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Jul 11, 2022
Kitchen sink design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

No kitchen is complete without an efficient kitchen sink design. Get to know the best kitchen sink designs for your dream kitchen

kitchen is one of the most significant spaces in your house. It's where you create the magic of meals, dine as a family and even host guests, so overlooking kitchen design is not an option. Whether you live in a small space with limited storage options or have a thoughtful layout that is finished with a gigantic gorgeous island, ample cabinets and elegant smart appliances, there is a huge combination of innovative kitchen design ideas that can make you enjoy your kitchen way more.


There exist two different design approaches you can take when it comes to rebuilding your kitchen space. You can change your cooking space with practical, effortless upgrades that won't break the bank—consider hanging new light fixtures, elevating cabinet hardware or incorporating a prominent piece of art to flex your style sense. On the other hand, you might wish to take the leap with a significant kitchen renovation, which concerns everything from lodging new countertops and flooring to selecting a modular kitchen sink design or a statement tile backsplash. It's soundest to take the time to reason out the option that works best for your everyday lifestyle and budget restrictions.


If you're ready for some kitchen sink design inspiration and want to know some modern kitchen sink design with price, scroll through this roundup of our favourite modern kitchen sink design ideas. There are expert-approved designs and ideas for every type of interior design lover. The design possibilities are endless. All you have to do is begin planning your dream kitchen.


Different Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

1. The classic Top-mount kitchen sink design

Top-Mounted kitchen sinks are one of the most aged styles of sinks that you will see. They fit in any cavity layout created on a countertop and create a rim around it. They are extremely reliable for small kitchens as the plumbing installation is confined to the interiors of the cabinet.


Top mounted classic kitchen sink design for your home - Beautiful Homes



Installation is easy and does not require any special skills

The rim can prevent you from sweeping water and litter from the counter straight into the sink.

You can make sink cutouts in solid surface materials or even in laminates

Cleaning of the rim is also required

Low overall cost as compared with others

The distinction between the rim and the sink might not look visually appealing.



2. Undermount sink for the contemporary kitchens

Undermount sink designs are a bit more expensive as compared with top mounted sink variants. With time, the process of their installation has become easy. The edges of these sinks are mounted under the countertop surface offering them an elegant and stylish look.




An undermount modern kitchen sink design allows you to clean countertop water and crumbs straight into the sink. Since there is no rim to get in the way, clean-up is a charm.

Even though glop does not build up on top, it will collect under the counter, where the sink and counter meet

A clean and smooth look is visually appealing

Installation is comparatively tough and they are expensive

Is of superior quality than top mount sinks

May limit the size of your sink

3. Single bowl sink design for small kitchens

A single bowl sink design comes in a huge variety and sizes. The range of costs is varied while the upkeep of this sink design is easy. A single bowl sink can carry a large amount of weight as it is very durable.




The big bowl is spacious enough to wash big kitchen items like a pan, big trays etc.

A separate drying area has to be assigned in a single bowl sink design

Perfect for huge capacity kitchens with busy operations

Less popular due to their inflexibility

If an apron sink design is something that you like, a single bowl design will be a good choice.


4. Double Bowl Sink for those who multitask

A double bowl sink has two sections in the same unit in the 3:1 proportion. One can keep your utensils in one bowl and fruits or vegetables for sanitizing in the other. It has a stylish appearance while being an efficient sink design.




Efficient, flexible and appropriate for multiple purposes

Either of the bowl can be too small for accommodating big kitchen items

Perfect for households without dishwashers

The utilitarian appearance of a kitchen double sink design might not please all

Look aesthetic and stylish

Modern homeowners prefer single sink design


Drainboard sink design for your small kitchen - Beautiful Homes

5. Drainboard sink small space kitchen sink design

As the name suggests, a drainboard sink has a drainboard attached to it. The excess water gets drained into the basin only. Just like a drip tray sink, this is a perfect small galley kitchen.



Perfect for kitchens with limited space

The sink can be too small for accommodating a lot

The water gets drained directly to the sink

The drainboard might be of little to no use if you do not wash utensils manually

Efficient and hygienic


6. Farmhouse sink or Apron sink for the rustic charm

A farmhouse sink is distinctively spacious. It is a statement piece. If you do not have any space limitations, simply go for it. Rustic bridge-style faucets work best with these types.



The significant size of the sink is spacious enough to wash big kitchen items like a pan, big trays etc.

Are prone to leakage and dripping

Since there is less room between the sink and the counter, the person using the sink can move in a little bit closer to the sink.

The pricing can be expensive as compared with other styles

Brings a charming rustic look to your kitchen



7. Corner kitchen sink design

A kitchen corner is the most overlooked part of any kitchen. Even with cabinets, they are primarily just forgotten and left alone. One can easily utilise these forgotten corners by installing a useful corner kitchen sink design. 



A few corner sink designs have a drying area attached

They are rarely needed and hard to find

All forgotten corners can be utilised easily

The pricing can be expensive as compared with other styles


They require custom cuts in the counters. As most kitchen counters are seamed at the corners, these sinks are compelled to bridge this seam, lessening the structural strength of the countertop.


8. Integrated sink design

An integrated sink design is produced by solid surface countertop manufacturers. They are made of the exact same material as the counter and are merged in place at the fabricator's shop.



As there is no rim, the counter flows directly into the sink

They are rarely found in kitchen realms

They eliminate the under-counter seam (prone to collecting debris and mould) seen in undermount sink design

The pricing can be expensive as compared with other styles since they are custom built

Visually appealing and stylish

It has to be repaired if there is any damage as they cannot be removed.



9. Island sink design/ Bar Sink design

Extensively smaller in size than primary kitchen sinks, a bar sink or an island sink is used either for bartending operations or for additional food preparation. Bar/prep sinks are nearly always single basins and are typically no more than about 15 inches square or round in diameter.

Kitchen island sink design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes



It's a great addition to your primary kitchen

They might be rarely used as they are secondary

Acts as a secondary kitchen and enables you to work simultaneously on both

They can take up significant space

They are very efficient during bartending or food preparation

They are an extra addition and might not be a necessity



10. Low divider kitchen double sink design

A low divider kitchen sink design has a double basin sink, though instead of the divider ascending to the level of the top of the sink, it stops mid way up.



They are an excellent combination of single basin and double basin sinks.

They are rarely manufactured and thus the prices can be steep

The low divider makes food preparation and cleaning easy

The low divider sink has less room for large items such as casseroles or broiler pans.

Have a clean and neat look


Kitchen sink design materials

Kitchen sinks are created with a variety of materials such as stainless steel sink design, copper bronze, granite sink design, marble, acrylic composite, etc.

Stainless steel kitchen sink design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

1. Stainless steel kitchen sink design

A stainless steel sink design is the most prevalent design when it comes to the choice of homeowners due to their compact layout, durability and comfort cleaning. The stainless steel kitchen sink design resists corrosion and does not chip, crack or wear out while being non-porous and very hygienic. They are also affordable and versatile and can be mounted in different ways – top mount, under mount, etc. A good quality steel sink has a long life and goes well with the kitchen design as most appliances are also made up of stainless steel.

2. Copper and bronze kitchen sink design

Sinks made of copper and bronze count to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and do not rust. However, they are costly and need routine polishing, to maintain their shine and look.


3. Natural stone kitchen sink design

Kitchen sinks are made from natural stones such as granite sink design, travertine and marble. They have a durable surface and high sound absorbance. The cabinet below them has to be sturdy and needs periodic sealing on the sides, to control water spills.


4. Acrylic kitchen sink design

Acrylic kitchen sink designs have a smooth, non-porous surface that is invulnerable to staining. While it is light and comfortable to clean, it is prone to heat and not as durable as steel.

Acrylic kitchen sink design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes


Kitchen sink maintenance tips

  • Give your sink a good periodic scrub and rinse. A mixture of mild dish soap and water is the best way to clean most sinks, especially those with more delicate surfaces.
  • Don’t forget to clean those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that harbour germy grime.
  • Clean your sink tools, as well.
  • To keep your kitchen healthy, restock sponges and dish brushes regularly.


Get your perfect dream kitchen sink design with Beautiful Homes

With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can make the vision of your purposeful yet good-looking kitchen sink design a truth. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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