Delights
If you are looking for unique bedroom interior design ideas, this image shows us how appealing mixing different floor materials can be. Pair your wood floors with another flooring material like terrazzo, concrete, vitrified tiles or natural stone to bring out the beauty of both. The contrast – whether subtle or obvious – is a wonderful way to bring in a level of visual interest.


Style Tip: Use the different flooring materials to visually demarcate different zones in the room. For instance, an open walk-in wardrobe or a seating area can feature polished concrete flooring while the sleeping zone features wooden floorboards.

All About Parquet
When it comes to bedroom interior design ideas, consider wood parquet flooring. Parquet flooring, which can be made from both solid and engineered wood, includes small strips installed in a variety of decorative mosaics. More often than not, these patterns are geometric and angular, consisting of squares, triangles and diamond shapes. Some of the most popular parquet flooring patterns include square, single and double basket weave, herringbone, chevron, brick, Chantilly, Bordeaux and Versailles. Some patterns can even create the illusion of three-dimensional designs by using light and dark stained pieces.

Install parquet wooden floor design for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Style Tip: The geometric mosaics of parquet flooring can be quite visually striking. Take a cue from this image and keep the bedroom décor simple and streamlined to let the flooring pattern take centre stage.

Bedroom flooring made of herringbone zig zag wooden floor design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, SND

Zigzag Charm
If you are looking for a visually interesting wooden floor design that won’t overpower the room, try the more contemporary zigzag parquet patterns like herringbone and chevron. This image features a herringbone pattern. Here, the planks are set at 90-degree angles to each other, forming a staggered zigzag pattern which is more subtle in appearance.


Style Tip: For a more obvious zigzag pattern, look at chevron. It features rectangular pieces that are cut and placed at a 45-degree angle on the short side. This creates a continuous and running zigzag pattern.

Strip Back To Basics
Elegant, stylish and simple – a strip pattern features floorboards set parallel to each other. You can place then along the length or width of the room, or even diagonally. This popular style of placing floorboards lends itself well to any colour and material. It also goes exceptionally well with the floorboards that feature prominent wood grain.


Style Tip: There are quite a few wooden floor design options with the strip pattern. You can opt for identically-sized floorboards or those of different widths. You can also go in for a wood strip, brick pattern or stack bond parquet floor pattern.

Simple bedroom interiors with stripped wood floor design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sacmeh International

If these house interior design ideas have inspired you to choose wooden flooring for your bedrooms, understanding the different types, finishes and patterns can be both fun and frustrating because of the sheer variety available and the pros and cons of each. For home renovation projects like these, it’s always better to get an expert’s opinion to guide you through choosing the option that works best for you. To make this process easier, Asian Paints created an offering called Beautiful Homes Service, that helps custom make your home your way.


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