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Best terrace gardening ideas & terrace garden easy guide

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Sep 30, 2022
Small home terrace gardening ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes

Create a private green haven in your home with this guide to terrace gardens

Green pockets are slowly disappearing in urban regions and with them all the benefits of being surrounded by nature. A remedy is to add a slice of green to your home with a terrace garden. Learn how to create, maintain and decorate a terrace garden with this easy guide.


What is a Terrace Garden?

As the name suggests, terrace gardens are gardens that you grow on your home balconies, terraces or roofs.


Why Terrace Gardening?

A home terrace garden poses many benefits vis-a-vis health, aesthetics, environment, etc. You can grow your own food, have a private green space, and much more. Keep reading to discover how a terrace garden benefits you and the creative ways you can use it.


How to Make a Terrace Garden?

  1. Step 1 – Prep the Area
    Prep for terrace garden design would primarily include waterproofing the floors if you want to add beds. Otherwise, too, it would help if you had proper drainage solutions in place. This is a requirement for rooftop and small home terrace gardens.

  2. Step 2 – Design the Layout of Your Terrace Garden
    The terrace garden design would depend on the kind of garden you want. For example, a herb garden could be grown vertically, and vegetables like some gourds would need ample floor space. Consider the size and number of beds, pots and vertical space you’ll require when finalizing the layout of terrace planting.

  3. Step 3 – Select Your Plants
    The sunlight and water requirements vary for each plant. Check if you can use existing structural elements to your advantage, such as railings to train climbers. The kind of plants you want in your garden would significantly affect the layout and how it ultimately looks. You must factor this into your terrace gardening ideas. Additionally, if you’re new to gardening, we recommend starting with low-maintenance plants.

  4. Step 4 – Exercise Your Green Thumb
    For beginners especially, the key to healthy plants is getting the right soil mixture. A healthy mix would be a good mixture of soil, vermicompost, and compost coir. You can start making your own compost and fertilizers as your skills improve. Apart from that, do some thorough research on what each plant requires.

  5. Step 5 – Care for Your New Garden
    You may have grand terrace gardening ideas, but if you don’t care for it well, it won’t pan out the way you want it to. Set up a schedule for watering, pruning, soil loosening, and other regular maintenance for your terrace garden. It will help you grow a lush garden in no time.


Rooftop Terrace Garden Design Ideas and Tips

1. Terrace Garden Ideas for Home: Keep it Open

While planting a terraced garden, keep the area as open as possible for a complete outdoorsy space. Not only your plants but also you will benefit from the sunshine. A retractable tarpaulin or a beach umbrella are great options to create pockets of shade to relax in. 

Open terrace garden for your home's small terrace - Beautiful Homes
Private home terrace for your home - Beautiful Homes

2. Terrace Garden Ideas for Home: Create Some Privacy

Some privacy is always welcome when the outdoor space is a part of your home. For balcony gardens, you can opt for bamboo shades, tarps, awnings, etc. Add structures like a covered deck or a gazebo to open terrace garden ideas. This way, your plants get all the sunlight needed, and you have a cozy nook to retire to.

3. Terrace Garden Ideas for Home: Grow Tall Plants and Trees

With tall plants such as bamboo, frangipani, hibiscus, etc., outlining your terrace garden, you can add some greenery and color your views. It is also a great way to add a privacy screen.


4. Terrace Garden Ideas for Home: Create Raised Beds

Incorporating raised beds into your house roof garden design will allow you to play with height and create visual interest. Remember, the kind of beds or containers you use will depend on the waterproofing and weight-bearing capacity of the terrace floor. Opt for beds on a stand instead of brick ones if the waterproofing needs work.

Terrace planting ideas for your home terrace garden - Beautiful Homes
Add furniture in your private home terrace garden with greenery - Beautiful Homes

5. Terrace Garden Ideas for Home: Add Furniture

Elevate your modern roof garden design by adding furniture to the space. A social area, a dining set or a small cafe-esque seating are a few ways to carve a space for yourself to enjoy the garden to its fullest. Opt for natural materials such as bamboo and wicker for an organic look. Consider elaborate wrought iron furniture if you prefer something a little more classic.


6. Terrace Garden Decoration Ideas: Add a Focal Point

A focal point such as a fountain, a green wall or a seating area will help you build a visual narrative. You can then choose how the eye moves around the space.

7. Terrace Garden Decoration Ideas: Introduce Lights

An excellent way to create a magical ambience is to incorporate lighting into your terrace garden design ideas. Fairy lights can easily provide an ethereal touch. Focus lights and backlights can accentuate the landscaping. Combine recessed lighting with trellis or green walls to create a statement element.


8. Terrace Garden Decoration Ideas: Use No More than Three Colors

Let the garden shine by pulling back with the rest of the décor. Neutral, natural colors in a limited palette are the way to achieve this in house roof garden design. Suppose you prefer bold, bright colors and want to incorporate them into your terrace garden design ideas. In that case, we suggest that you stick to three maximum. Use them to paint your pots, for upholstery and other textiles. 

9. Small Terrace Garden Ideas

In small terrace or balcony gardens, you’re working with limited space and have to leave enough room for movement. Add flexibility to your small terrace garden ideas by going vertical. A trellis, vertical herb garden, potted plants along the railing or hanging from the roof are a few ideas to try. 


10. Creative Terrace Garden Design Ideas

  1. Open terrace garden ideas work out beautifully, but if you want to enjoy this green haven, you might want to incorporate a covered area in the design. Try something unconventional with a tent-like structure for a boho vibe.

  2. Flooring is just as important here as in your home. Pick one based on your requirements. If you’re going for a lawn or turf, have a meandering stone path running through the garden.

  3. Turn it into the perfect outdoor movie theater with a white screen, a projector, dim lighting and cozy seating. You can have this in a small home terrace garden as well. Just whitewash one of the walls and use it as a screen.

  4. Include sustainable practices in your terrace gardening ideas. For example, use old tires as containers or tables, glass bottles to enhance the lighting, etc.
Small home terrace garden with furniture, lighting & small plants - Beautiful Homes

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Having a Terrace Garden?

  • Whether on balconies or rooftops, terrace gardens help regulate the temperature by lowering the heat.
  • Garden beds and lawns are good insulators.
  • You can grow your food with control over how it is grown, particularly regarding the insecticides and pesticides you choose.
  • Terrace gardens can propagate miniature ecosystems by attracting insects and crucial pollinators.
  • Having greenery around the house has been shown to have positive effects on mental health and stress levels as well.
  • Growing your own produce, composting, increasing green spaces, etc., helps reduce your carbon footprint.



Best Terrace Garden Plants

  1. Marigolds
    Add vibrancy to your garden with marigolds. These fuss-free and pest-free flowers can grow nearly all year round. Regular watering, well-drained pH-neutral soil and full sunlight are all this plant needs.

  2. Pansy
    is just the plant you want to add to your spring bloom. They are available in a large selection of colors and patterns. Pansies grow best in regions with mild winters and summers. This otherwise low-maintenance plant requires loose, well-drained, fertile soil with a slightly acidic pH. Water it until the soil is moist and keep it in partial sunlight for best results.

  3. Mogra
    The fragrant mogra is a staple in most Indian households. The quickest way to grow it is by propagating a stem cutting. Regular watering, partial to full sunlight and adding fertilizer monthly is all it needs to thrive. The only additional care it requires is mulching during winters.

  4. Syngonium
    is a great addition to a beginner's balcony garden. These variegated beauties require shaded spots and little water and grow well in most weather.

  5. Money plants
    Money plant refers to a whole lot of different plants in common parlance. This group of plants is an excellent option to add a variety of green to your garden. Ideally, they need direct sunlight, warm weather, and occasional watering.



How can you Maintain a Terrace Garden?

  • Once you set up a terrace garden, the next stage, i.e. the maintenance, is where the real work lies. Follow these tips to get the most out of your balcony terrace garden.
  • Ensure that the drainage system is running smoothly.
  • How you arrange the plants around your top roof garden will depend on the plants and their light and water requirements. Some may need a pot, and others may do better in beds.
  • Add a lawn and outdoor furniture to your balcony terrace garden to enjoy all that it has to offer fully.
  • Choose colorful and fragrant plants while setting up a terrace garden. It will help you create a holistic ambience.
  • Enhance the roof terrace garden with structures such as swings, hammocks, and gazebos.
  • Give the space an ethereal touch with some soft lighting.



FAQs for Terrace Gardening

1. How to Prepare a Terrace Garden?

The most crucial part of the preparation is to get long-lasting waterproofing and an adequate drainage system. Plan the garden layout based on the plants you want to grow and their requirements.


2. Is a Terrace Garden Safe?

So long as you have prepped the area well and have high railings, a terrace garden is safe.


3. What are the Common Terrace Garden Problems?

Modern roof garden design can be a substantial initial investment. The overall maintenance can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, depending on the flora you pick. If the waterproofing isn’t done right, it can jeopardize the structural integrity of the roof or balcony floor. It can lead to water damage, leakage, molding, etc.


4. What to Grow in a Terrace Garden?

You can grow a lot in your terrace garden, from bamboo to small trees such as frangipani, vegetables and herbs, flowering plants, succulents, etc. The restrictions come in depending on the space you have, the amount of sunlight it receives and the needs of the desired plants.



How can Beautiful Homes Help Create Perfect Terrace Gardening for your Home?

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